Final Durango Prep

Thanks everyone for taking the time today to get the trailers packed up. It looks like we shouldn’t have any trouble leaving on time tomorrow.

Please show up early tomorrow so we can leave the clubhouse promptly at 7am. If you don’t already have your bike and/or luggage in a trailer, please show up no later than 6:30.

Take the time tonight to go over your packing list and make sure that you have everything you need for the week. Tents and sleeping bags are especially important for tomorrow night, so please be sure that you have those packed for yourself.

We will be eating lunch on the road tomorrow. Everyone is responsible for packing their own lunch and snacks.

See you tomorrow morning!



Riders in town not going to Durango

To all of the middle school kids who are staying in town. Donovan and Chloe are available and ready to offer you a great week of riding. If you are in town, you should get to as many of these rides as you can, if not all.

For this coming weekend, please plan on doing the C team ride leaving at 6am and a ride leaving at 7am on Sunday  Рboth mountain bikes. In fact, all your rides will be mountain bikes.


You will have morning rides on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all starting at 6am and all approx. 3 hours long.


After Tuesday you can all decide on the weeks plan. I want to give you all, Donovan and Chloe the flexibility to put together a great week that works for all you. There will be weekend rides as well, but I will let you all decide.


Donovan and spoke about the week and he is going to try and mimic what happens riding wise in Durango. Which means awesome, beautiful bike rides that push you to new limits.


So enjoy the week and revel in the good work

Friday AZT

Tomorrow morning, we’ll be driving out to the Gabe Zimmerman trail head of the Arizona Trail to ride mountain bikes. We will be leaving the clubhouse at 5:30 am sharp and arriving at the trail head around 6:00. Come prepared to ride 2-3 hours. We’ll be back at the clubhouse by 10:00 am. If you can, plan on sticking around to clean bikes and give them a final check over before Durango.


Practice Today

Everybody, I’m seeing a 40% chance of rain at 5pm today. Practice is ON, and I expect everyone to be at the clubhouse, especially if you’re coming to Durango. We’ll make the call whether or not to ride up to the short track at 5pm, but please come prepared to ride. If conditions do not… Read more »

From Afar with Love – This week’s plan

With the fury of action before vacation, I forgot to post this weeks schedule.   Richard will be in charge while in town, before Durango, in regards to practice, so at this point please kindly ask him, as he will have the most up to date information.   Schedule   Wednesday Night– Short Track 5pm… Read more »

Sunday MTB for all

Please arrive at 5:45 am ready for a fun day.   I will be there to say bye to you and to give more good instruction as to the weeks to come.

Saturday Reminder

There are a few rides tomorrow so choose wisely:   5:30am Oldest Man Shoot Out. Road ride. If you do this I do expect you ride the whole route. This is about time in the saddle. Its a great ride with great people.   5:45 Old Man shoot out   6am ¬†Shoot Out   6am… Read more »

L’Abitibi Kit Help

I have spoken to some of you about this, but we REALLY need those kits tomorrow as Zaid will be leaving the next day.   Everything will be returned to you and if anything is damaged they will replace in full.   So please if you have a medium or small kit from this year,… Read more »

Friday Fun Day

6am cross training at Mostyns house. Leave the clubhouse at 5:30 if you want to ride.   Cross training will end at approx. 7am so you can then ride over the clubhouse and chill and eat before:   8:30am Mechanics class at the clubhouse with Richard. We have talked about this, but I very much… Read more »