The Dreaming Place

My favorite time of the year.


The dreaming place. The time of year when nobody is looking, and its you with your dreams of the season to come.


What you want your season to be starts now, months away, when nobody is looking. Nobody is watching you race, or looking at your results. Its just you with your teammates putting in the hard work to get ready. Those with the biggest dreams and hearts excel at this time of year.


This time of year is about you. Its about what you believe in and want to achieve. Its easy to go hard when everyone is watching. Its easy to want to go fast when the racing is every weekend.


But who are you when nobody is looking? How hard will you work when the races are months away? How many mornings will you wake up tired and still come? How many mornings will you make an excuse?


Who you are when nobody is looking is really who you are.


I challenge everyone one of you to be great!


Training Schedule


Tuesday: Strength Training with Daniela. Please have tennis shoes, and proper attire. NO JEANSSS


Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30pm starts

Base Rides— You must have lights or you do not ride


Thursday: Thanksgiving! Eat, be with family, be thankful!!


Friday: Base ride – later start – maybe 9am?


Also on Friday 3pm @ D & I’s house- Cooking Class! Inspired by SkratchLabs, we will be testing out various portable recipes and use them for both Saturday and Sunday rides for everyone. This first class I would like to limit to the older riders first (and we will do more later): Genea, Leila, Ben, Keenan, Daniel, Nick, Leo, Tyler (if you cannot come, please let me know so that I can get others there – need 8 people to make it work.) It will be fun and yummy!


Saturday: Shoot Outs

Big Boy: 7:30am

Old Man: 7:15am

C Team: 7:30am


Sunday: 7:30am Starts.

A + B team please have a MTB or Cross Bike ready for an adventure ride.

C Team– MTB ride





El Tour And Saturday Ride news and Notes

El Tour


Please be at the Lighthouse YMCA at_____9:30am________ ready to ride.


If you would like to ride there from the clubhouse please be ready to leave at____9am_____.


Ready means that your bike is ready to ride, tires pumped, you have a spare tube, some food, bottles are filled and if you have a team Jersey you are wearing it.


After the ride please riders and families make your way to the clubhouse for snacks, high fives, and drinks.


All other Riders


Optional Saturday Ride

Starting at 8:30 am from the Clubhouse.

Ride will be 4 hours long as we will ride till noon and we will terminate the ride at the Finish of El Tour in the hopes that we see our teammates cross the finish line.




Mt Lemmon leaving the clubhouse at 7:30am.


If you would like to meet en route that is just fine.

Looking ahead

It’s amazing how much happens in the life of this team.


One week we win the High School MTB Champs

then the next we have he biggest fundraiser ever in our history

and now today I am going to the Marriot to build a fleet of bikes for El Grupito.


This all happens because of the beautiful support we receive from all of you.


Daniela and I could not do what we do if we did not have all the support and trust that we feel from all of you.


Thank you all.


At times I wish I could use this blog to tell the smaller stories, the important details of the team, that make it real to me. But alas I often feel as though I use this as a place to catch up. I am going to test myself and see if I can do better.


Training Plan for the months to come


Your Spring Racing season starts today.


The build and prepare process is now before us. The better we build our base the better we can prepare for the races to come. The more you come this time of the year the stronger you will be at the end. This time of year is hard as you need long term focus. The races are 13 weeks away, but to prepare for them it has to start now. We are going to ramp into the training so stay consistent and patient.


Tuesday– Capture the Flag


Wednesday– Tumamoc. Parents, siblings and friends feel welcome to come.

3:45 and 4:30 starts


Thursday– Road Bike Base ride. El Tour riders you will go to packet pick up.


Saturday– El Tour


Those not doing El Tour we will have two different base rides that day.


Sunday– Mt. Lemmon for all.



This is a long video, but the message is fantastic. Please find time to watch this. Hopefully with a parent or someone. You can start at 9:30 at 10 min it gets great.

Tuesday Practice

I will write a much longer post tomorrow in the morning, but here is what you need to know for tomorrow practice.   We will be playing the ultimate game of Capture the Flag.   No spandies, bring PE clothes.   You must bring a team jersey and a Bandana. You must bring a bandana… Read more »

Fondo Youth Duties

I apologize for the confusion that have some in regards to their duties. Many of you received an email from Lindsey and I encourage all youth to look for it. However if you did not here goes:   Youth Riders for the 80 mile event that we want at the clubhouse at 6:30am. Your job… Read more »

Friday the 14th Brake workshop canceled.

Since no one expressed interest in the Friday the 14th workshop I’m cancelling it.  I’m hoping more people will express interest in the Friday the 21st workshop so that I don’t have to cancel it too. Currently only Jeremy has said he would like to do it. If you don’t want to do brakes then… Read more »

And now we rest

With a fantastically successful high school season of mountain biking now behind us we can now take a well earned rest. The success though could not have come with out the amazing support of so many. Parents, teachers, brothers, coaches, brothers, sisters, thank you to the whole extended family for making this han. This would… Read more »

Mechanics workshop: Brakes

This will be a two session workshop.  There are many kinds of brakes, and understanding and adjusting them takes practice.  It is also very important that if you are working on your brakes you really understand what you’re doing. Mistakes can make your bike very unsafe.  So we will work on brakes two weeks in… Read more »