Luna Lake Gear List and Travel Details Needed

We would like to LEAVE the clubhouse at 2pm on Friday! Please comment below if you CANNOT GO at this time, and/or if you are DRIVING SEPARATELY either at this time or not. We may need to take all 3 vans and so I will assume you are coming with the 2pm Friday crew unless you tell me otherwise. Thank you! Now for your gear list….

Here you go. Pack everything that is on this list and nothing else, if possible. If you don’t have something, ASK!!! And PLEASE ask before we are leaving on Friday. YOU must make sure you have all that you need, including a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat for yourself. Personal Responsibility!!!

Gear List Luna Lake 2016
Riding Gear Camp gear
Quantity Item Quantity item
3 Riding shorts 1 or share tent
1-3 Team jersey 1 sleeping bag
1-3 jersey ( need 3 total) 1 sleeping mat
1 Long finger gloves
1 short finger gloves
2 Spare tube
1 helmet 1 head lamp
zero Nothing electronic
1 road bike Cards OK
1 Riding shoes Hygiene
1 arm warmers you always need
2 thermal base layer these things
1 riding vest/ jacket small towel Tooth brush
1 multi tool sunscreen tooth paste
1 patch kit shampoo soap
2 water bottles
Race/ Event Info
Start time of event
Camp Clothes Saturday May 28th, early morning
web site of event
Quantity Item
1 toque Projected leaving the clubhouse time and date
1 sunies- sunglasses 2pm Friday May 27th
2 pants Projected getting home from event time and date
2 shorts Monday late the 30th of May
1 warm jacket/ sweatshirt
1 wind breaker/ rain coat
1 walking shoe
5 socks Weather Forcast
2 wool sock hi low
1 Team t-shirt 70’s 40’s
2 short sleeve shirt This is chilly in morning/night. Be prepared!!
2 long sleeve shirt
Ignacio cell # 520-789-6947
Remember everything other than your tent and sleeping bag MUST fit into a normal size duffel bag!

How we are going to get there

Thank you all for honoring the break period. Not only was it important that we finished school strong and focused on it, we also need to take time off the bike, to get excited and ready to get back on. There are countless numbers of articles on this all over the web, but here are two good links:


Why Taking Time off the Bike Now Will Make you Faster Next Year



Luna Lake is perfectly timed for us because as we leave the off period and move into our transition this will be a great way for us to get miles in and also to come together as a team.


After Luna we will have a week of strength and skills training before we get to bike camp.


During the weeks of bike camp we are going to work on MTB skills and strength. We are going to have cross training workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before camp hours and Tues and Thursday evening no spandies skills days. Then we will ride on the weekends. Sundays being Mandatory.


That will take us to the end of June. This will be our transition back to the bike and going fast. The last week in June and first week of July will be OFF.


Then come the second week of July and its go time again to get ready for the HSMTB league. We have plenty of time, but time only counts if you look ahead and plan with purpose.


Also, this plan will only work if you all commit to it and trust yourselves to work as hard as you can.

Last day for re-order items!

Ordering Link:


Order closes TODAY! Items will ship by July 15th


We need more of the adventure tech tee or enduro jersey orders to be able to get any of them! If you want one  – this is your chance!!


We will post later today about Luna Lake and summer training plans. If you have not yet committed to wanting to get on the Pilates classes (and an awesome offer!) let Daniela know ASAP that you want to do it.

And if you have not signed up for your preferred week(s) of working bike camp, you need to do so here! This doodle poll was sent out at May 6th originally.

Trail building day

Come in clothes to work outside in the desert with.   Bring lots of water, sunscreen, and a hat.   We will be building trail.   After trail build we will test to make sure it is fun. So bring shoes to ride in.   Oh, food would be a good idea too.

Reminder – El Grupo ladies event Sunday!

Some of you are coming in a teaching capacity (and had some training in this already) and all others are welcome to join! May 22– Ride Like a Girl! A joint effort of El Grupo ladies with Coach Veronique’s Bell Joy Ride. Mountain bike skills, riding, snacks and drinks! You will need to be at the clubhouse… Read more »

School comes first

Congratulations all on another fantastic season. I am very proud of how we approached it and finished.   This past weekend was the State Individual Time Trial, and holy smokes we won every junior category we raced in.   However now to the most important. SCHOOL!!   No practice for the next two weeks. Focus… Read more »

Last call for Luna Lake

Here is who is registered (based on your responses) for Luna Lake the weekend of May 27-30. Event details. Great times.   Ignacio, Daniela, Damiano, Madison, Rogan, Pearl, Susie, Ana, Jack, Isabel, Izzie, Isaac, Myles, Ada, Ripley, Kajeme, Zaid, Patrick, Cara, Chloe, Cole, Diego, Eve, Shawn, Veronique, Avery, Kaileen   If you don’t see your… Read more »

Time Trial & Weekend Info

Saturday – SLEEP IN! You all have worked hard over the course of the semester on and off the bike. Rest up! But do plan a good spin with some openers before it gets too hot, if you are doing the TT on Sunday.   Sunday – Time Trial Info Based on your responses, here… Read more »

This week

I apologize for getting this up so late.   Gila was a long a beautiful race and today I got my butt kicked at work. I wish I would have blogged the whole time at Gila about our adventures, and again I apologize for not doing so. However I will try to write a re-cap… Read more »

El Grupo Fletcher Pilates for Cyclists

BodyWorks Pilates, an El Grupo Sponsor, is offering an amazing opportunity. Please comment to sign up for this if you can commit to all seven sessions. Here are the details: Participants in El Grupo Fletcher Pilates for Cyclists intensive can be coaches, high school age and above All kids who complete the 6 sessions (plus… Read more »