Base Week 3

Great weekend!!! I was very pleasantly surprised at the incredible attendance on Saturday morning. It tells me a lot about you all when you show up in the freezing cold to ride.


This week is more of the same with the same intent. We are building our floor ever higher so we can crash through our ceilings. Consistency is the most important objective right now, so do your best to manage your time and school work so you can come.


Remember to dress warm as well. I am going to continue to be tough on this. I do not want anyone getting sick and I do not want anyone doing lasting damage to their knees so please put the knee warmers on. LIGHTS AT NIGHT


Training Plan


Tuesday– Cross training at the clubhouse


Wednesday– Valley Riders endurance road ride 3:45 start only.

24 hour riders– MTB ride 3:45 and 4:30 start. Please make sure that you have a bike that is ready to go.


Thursday– Endurance road ride for all 4:30.


Saturday– Shoot Out 7:15am start And C team ride (details to follow)



Sunday– 8:30am start for all. There will be a road and mountain bike ride.




Over the winter break we are going to be having 3 guest youth riders from Oregon join us. They will be staying with some of the families on the team and joining us on our big rides. They are coming from a junior team and is coached by an old friend of mine. I hope we all make them feel welcome as they will be giving us the same opportunity in July to travel to Oregon to ride and race. So make some friends and create a chance at an adventure.


Also on December 11th a young man from Quebec is going to be staying with me at my house. He will be here for 2 weeks. He too is a young cyclist who is hoping to have a great season. So please all lets just be our kind selves and make these kids feel comfortable.

Sunday December 4th rides

7am. MTB ride led by Chuck Barclay. Please be on time and ready for a good ride as Chuck needs to be back by 10 am. This is why you all have to leave so early. Thank Chuck for taking you out, however complain to him not me about how cold it is.


9am. Road Ride to Mt Lemmon.

10am at the base.

This will be a power test so please make sure that all your electronics are working.


Power test

Bring your lights!

Please do not forget to bring your lights to practice from here on out. We WILL be enforcing a “no lights, no ride” rule. Lets be diligent and lets be safe!

My Favorite time of year

This is my favorite time of year with the team. The next races are far off in the distance, the weather has cooled, and we can plan on some big beautiful bike rides that we typically don’t have the time for. This is the season to learn to love your bike again. The season to… Read more »

Ropes Course

Yay tomorrow we get to enjoy the ropes course as a team! Parents, please check your e-mail for a couple of waiver and medical forms that MUST be filled out prior. Please let me know if you did not receive them. I will have print outs at the clubhouse, but they do ask for medical insurance information… Read more »

Parent & Rider Meeting

Dear parents and riders, following the ropes course on Sunday November 20th we will be having an important parent and rider meeting. This meeting will take place at 5PM when parents come to pick up their kids. Please stick around for this important state of the union! Thank you

Tucson High Youth

Tucson High Youth, I need your help in running a bike clinic and skills share this coming Wednesday the 23rd at 1:30PM at Manzo Elementary School. Manzo is a neighboring school with some real passion for bikes, so this should be fun. Some of you will be helping Luke with an obstacle course for the… Read more »

Sunday Ropes Course

Riders, this Sunday the 20th we will be going to the ropes course! Something you all asked for in the survey we conducted. This will be a fun team building activity, we should all make the effort to go. We will be there from 12:30-4:30PM Arrive at the clubhouse at 11:45am so we can leave at noon. We will… Read more »

Yet another change

This weekend on Sunday:   Ropes course. I will need a rough estimate of who is planning on coming. Rather than tell me you are I think it is easier if you only tell me if CANNOT make it.   NO MOVIE. It’s just too late at night. Over winter break I will set up… Read more »