Week of April 30th

What a big weekend we just had. Almost all team members left Tucson to ride their bikes. Kind of crazy to imagine the capacity we have.


Thank you to everyone who  helped make it all happen. This is a big family and we can’t do it without everyone’s support, THANK YOU!!


San Dimas was adventurous. Its the big leagues and we did the very best we could. We have some great results to boast about and some great lessons learned.


Anytime that we go to an event of this caliber, its so important that we learn everything we can, about ourselves, our friendships, and our spirit. I have confidence that we all learned something new in all realms this past weekend.


Some Results:

Nick Harris 5th place GC cat 3’s

Isabel 10th place GC cat 4’s

Tyler 2nd place Road race Cat 2’s

Christian Santa Cruz Climbers jerseys winner cat 2’s

Chloe 10th place cat 3 road race.


Not a bad weekend of results but more importantly we all left with new lessons learned.


Now we look ahead to prepare for the Crit Championships, Whiskey and Gila.


Crit champs is not this weekend but next.

Whiskey is the 25th of April and Gila starts the 29th.


This week we are going to use as a prep week for the work to come.

After this week we are going to start a three week build for Whiskey and Gila.

This week is a prep, and recover week.


Training Plan:

Tuesday: Skills at the Park, no spandies

or: Endurance Road ride.


Wednesday: 3:45 MTB ride or Endurance road ride

4:30 MTB ride.

MTB rides are to Starr Pass


Thursday: 4:30 MTB ride to Grupo Lupo at Starr Pass

or Endurance Road Ride


Saturday: Scavenger Hunt. Mandatory. 10am start. SHARP 10am

You may ride to the bridge and back on the Shoot out if you need.


Easter Sunday: I will post an idea I have later. Also this will be totally optional.



Whiskey Want to be riders:


After last weeks coaches meeting we all agreed upon a level of participation requirement to attend the race. This is based off of what the coaches thought was needed to enjoy the event.


There are two mandatory Sunday rides left the 12th and 19th of April, you must make both of these. They will be long and climby just like Whiskey.


There are two Saturday rides left, you must make at the very least one of them.


There are 4 Wednesday practices left you must make at least 3 of them.


There are 8 Tuesday and Thursday practices left, you must make 6 of them.


This level of training is what the coaches thought would be needed to enjoy the event. Whiskey is really hard and if you are not ready it is miserable. So for your own sake the coaches came up with these parameters.


WE will be strict!!


Rubbin is Racing


Fondo Information

Alright we are able to make this all work.


Leaving Friday at 4pm.


Drivers are: Gillian, Hanes family, Damion, Coach Shawn.


Please remember that you all need to grab sleeping supplies. If you have sleeping mats, and bags please bring them. Also a pillow is always nice.


The weather in Duncan will be nice and warm low of 50 and high of 88.


Don’t forget any riding gear and a signed waiver form. https://www.usacycling.org/myusac/index.php?pagename=pdfwaiver&type=riderrelease&compid=


Week of March 23rd

Unfortunately, Spring Break is over.

I hope everyone had time to enjoy it and to take some time for themselves. I know that the training schedule was easy enough to do so.


After TBC and all the hard training leading up, I hope that we all had time to rest a bit, and hopefully we are starting to feel ready to work again.


San Dimas Riders:

I want to get you all ready to race and feeling good. Many of you after TBC have not done too much and are feeling a bit tired and sluggish. We need to shake out the cob webs and wake ourselves up. The fitness is in us and we should have received a bump from TBC, now we need to ask the body to take it.


With that in mind on Tuesday we are going to do some LT work to wake the body up and to prepare us for the work to come. Not enough to crush us, or exhaust us, but enough to fully wake us up. Then on Wednesday we are going to spin out the legs on an endurance ride that gets us back in the groove.


Thursday we are leaving. I would like to leave town at 1pm. Please post if you can leave at this time. Also bring a sweatshirt as it will be chilly in the mornings and evenings.


There might be another van leaving after school if it is needed, so please post your preferences so that we can plan ahead.  Also remember we are staying at Christian’s families house so we will need to bring sleeping stuff.


Duncan Fondo Riders: 


We are going to ride the Fondo the way we used to ride El Tour. The whole team together, always, going as fast as we can as a team. It should be a super fun day with your friends on new and exciting roads. It is not a race, but you all should have fun seeing what you can do as a team.


I will send out more specific information in the days to come.


However the basic plan is:

Leave Tucson Friday after school.

Arrive in Duncan late afternoon and set up in the Gym at the high school. Sleep in the gym and eat a pasta dinner that is provided by the Fondo.

Saturday: Ride the ride and then pack and be home in Tucson by mid to late afternoon.


Whiskey Riders: 


I have purchased a number of “tickets” for this race. There are a limited number and they must be earned. I will not give them away. You all know how to earn one. Be consistent on coming to practice. Always try your best. Make the weekend specific rides. Show the coaches through your hard work and dedication that you want a ticket.


Sunday the 29th

1st Whiskey specific MTB ride.



Training Plan

Tuesday: LT hill  work. Road bikes.


Wednesday: 3:45 Road Endurance ride

3:45 MTB ride

4:30 MTB ride

Thursday: MTB ride. Starr Pass Grupo luppo.


Saturday: Fondo

Greg and Omar with Colin. Ride starts at 8am.


Sunday: Whiskey Training ride 7am start.



Weekend Up

After a week of chill rides and Spring Break hanging out, we should be ready to have a good weekend. I do hope to have fantastic attendance. This weekend will help us get back into the groove.   Saturday– Old Man– 6:45 am start. Come back up Helmet, if you make the whole ride. If… Read more »

Week of March 16th

Congratulations everyone on a brilliant TBC weekend. We have so many results to be proud of, efforts to cheer, and sportsmanship to respect. Thank you team.   Thank you parents, coaches, and supporters as well for your tireless support. There is no way this team could function without you and I am so humbled by… Read more »

TBC Logistics

TBC Race Bible link: http://www.tucsonbicycleclassic.com/2015Files/TBC_TechnicalGuide-2015.pdf   In the race bible you can find all the information you need.   Please remember to print out and have your parents sign the release form if you are a junior. I will have some hard copies if needed as well. https://www.usacycling.org/myusac/index.php?pagename=pdfwaiver&type=riderrelease&compid=   Friday Time Trial:  Warm Up location is Old… Read more »

TBC week

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Video opp on Friday for El Grupo only!

PLEASE comment if you can make this and want to be included in details. “VisitTucson” is in the midst of shooting a video to promote Tucson as a travel destination, and of course within that a top-notch cycling destination. So they want our El Grupo team to be available/interested in riding as on-screen talent for the video. We… Read more »

Training plan for the upcoming week

This is a week 3 in a build process. This is a money making week. If we are able to ride proud and train hard through this week we will then have time to rest for TBC, so we can be ready to rock.   This is a tough week, so everyone be prepared to… Read more »