Training plan for the upcoming week

This is a week 3 in a build process. This is a money making week. If we are able to ride proud and train hard through this week we will then have time to rest for TBC, so we can be ready to rock.


This is a tough week, so everyone be prepared to be great.


I will write a reflection and my thoughts about this weekend tomorrow, but I wanted to get this up tonight for our GREAT VOLUNTEER COACHES!!


Tuesday– 4 x 8 LT intervals. Hilly


Wednesday– 3:45 group with TT bikes if you have them to McCains loop

4:30 group. TBC Circuit laps every up hill hard. Anklam and the sprint


Thursday– Two ride options.

MTB at Barrio Trails. Only if you did one set of intervals over the week.

Road Endurance ride most likely TBC circuit laps.


Saturday– Shoot Outs times have changed.

Old Man 6:45 am

Big Boy 7am

C Team 7:15

I encourage all to do extra.


Sunday– Two ride options.


MTB 7:30am start

Road ride to McCains for TT practice 7:30am start


Weekends Information



If you are riding the time trial:


Please be at the clubhouse at 7:30am.


You will leave the clubhouse at 8am and arrive on site at 9am.


This will be give more than 2 hours before your start, which should be enough time to do everything well, with no rushing.


Nick King, Judith and maybe one more parent will be heading up.


I, Ignacio, will do my best tomorrow to pack the trailer, so all you have to do is put your bike and bag in. I will pack water, snacks, and drink mix.


Feel free to bring a sack lunch with you as well.



If you are not racing: 


3 ride options–

Old Man shoot out– 7:15am ride as much as you like.


Big Boy– 7:30am start


C Team– 7:30am start




Juniors and Cat 4 women– Your race start is at 7:30 am so we will have a crazy early morning.


Leave clubhouse at 5am.

Arrive on site at 6am.

Race at 7:30am.


There should be driver to then take you guys home afterwards.


Men cat 1-4 and Women 1-3 


Arrive at 7:30am

Leave the clubhouse at 8am

Arrive on site 9am.



All riders in this field, please be prepared to ride home after the race. Yes ride home. This is a training race for the bigger goals to come. Everyone will ride home or to the clubhouse. Also I will have snacks but bring a lunch so after the race you can eat before the ride home.









My mother used to always tell me that your education is something that nobody can ever take away. She grew up in a different land and time than we have, but her statement rings so true.


In our time, the statement I would make is: your experiences are what nobody can ever take away.


So much of our world now revolves around and emphasizes the material items. We think about what phone we want next, the jeans we want to buy, the car, bike, wheels, derailluers, but at the end of the day you will not remember those items.


You will remember the friends, the moments, the races, the trips, the experiences. These will make you who you are, and will be what you remember.


It’s hard for us to realize this in the moment. So slow down, now or sometime soon, and take it all in.


Just as Ana did this past weekend. On Saturday she had every reason to not ask more of herself. She got dropped on the shoot out. Then she got dropped coming back into town on Mission. I did not see her most of the ride. When did I see her? When I was heading down A mountain after everyone had come up. There she was with Shawn working her butt off coming up the hill.


I was so proud to see her there. Knowing that she was proud enough to continue challenging herself. Watch out folks. It’s that fire that I hope you all have!


Thanks ANA!


Training Plan


Last week, during the week, should have been chill; while over the weekend, we should have stepped it up a bit. We are going to continue with the step up trajectory, and think of this week as a week 2 in a 3 week build.


Yes, we have a race this weekend and maybe 2. However, they are training races. We are looking forward to bigger fish and will use these to hone our skills.


This week we are looking to take the speed we have and make it count for longer hauls.


Tuesday: 4x 8min LT hills


Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30 starts

4x 10 LT flat. If you have a TT bike, and you want to use it, this is the time.


Thursday: 2 options


Go for a road ride or a mountain ride, with your friends or parents. Just go have fun with your bikes whenever you like on your vacation day and do it with a loved one or friend.


Weekend: Much more information to come, as we have races to make arrangements for.




Weekend of February 21st and 22nd

February 21st    Old Man– 7:15am   Big Boy– 7:30am   I encourage all who do this ride to either do the whole ride if you sometimes don’t, and if you do, then choose some extra if you can. Madera or Helmet Peak. If you do Helmet peak please also put in an A Mountain… Read more »


What an incredible weekend. There is so much to say and so many achievements, but most of all what I hope happens after we achieve and reach goals is that we have the courage to look forward to the next and to strive for the next step, or to find the next level of progression…. Read more »

Thursday Practice Cancelled

Thats right. Go home. Get your bags packed. Do all the little things so you can have a great weekend.   This weekend is a big one for us, so I want everyone eager and excited!!

Here we go

Training Plan   All week is about getting and being ready for the weekend.   To do so many of us need different workouts, so I am going to do my best to have different rides each day with different intents.   Wednesday Specials:   3:45 to 4:30pm National Champion Time Trialist Nelson Cronyn will… Read more »

Sunday Update

We are human. We are upright. We are beautifully, uniquely our own Self. We are meant to fail at any given turn for that is how we Rise Higher. Take the time to understand our voluntary athletic suffering and we may be able to contemplate and amplify our Higher spiritual intentions to become better in… Read more »

Delayed Post

I apologize for this very delayed post. Work got the better of me this week.   Most of you should have received the newsletter that Daniela sent, so you should have an idea of what to expect this weekend.   hard work+ good attitude= HAPPY   This week we are trying to take the fitness… Read more »