Saturday Crits

The call is……………………………….


Sleep in. Have a great morning with your families. Relax and start the day slow.


No Crit racing tomorrow for those that are not Cat 3’s or higher.


However I really hope that many of you can come to the races in the afternoon to cheer and to get excited to race the next day. 


Cat 1/2/3 Racers

Please plan on being at the clubhouse 12:30 pm. I will drive down the van and trailer so that we can have all the trainers, water, pumps and tents.


You will then ride down to the start to be there at approx. 1pm. This will give the 3/4 boys 2 hours to prep.


The 3/4 race starts at 3:05.


Chloe, Daniela and Cara go off next at 3:50pm


Cat 1/2/3 Men go off at 4:45pm.



Races ahead, and videos from presentation

We hope you enjoyed Lou’s presentation on Tuesday night with an open mind and were able to take away at least one new tip/trick for bike racing, if not a whole lot of new knowledge and understanding. We timed this perfectly for the first races of the season (this weekend!!) to get your head in the right space…and to make sure that we are all always learning.

Per the calendar you all received in December, this is the first “whole team” race weekend of the year. We will be registering all riders who have expressed an interest in racing this weekend by the end of today, and checking in with those who have not made it clear today at practice.


More info on both races this weekend here and always via 


Saturday’s crit race is right here in town at the U of A BioPark – the same crit course we practice on weekly!

HOWEVER, since the forecast is for rain all day, we are holding off signing you all up for now. Last year it rained for this same race – the first one of the season – and many people crashed. It simply was not safe, lots of new kits were damaged/ruined, and you all have worked too hard for bigger goals ahead. If it is dry, we will race. But if it is wet, you all will sleep in and rest up for a great road race on Sunday

We will make the call for the morning riders (all juniors and Cat 4/5) by Friday afternoon. We will make the call for the Category 3+ racers by mid-morning on Saturday.



Sunday’s road race is up in Oracle and we will have two different waves of starts.

Start times

Cat 4/5 men–8:45 am start

Junior boys 15-18– 8:45 am start

Women 3/4–8:50 am start

Junior 10-14– 9 am start


We need to be at the start at 7am. So we need to leave the clubhouse at 6am. Please be on time. Bring a change of clothes with you for after the race and something to eat. It will be chilly for the race so dress wisely.


If you guys leave after the race you should be home by 1- 1:30pm.



Wave 2


Women and Men 1/2/3

Races start at 11:15am.


We arrive 2 hours early so we need to be there by 9:15am.


So leaving the clubhouse at 8:15am.


VIDEOS – these were from Lou’s presentation

Crashing 101 – How to roll!:


Keep your hands to yourself! : <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Slipstream Paceline – <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Gears: <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>




Week of January the 26th

Training Schedule


Tuesday: Race Tactics Presentation by Lou Waugaman. Lou is a Cat 1 racer and strong supporter of the team. Before the first races of the season I thought it would be great to have him come in. Should be a great presentation – including his “5-4-3-2-1 Methodology of Attacking!”  We will also have a team rider meeting at the start. Please everyone come.


Wednesday: Crit Course Fun. 3:45 and 4:30


Thursday: ABC team ride


This is a rest week with some openers.


Race Against Time Results


I put the training schedule first this week as the more young folks I ask, the more I learn that no one reads what I have to say.


Even when I ask questions for answers to be posted, I have learned that most just look into the comments and then just copy.


I remember high school and I remember being a teen, and so these actions do not surprise me.


However lucky enough for me I have grown to learn that the details in life are what make the big picture possible. That it’s the little things that make it beautiful and special.  And its the little things that allow us to succeed.


The longer I coach, the more I learn, the more I have to learn. Life is learning and a life worth living will allow you to continue to learn the whole way through.


The moment you stop learning or feel as though you know something for certain, you pigeon hole yourself to that moments knowledge.


Imagine if a coach from the 70’s decided that they knew everything and decided to stop learning about their craft.


Imagine if a doctor decided they know everything and stopped learning.


How would we progress?


I will have confidence in what I know, and I will continue to push myself to learn more.


I challenge all of you to allow yourselves to continue to learn, to accept your mistakes, own them, and then improve on yourself.

Academic Hours Today 4-6pm

Hey there academics, Tonight academic hours will be 4-6pm due to a presentation the tutors will be attending. I hope that will not cause any inconveniences. The clubhouse will still be open until 7pm.

Saturday the 24th

Tomorrow everyone make sure to be at my house for breakfast at 11am.   Please everyone make it.   Also at that time I will be handing out everyone’s new kits, so please don’t miss.

Race Against Time Time Trial

May the road racing season begin.   We are doing this time trial as a preparatory race for Valley. We are going out to ensure our bikes work, we like them, we like our warm up, we can get in the right head space. All the little things that add up to having great confidence… Read more »

Week of January 19thS

Hard work is hard. Believing  in your self is hard. Pushing your self is hard. Striving for great goals is hard.   Life is Hard.   El Grupo is life prep. If you can believe in the small goal of rocking a cycling goal as a youth, you will believe you can achieve the job… Read more »

24 Hour Riders!

24 Hour riders: We are very excited for this training ride. It will be a ton of fun and VERY important to making the 24 hour race successful for you and your teammates. We are riding to and from the race course. We will leave promptly at 9am Saturday. Be at the clubhouse by 8am to help loading… Read more »

Gear List for 24 Hour Course Recon Trip

2015 24 Hour Cource recon trip Camping Stuff Hygiene Sleeping bag tooth brush sleeping mat tooth paste tent sunscreen headlamp hand towel/washcloth alarm clock/ digital watch Riding Clothes Camping Clothes Team Jersey Toque/ beanie/ winter hat Xtra practice jersey — 2 Base layer x 2 warm jacket arm warmers jeans/ pants leg warmers/ leggings long… Read more »

Week of January 12th

Now the real fun begins. With our endurance now built and ready to go, we can now focus on getting fast.   This week we begin VO2 intervals so that we can ready our engines for the longer intervals to come.   Also all 2 hour racers this weekends trip is super heavily encouraged. I… Read more »