The Fun Continues

First off I want to thank everyone who came out and helped and participated in the 24 hour race. There is no way for me thank everyone of this platform properly, but please know how thankful I am for all that you did.


We had 50 people race in our name and we had at least 50 people at all times supporting them. You are indispensable and wonderful.


It is ever humbling to see how much you all care and support the team.


I also want to congratulate the boys who raced at Valley. It takes a lot of courage to show up on the start line against the best kids in the country and be willing to give your all. Thank you boys for being so brave. I will let you all tell the story of your race tomorrow at practice.


The Season continues now. We have completed our first big goal race of the season and the fun does not stop moving forward.


Training Plan


This is a week 2 in a build process, so know that good hard work is coming. But first we have to make sure we are recovered from the weekend and that we clean all of our equipment and materials, so we can use them again.


Tuesday— Clean up day. We need to clean out the trailers and the clubhouse. You can’t  cook in a dirty kitchen. No riding just cleaning.


Wednesday– Road rides only. 3:45 and 4:30 start times. Endurance. You may only go on this ride, if your mtb is super clean.


Thursday– Road Ride endurance.


Saturday– Old Man 7:15 start. With Madera

Big Boy 7:30 am start with Madera.

C Team ride 7:30am start. Coach Colin


Sunday– 8am start. Road ride to mt lemmon.

2 of 2 from today

To all 24-Hour town participants




  • The 24-hour race runs from SaturdaySunday 12pm-12am,
  • We suggest that all riders miss a day of school to arrive at the El Grupo camp site on Friday mid-day.
  •  Traffic, parking and camp sites become very congested
  • If you must come Friday afternoon because your child cannot miss school, we highly suggest that you carpool with other families as parking is very tight. We unfortunately cannot help you secure parking nor a camp site –real estate is tight!
  • The vans will be leaving at 8:30am on Friday morning. Please arrive early to help pack.
  • We will be providing packing lists to all riders on Tuesday at Practice.
  • Please be able to tell us when you are coming up to the event by Tuesday at practice.
  • Riders– Make sure your commuter light is fully charged before arriving.
  • If you can bring your stuff on Wednesday to practice that would make packing easier.
  • Do no wait until Friday morning to ask for some clothing.

We need:

  • More coffee makers, if you have camp style coffee makers that you can loan us or bring.
  • We need fruit and lots of it. If you can bring fruit, bring cut fruit, berries, cuties etc. No Bananas. We will purchase bananas.
  • We need water. Please bring as much water as you can. We recommend bringing 5 gallon containers with spigots (this reduces waste and they are easier to use). If you have water jugs that you will bring, or that you can loan us can you please coordinate with us? We must have a count on how much water we will have during the duration of camp so that we do not run out
  • If you can help fulfill these needs please contact Elena at: or 707.499.0175

Please label all your items with your name so we can return everything to their proper owners

We recommend:

  • You bring a roll of toilet paper for yourself
  • You bring a bike to get around, especially if you are a bike handler
  • You label all your items with your name, if we pack it we know to whom the item needs to be returned to.
  • You bring your own tent equipment. We have tents for the kids, but not enough for parent volunteers
  • Extra camp chairs well labeled
  • Several changes of socks – they get pretty dirty and it feels good to clean the feet and put on fresh socks.
  • If you wear glasses you will want to rinse them with water bottle before cleaning them as they will just get scratched from the dust
  • If you have allergies – bring medications and inhalers
  • You bring a light towel for showering –there are showers at the camp
  • You plan on leaving Sunday afternoon. We leave Sunday afternoon. It does not make sense to try to leave sooner, traffic is congested and you will invariably get stuck. We highly suggest you stick around and leave when traffic slows.
  • You bring plenty of food. When you are on a volunteer shift, feel free to eat the food that is being made. When you are not on a shift, help us ensure we do not run out of food by bringing your own supplies.

Training Plan for week of February 13th

Coming out of the rest, after a 3 week block, we should be feeling ready to go.


Those of you who raced this weekend, should feel fully opened up, and set for the races to come.


Please remember this week to keep healthy and hydrated. Set your self up for a good weekend early.


Get great rest all week, get all your homework done early and release that stress.


Also don’t forget to day dream a little bit about the great event that you are going to have.


Plan– If you are riding the 24 you are on mountain bikes all this week, if you are riding Valley you are riding road bikes all this week


Tuesday– Recovery ride with some openers.

Valley riders you will do this on a rolling bike ride.

24 Hour riders we are going to the short track or the middle school.


Wednesday– Valley Riders you are back out to the river path for two shorter TT efforts. Bring your tt set up minus the helmet.

24 hour riders we will hit the trails.  3:45 and 4:30.


Thursday– Valley riders recovery ride.

24 Hour riders– off












Lots of Information and Opportunities: Please read carefully

Saturday— 15- 18 Boys racing the Tolero Crit. Cole, Patrick,Quinn, jack, Jeremiah, Dillon, Zaid, Kajeme, Collin, Alex.   First race start at 7:55 am. We will ride down to the start at 6:30am from the clubhouse. Have your lights and USA cycling License information   11am is the second race and I want all  of you… Read more »

This week and weekend

We will have practice this week just like any other week.   Tuesday: Recovery ride and some skills at the park.   Wednesday: Valley riders you will be on road bikes, going on a recovery ride with maybe one opener. 24 Hour Riders we will be playing at Barrio Trails.   Thursday: Everyone will practice… Read more »

Rest week rest week

Rest week does not mean dumb week.   We can still work on fundamentals, we can still work on skills, we can still work on the details.   These are actually the most important weeks as they are when we slow down and focus on the details.   Please don’t ever think that recovery means,… Read more »

This weekend and next weekend

This weekend   Saturday– Everyone please be ready for a big ride. C Team I want you around. Colin will be ready for you to leave at 7:30am. Be punctual and ready.   Sunday– MTB ride will go to Starr Pass 8AM. I would like to go to the 24 hour course, but that becomes… Read more »

More News and Notes

I hope everyone saw that I again changed practice for today. Today is NO SPANDIES skills at the park.   In the coming weeks we have some more races coming up and I want to keep everyone up to speed:   February 12th Sunday— State Crit championships in Phoenix, at McDowell Park. We will need… Read more »

Week of January 30th

I could write about the races we won this weekend. I could write about the podiums spots we garnered.   While they are wonderful, and inspiring on their own, they do not tell the story that we will remember and will help us become successful adults.   The stories that matter to me are the… Read more »

Happy, tired, coach

I am so very pleased with the efforts and smiles I saw all weekend.   I watched 18 hours of bike racing this weekend and I am exhausted.   I will write a lot more tomorrow.   For now I just want everyone to know how to prepare for next week.   Get emotionally prepared,… Read more »