Trying to be clear

Communication is one of the hardest things we humans do. We all do it, but some how we all are kind of no good at it. I put myself firmly in the needs to get better bracket on this one.


THERE IS NO RIDE TODAY. Enjoy the last week of school and all of your wonderful friends. Get ready to party tomorrow and appreciate all the work you have put in.


TOMORROW THERE IS NO PRACTICE!!  Go out and enjoy the end of a beautiful school year.


FRIDAY you are off as well.


SATURDAY– The fun begins a new. I want to leave the clubhouse at 6am. Please come prepared and ready.


Sunday– 6:30am MTB– 2 hours of fun


Monday– Evening team party




Summer is coming

Few things going on here:


Training plan for the summer at the end.


1st. There was a great crew that made it to 9,457 feet, Mt Baldy, the peak of Mt. Wrightson and the Santa Rita mountain range. What a great hike 11 miles round trip.


2nd. Over the last three weeks Chloe and Izzie have been helping me at a Boys and Girls club. We were tasked with getting 5 girls ready to ride their bikes in the real world and to show them that bikes are awesome. None of these girls were experienced riders and none had ever ridden on the road. Thank you Chloe and Izzie for all your help. We were able to get the girls ready to ride at Barrio Trails, the U of A and they rode 7 total miles. This was huge for them.




Summer Training Plan


As soon as school ends and you have all rocked your finals, we will start to play again.


The first week after school we will need to clean the clubhouse for camp, get our mountain bikes ready to shred, and we will start our cross training period.


The first three weeks we are going to focus on over all body strength and yes, get on our bikes some.


Here is the basic flow of summer practice schedule for the first three weeks:


Monday– Off

Tuesday– Cross Training in the morning

Wednesday– Short track MTB racing 6-8pm

Thursday– off

Friday– Cross Training in the morning

Saturday– Shoot out or C team MTB

Sunday– MTB

Change of Plans

Next weekend for Memorial day.


Saturday– Chiricahua super ride.


Sunday– Morning MTB ride. Done by 10am.


Monday– Afternoon team party and Graduation


This weekend. Who is planning on going on the hike?




Date Clarifications

Hike– May 21st Sunday. Totally optional   Ride at Chiricahua’s May 28th Sunday. This is over Memorial Day break when schools are all out   Different weekends

Mt. Wrightson Hike this weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying the break and taking care of school.   Please everyone look at your email as Daniela has sent out a survey to find out what camps you all want to work. Please make sure to fill out the survey so we can do our best to accommodate you all.  … Read more »

Week of May 8th

Congratulations everyone on a fantastic road season. We have a lot to be proud of.   I hope everyone now takes the time to really focus on school and their finals. I want everyone to rock their exams so that you all can really enjoy a great summer.   L’Abitibi Riders   Zaid, Ethan, Matthew,… Read more »

Sunday MTB and L’Abitibi riders

If you would like to going mountain biking tomorrow lets meet at 7:30am and be out by 8am.   If you are one of the amazing young people who just went to Duncan, please only come if you are ready for your exams and you have time.   If you did not go to Duncan… Read more »

Moving Forward

This weekend we have the Duncan, State Championship Road race.   We are going to leave at approx. 4pm after school or as close to that as we can to have everyone.   We will sleep in the gym of the school so we do not need tents, however we need mats, bags and pillows…. Read more »

Week of May 1st

Well Whiskey was fantastic.   Congratulations to all who raced and did their best.   I apologize to those who were unable to finish. I will work even harder this coming year to inspire you to put in the extra work.   This weekend there is the State Championship road race in Duncan, Arizona. Many… Read more »

2 Points of Information

1st. Whiskey Notes   Leaving Times   Thursday with Morgan. 10 am Leaving the clubhouse.   Thursday with Lynn. 4pm leaving the clubhouse.   Friday. 10am. I need a driver for Mostyn and Jeremiah. ANYBODY!!!!????   Mostyn and Jeremiah could you go Thursday after school?   2nd. Next weekend the 5th and 6th of May… Read more »