High School Race info

Meet at clubhouse at 9am.


Leave by 9:30am.


At race venue by Noon.


On bikes by 1pm–ish.


This is of course going to be a hot race, so please bring appropriate clothes and a good hat. Also we are staying at a camp site with a shower, so pack a towel.

Academic Advising Canceled

Dear parents and riders,

I apologize for the last minute nature of this post, but the academic advising session scheduled for tomorrow is canceled. I will reschedule as soon as we get back from this set of races.

Apologies for the inconvenience


Academic Advising

Dear 11th and 12th grade riders and parents,

This Friday will your academic advising session! The session will be from 430-6PM at the clubhouse

  • 11th and 12th graders will meet Friday the 21st

These sessions are mandatory. If you are in another grade and missed your session, this is your final chance to be come.


Middle School Parents

Dear Middle Schooler parents, we are looking for a couple of parents who are planning on heading to the McDowell Mountain Regional Park – Fountain Hills campground for the upcoming race on Friday. We have at least one parent who will be there no later than 5PM who has committed to starting the food for when campers arrive…. Read more »

Wednesday and Thursday

Today was a small experiment.   We always have practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For this whole season we have been riding the same bikes on the same days. No other coach tells you what the work out is going to be before practice, so I wanted to try this experiment. I have a… Read more »

Practice Today

Riders and Parents, there is practice today starting at 4:30PM. We will be on mountain bikes. I apologize about the delay, it has been a hectic  start of the week with all the Fall Fondo planning. See you all soon

Academic Advising

Dear riders and parents, just a reminder that there will be academic advising sessions today at 4:30-6PM! 6th, 7th and 8th graders will meet Monday the 17th These sessions are mandatory. If you need to skip practice the week of your assigned session please do so. If you have missed your session (9th and 10th graders) you can come… Read more »

MTB Races

Riders and Parents, It is the week before the next set of races and I need to know by today who is NOT able to race next weekend: Oct. 22-23 – Race #4 – McDowell Mountain Regional Park – Fountain Hills Please let me know no later than the end of today! Thank you

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday— Clubhouse cleanup. I know we ask a lot of all of you and I thank you for putting in the time, once again.   This cleanup is for two major reasons: Fall Fondo is coming up and we are going to have 300 people coming into our area and we want to present ourselves… Read more »

Clubhouse Clean-up!

Riders AND parents, this is just a reminder that this Friday October 14th we are going to have a big clubhouse clean starting at 4:30PM. The clean-up is mandatory for riders and we could use some help from parents to supervise and help delegate. You are all an essential part of this team and the… Read more »