Sunday MTB for all

Please arrive at 5:45 am ready for a fun day.


I will be there to say bye to you and to give more good instruction as to the weeks to come.

Saturday Reminder

There are a few rides tomorrow so choose wisely:


5:30am Oldest Man Shoot Out. Road ride. If you do this I do expect you ride the whole route. This is about time in the saddle. Its a great ride with great people.


5:45 Old Man shoot out


6am  Shoot Out


6am C-MTB ride with Colin.

L’Abitibi Kit Help

I have spoken to some of you about this, but we REALLY need those kits tomorrow as Zaid will be leaving the next day.


Everything will be returned to you and if anything is damaged they will replace in full.


So please if you have a medium or small kit from this year, please bring it to the clubhouse tomorrow morning.


That is all

Friday Fun Day

6am cross training at Mostyns house. Leave the clubhouse at 5:30 if you want to ride.   Cross training will end at approx. 7am so you can then ride over the clubhouse and chill and eat before:   8:30am Mechanics class at the clubhouse with Richard. We have talked about this, but I very much… Read more »

L’Abitibi Kit Help!!!

El Grupo has been asked to provide kits for one of the teams this year,¬†Just as we have done in years past, because we are sending more kids than any other team.   This is a very cool opportunity as it means that El Grupo is racing along side France, Netherlands, and Thailand.   Here… Read more »

And so It begins

We should truly be thinking that the High School season is upon us. Its time to start training with intent and purpose.   Summer is wrapping up and we ramping up.   The little things matter now, and we need to start thinking about them, so that they are part of our routine come the… Read more »

Tuesday practice, for now

Let’s ride bikes Tuesday – 6am – mountain biking. Done between 8:30-9am   At the coaches’ meeting tonight we will be able to solidify the schedule for the rest of this week and next week before Durango because we need volunteers to make it all happen. But since I want to get you all on… Read more »

Weekend Update

Looking around today and talking with you all, it seems like many of you are tired and hot.   We are 11 weeks away from the first MTB race, which means we have plenty of time.   I don’t want to fry you guys at all or in the least right now.   So here… Read more »

Tuesday and Wednesday

We got home on Monday at 2pm. That is when I wrote this, however I did not push the post button. Yeah, now I feel really lame. So sorry to all     Tuesday– 6am Cross Training at Tumamoc Hill. Be Prepared. We should be back by 9am After this we will head back to… Read more »