Saturday and Sunday

Saturday– Anybody who did not race the high school league, you are invited to join Veronique on a mountain bike ride tomorrow. Ada, Kaileen, Myles, I would like to see you on this ride.


All others, we are going on another beautiful bike ride. 2.5 hours long. Very much like today. Team base ride.


Sunday– For the hike. A van will be driving to the trail head, so you will be able to put your bag in the car. Please remember a different pair of shoes, a good snack, a change of shirt. Please pack carefully so that everything fits into a normal size bag and the van does not end up looking disgusting with random stuff everywhere.


You will need 2-3 bottles of water for the hike and I will have 10 gallons in the vans to refill pre and post hike. Remember a hat for the hike as well.

The beginning

Here we go. The fun is really about to start. This is the beginning: the moment that you need to make the commitment to your goals. Without this commitment at the beginning you have but little chance. Dream big now, make the promise to yourself and trust yourself to see them through.


Remember goals are ones that challenge you against you. Not against other people. Set those now, scare yourself wonderfully and lets trust each other to try and get there.


As long as everyone tries their best we will all achieve. The moment we stop trusting each other and ourselves, we become hopeless. This will not be an option.


Training Plan


Tuesday– 4:30pm Cross fit at the park


Friday– 9am start. 2 hour base ride.


Saturday– 8am start. 2-3 hour base ride


Sunday– I would like to try a bike and hike and would like to invite parents and family to join us on the hike.

Leave clubhouse 7:30am and ride to Kings Canyon trail head. Next to Desert museum.

8:30am start 7 mile round trip hike. approx. 2.5 hours.

11am start ride home and back at clubhouse by noon.


If you just want to do the hike let me know, but I will challenge some of you to do the whole thing. That is my job to challenge you, so be mentally and emotionally ready for the challenges to come.


Please respond if you are going to be in town so we know how to prepare

week of November the 16th

Thank you everyone for your help this weekend.


We had spectacular Kidicall Mass and we rocked the swap meet. I thank all of you for your time, dedication and effort to make this all happen.


This week we will be again focusing on gaining strength and getting mentally and emotionally ready for the training to come.


If you road the HSMTB league then this is all optional to you. Please rest and take care of family, school and everyone else before coming.


Also please in these next two weeks get both of your bikes ready to go. Both your road and mountain bike need to be in perfect shape in two weeks when we start pedaling. Do not wait to get them ready. Do it now.


Training Plan


Tuesday: Strength training at the park with Daniela

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Capture the flag with fun strength games


Saturday: Off

Sunday: MANDATORY: All team event at 4H Ropes Course. (Team EG & U23 Riders!)

Ride from clubhouse leaving at 12:30pm OR Meet us at the 4H Ropes Course by 12:50.

We will have structured team building activities from 1-4pm with a team meeting and snacks to follow at the course.

Get picked up at the course no earlier than 4:45pm or back at clubhouse (riding) by 5pm.

Kidical Mass & GABA Bike Swap – Sign Up

We have two events happening this weekend that we need every rider to sign up to attend. Everyone needs to sign up for at least one shift HERE. Details below… SATURDAY- KIDICAL MASS: We are going to be at Kellond Elementary (6606 E Lehigh Dr) from 12-2pm. We will not be driving an Grupo van to the school. If… Read more »

REMINDER – Voler Fit Kits

We have Voler Fit Kits in with new fabrics and styles. Riders and parents who are interested in ordering 2016 El Grupo kits, feel free to come in and try on the samples. Today and tomorrow are the final days available to try on on these sample shorts, jerseys, skinsuits, and accessories. Please take note of the sizes… Read more »

Week of November the 9th

PLEASE: Everyone I must see report cards this week. It is very important to me that we support you in the most important activity in your life.   Also this week we have all the Voler fit kit clothing, so please make sure to try things on so you know what sizes to order. Parents… Read more »

One more to go (Updated Info)

YOU MUST BRING your signed waiver for the 24 Hour race back to the clubhouse by Tuesday at practice or you will not be able to participate in the event (in February). Seriously. Bring it back!   For all the high school racers this is it. One more race.   I am confident we are… Read more »

All TEAM clothes and great attitudes tomorrow!

Thank you so very much to all of you who helped out A TON today in so many ways!   Please be sure to arrive with BOTH TEAM KIT for riding and TEAM T-SHIRT or something else El Grupo branded for the afterparty.   Please also come very prepared to share what you love most… Read more »

Weekend of October 31 and November 1st

Kidicall Mass   This Saturday the 31st of October we are leading a Kidicall Mass ride that is starting at Laguna Elementary school. The event starts at noon at the school. You may meet us there at the school at 11:45am or you may ride with me leaving the clubhouse at 11am sharp. After the… Read more »

Week of October 26th

High School MTB racers: Congratulations on another great race. Thank you so much for representing our team with such great pride. I heard many wonderful stories about the weekend. You all have one more race to go, and I will be sure to be out with you helping you all succeed.   Please know after… Read more »