Here we Go!!

The trip to Flagstaff this weekend marks the beginning of the new season.


Here we are, High School MTB season is upon us, and I want to inspire and prepare all of you for a great season. My job for the next 50 days until the first race will be to prepare you mentally, emotionally and of course physically.


After two years of winning the state championship, I want to inspire all of us to dream in number three. All of the teams will be gunning for us and we have a mark on our backs. GOOD! Let them come at us. I want to race with a reason and purpose.


Those not going to Flagstaff we will have practices while you are gone. Please may this be the start of your season.


Middle schoolers we are going to focus on getting ready for  a few time trials and hill climb race. I will build a great program along with the other coaches to have you ready. So come mid September you all will have some fun road bike challenges.


Tuesday: 4:30 pm to 6pm Mountain bike ride. 5 x 3 min vo2 max intervals. Then fun at Grupo Lupo. Chuck the last stretch of road heading to Genser Trail head would be a great 5 times road.


Wednesday: Find a friend and ride for 2 hours. Tempo. Sorry we have no coaches for this. So find a friend or parent and ride solid for 2 hours.


Thursday: 4:30pm- 6 pm. Races at Grupo Lupo. Three that last 8 min.


Saturday: RIDE with a friend. Long if you can.


Sunday: MTB with Chuck. 6 am start

Week of July 20th

I apologize for this late post.


This week is our last bike camp of the week and I am very tired from today and from a great vacation.


This will be the last week of skills and strength training. After this we are going to start to get more on the bike and really work on going fast.


Training Plan


Tuesday: All bike camp workers. 6am strength training with Daniela at the Clubhouse. All others are invited to come.


Tuesday PM: 4:30 mountain bike ride


Wednesday: 6am Road ride with Veronique


Thursday: All bike camp workers. 6am strength training with Daniela at the Clubhouse. All others are invited to come.


Thursday PM: 4:30pm mtb ride


Saturday: Flagstaff Trip Participants we leave at 10am


Sunday: Mountain bike ride with Chuck 6am start.


No Mechanics Mondays this week. 7/20

Sorry for any confusion, I know I told some of you there would be class this week.  At the time my mind was stuck on routine and did remember that we had youth summer bike camp this week.  We will resume Mechanics Mondays again on 7/27

Stump jumper mountain bike

Urgent. A dual suspension Specialized stumpjumper,red, was taken home from the clubhouse. Cole needs it back tomorrow so that he can prepare his bike for flagstaff camp. Please if you have this bike return it Tomorrow not contact Cole. Thanks everyone I will be back Sunday morning.

Practice schedule week of July 13

This week starts our second build.   We are coming off a rest week as prior to that we had three hard weeks of training.   This is week one of the next three week cycle. I challenge everyone to take another step these next three weeks. If you were coming three days a week… Read more »

The stories of a donated bike…from Japan

Adapted from emails to El Grupo from Dave Castro – US Military Greetings from the far side of the Pacific Ocean. The intent of this email is two-fold. First, to introduce the bicycle that I intend to bring back with me on leave in Dec/Jan and in turn donate it to your fantastic organization. The bike is the one in the picture… Read more »

Rest weeks = come to practice

Rest weeks are intended to be fun weeks that are rejuvenating. I do expect all riders on the team to participate.   They are usually low key and focused on skill building.   Yes they are important. Proper rest weeks have you moving still, not just sitting on the coach.   So tomorrow and the… Read more »

Practice the week of July 6th

cWe are back and excited to see everyone.   Thank you to all the wonderful coaches that kept practices running and fun. Thank you!!!   This next week is going to be a fun week and everyone is welcome to join. Those of you that have been in town this is a rest week, as… Read more »