Sunday at the 24 hour course

I mentioned this at practice many times this week and I posted in a comment section on an earlier post.


Sunday the 7th


7:30am meet at the clubhouse


8am leave the clubhouse


Arrive at the camp spot approx. 9:30am


Build tents till 10:15am ish


Ride till 2:30p0m.


Leave and be home by 3:30pm.


Please everyone bring a change of clothes and a sack lunch. I will have some snacks but not enough.


I apologize for this late notice however I told kids at practice this. I apologize parents I will get this information up sooner.

Who we are

Please take the time to watch these three videos. In total it is about 15 min. I want everyone to understand and hear what the kids hear so that we all understand the values that I am trying to instill in this team.


How you do anything is how you do everything!



I apologize for the few profanities, 4.




Video (1)


Video (2)





Gear list and things to come

24 Hour Race Gear List 2016 Riders: All must bring 2 cans of food to donate to the local food bank!!!!!! Riding Gear Camp gear Quantity Item Quantity item 4– 5  Riding shorts 1 tent 1 – 4 Team jersey 1 sleeping bag 1 Long finger gloves 1 sleeping mat 1 short finger gloves 1… Read more »

And there is so much more to come

What a fantastic weekend. I could not be prouder as a coach. Every youth on the team put in fantastic and courageous efforts. Not a single person put there head down and gave anything else but there best. That is all I will ever ask as coach, have the courage and pride to always do… Read more »

Weekend Logistics

Saturday U of A Crit January 30th   Your start times are listed below. I will be at the race course at approx. 6am. with trainers and things set and ready for warm up.   15- 18 boys please be on site not later than 6:10am. This way we can warm up with out having… Read more »

Week of January 25th

Thank you everyone for coming to the Presentation on Sunday. I very much honor the opportunity that I have and thank you all for it.   I hope you all honor the opportunity in the same way.   This week we prepare for our first races of the season. Your preparation started months ago, not… Read more »

For the Ladies

Ladies if you are interested and have time let me know.   I just got this from Nickle.   Here’s 2 bio’s for Alex: She said she could be available for a chat with girls tomorrow around 4pm. She’s in town as staff for a cycling camp. She is fun to hang out with… Read more »

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Mountain bike ride starts at 8am.   Riding to Sweetwater, we will be at the parking lot at 8:45.   We will ride till 10:30 am and be back at the clubhouse at 11am.     Team  presentation is at 3pm.   Please arrive at 2:30 to help get the place ready.

Week of January 18th 2016

So we did a power test? Now what?   Well we did this test at the end of Love Season because we should be quite strong and ready to fine tune our engines. We should have a good base line of fitness now and with a good bit of structure we should be able to… Read more »