Week of October the 5th

High schoolers race number 3 is coming up and I hope to excite you all and to prepare you for the race to come.


Last week was most of a rest week, so we should be fresh and ready to put some work in.


We are going to build this week, then take Thursday as a skills day, so we should build a bit of fitness then rest to the weekend.


Tuesday: MTB at Himmel Park. Focusing on turning and LT


Wednesday: MTB in the dirt


Thursday: Skills at Barrio


Saturday: Middle school road ride.

High schoolers leaving for the race.


Sunday: Middle schoolers MTB FUN

Restructuring Academic Hours

academic cat

Because of poor attendance, we have decided to change the way that Academic hours works.  We will no longer have a set time where academic hours occur,  instead we will be offering academic assistance based on need. If you need help with an assignment or class please email me (Colin) at colin.holmes@bicas.org.  Please give me several days advanced notice.  I will get in touch with our great network of folks who have volunteered to lend their expertise to this program, and I will find someone suited to assisting you.

What I need in your email:   The subject you need assistance with.  The days and times that work for you.

Thanks and I really hope you choose to take advantage of this great opportunity for help.

Weekend plans and Mt Graham Info

I really hope to have super attendance this weekend. There are some high schoolers who had a crummy week of attendance, so I hope that you have a great weekend.


Saturday: Old Man Shoot Out 6:15am.

Big Boy 6:30am

C Team– Two options– 1) Ride the old man

2) MTB with Veronique. Isaac, Jack and other middle schoolers I                                                                               encourage you to go MTB.


Sunday: MTB 6:30 am meet. Pack one van and trailer and go up to 50 year trail. Coaches please be prepared to maybe drive.


Please any parents that can join and help, we need it. I will be at Mt Graham and all others coaches except for Ben Elias are out of town. Please post if you can help. If not we are going to have to have fun on the west side. SweetWater it would be.


Mt. Graham


Sunday meet at 4:30am.

leave by 5:00 am at the very latest

Arrive Safford 7am

Race starts at 8am

Return: Unknown

Skills, Skills Skills

Coach Matt has taken the time to search out these very good videos.   Please give them a watch and learn what you can. We are going to be mindful of these suggestions tomorrow at practice.    

Wednesday 30th of September

The kids have spoken.   Practice change for tomorrow.   Endurance road ride it is.   3:45 and 4:30 starts.   Thank you all.   http://www.steephill.tv/players/720/streamable/?title=Last+6+Km+of+the+Elite+Men%27s+RR&dashboard=road-cycling-world-championships&id=0pw8&yr=2015

Week of September the 28th

I will get more up tomorrow.   Sorry got back very late from Damiano’s cross country meet and we have guests over at the moment.   However High schoolers: we are going to hammer away at skills this week on the mtb. So a sort of rest week that is skills intensive.   Tuesday: MTB… Read more »

Prescott Details and Weekend rides

Prescott High School MTB Racers   Please meet at the clubhouse at 8:30am.   We would like to leave by 9am.   VERY IMPORTANT: If you are not racing, we are asking that you do not attend the race. If you are going to Prescott it is because you want to race. If not please… Read more »

Mechanics Fridays attendance.

The last 3 weeks attendance has been abysmal. Should I continue to offer Mechanics Fridays?  Is there a different format in which I should teach?  For example do you prefer workshops on one subject over freestyle hours?  They are on for tomorrow as usual from 4-6pm but I might have to reconsider how frequently they… Read more »

Team Time Trial Story and HSMTB Training

Team Time Trial   This past Sunday was the team time trial. This is an event that no group of El Grupo riders has ever won against another team. However it has been a race that I have long wanted to win. I have wanted to win this race because I want to believe that… Read more »