Training Plan Week of October 27th

Another great weekend of High School racing in the books.


Thank you to all the parents and volunteers who came out to help. It would be impossible to do it with out you. Thank you!!


We have one more race to go and  a lot left to race for. After this last race we are going to stay in town for 3 months and lay low and just get back to the basics.


The final High School race is in Phoenix so it should be a much easier weekend on all of us.


I too am excited for the down time and home time, but also excited to build into the road racing season.


Don’t worry road season is 16 weeks away. We have plenty of time to rest and build.


Training Plan:


Please read closely there is a lot going on:



Nick, Tyler, Ben, Keenan Strength training with Kate Fashan. This is mandatory as I will not have any one get injured with bad form.


High School racers– Ride to school or home. Recovery pace. Or you may come to skills at the park.


Middle Schoolers: Skills at the park.



Endurance Ride. 3:45 and 4:30 starts.



MTB races at Himmel Park. Everyone is expected. Yes everyone. I have plans. Not everyone will race but everyone will participate.





Old Man start now at 6:45am

Big Boy at 7am

C team ride at 7am




Swap meet and Cyclovia


Everyone will be participating. I am going to make a schedule for everyone. You will not get to choose. If you do not like your slot then you can switch with someone.


Everyone it is mandatory to help.


What happens to Todd Wells in the race that costs him to loose?

It happens to all of us and the best of us.


Please watch and listen especially to first part



Week of October 20th

I hope a fun weekend was enjoyed by everyone.


Thank you all for coming out to kidicall mass. It was a great event and very important to us and how we do, what we do.


For the next coming weeks– PLEASE BRING LIGHTS!!! It is going to be getting darker earlier so, please plan accordingly.


We have another High School MTB race this weekend and I want everyone to be able to enjoy the competition. These workouts will also help us get ready for a great Spring Road Racing campaign.


Training Plan


Last week we pulled back a touch as the Phoenix race took a bit out of us. It was very hot and I wanted to make sure that we were fully recovered before putting in any more work. That is also why I decided to take Sunday off. This hopefully has us now fully recovered and ready to prepare for a great weekend of racing.


Tuesday– LT intervals.

Wednesday — Endurance ride

Thursday– One 10 minute MTB race at Himmel Park.


Saturday– Shawn and Veronique will be in town to ride the shoot out with those of you that do.


Colin, Julia and Jesse will be in town to lead the C ride.


Sunday– Middle Schoolers if you want to ride again, bug your coaches and have ideas.


HS’ers will then be leaving early Saturday morning.



Genea is taking the ACT on Saturday and needs a ride to Havasu. Is anyone planning on leaving later to get to the race that could drive her up?


Please respond to this post with your favorite night before a race meal.




Want to learn how to adjust your shifting?


Well then you’re in luck.  I, Colin, will be hosting mechanics workshops on a semi regular to regular basis on Fridays starting at 4pm.  The regularity of these workshops will depend on interest and attendance.  I was hoping to do a two part series starting next Friday the 24th at 4pm with a workshop on rear shifting!


Then on Friday the 31st at 4pm I will continue the series with a workshop on front shifting.


Please respond if you plan on attending and make sure to say which workshops you will be attending.  <3

This Weekend

Saturday   C Team ride— 7 amstart.   Old Man Shoot Out– 6:15am Big Boy– 6:30am With Madera if you like   Kidicall Mass– Noon at Peter Howell Elementary   This will make for a long day.   I will make plenty of food for everyone at my house after the morning rides.   Please… Read more »

Looking Ahead

We have two high school races left. We are doing well and I would like us to finish strong, so that we are motivated to move into the road season with good feelings.   Wednesday the 15th– 5x 8min Lt or Steady State intervals. I want to tax the aerobic system but not the muscular… Read more »

Details – McDowell MTB event

We are hoping to LEAVE at 10am from the clubhouse on Saturday.Please arrive up to 30 minutes before to help pack up.  We would like to have everyone pack a lunch – and we will have sandwich supplies to make a lunch for the ride in advance, as needed. This way we can all eat… Read more »

Thursday October 9th

Mountain bike fun day.   Starr Pass will be the destination.   8:30am start from the clubhouse.   This should be a fun ride. No drilling it. Working again on flow. Wait for everyone and try things twice if you need to.   Have fun!!!!!

Week of October 6th

First lets high light some of accomplishments of this past weekend:   At the Tour of the White Mountains an Epic Rides mountain bike race:   Madison won the Junior female 35 mile race in a time of 3 hours and 41 min. Kajema won the the Junior male 50 mile race in a time of… Read more »

Week of September 29th

Thank you everyone, rider and parents, for another great High School mountain bike race experience. It would be impossible to do it without the help of all the parents and supporters, or the politeness and support from the youth riders.   This is the only team that I want to coach. I am so very… Read more »