Here we go

I hope everyone enjoyed the rainy day and is able to enjoy a nice day off tomorrow. You all deserve some good down time.


However after this little break we are going to get to the good work. These coming weeks are very important and they only work if you come consistently. I write these training plans with the idea that you all are coming to most practices. If your attendance is poor then the plan does not work. So I challenge everyone to trust themselves to be able to put in the good work.


If you have a Garmin type device and heart rate or power you MUST have it now to truly do good workouts.


If you don’t have this then I have told all of you many times of the past few weeks to ensure that you have a watch. Now is the time to have it. Please know I will be a bit frustrated if you don’t at least have a watch on Tuesday. With out you are flying blind and I want you all to be able to aware of what you are doing.


Training Plan


Tuesday– We will do 2 sets of 4, 2 min VO2 max intervals.


Wednesday– 3:45 MTB VO2 max intervals with trail time

3:45 Valley riders only VO2 max intervals with more ride after

4:30 MTB VO2 max intervals with trail time


Thursday– Crit course fun


Saturday– Valley riders you have a time trail in Picacho then you will go to the road course for Valley to pre-ride the course.


Everyone else we Shoot out or do the C team ride. Start times are 7:15 Old Man and 7:30 C team


Sunday– Valley riders Mt Lemmon

24 Hour racers– Trail ride






This is when you get your kits and we thank everyone who supports us to ride our bikes. There is no excuse to get out of this.




It raining like crazy here at my house with no signs of it letting up. Enjoy a little break and lets be ready to throw down on intervals.

Sunday the 15th of January

I have just returned to town from the mountain bike race with Damiano, and have seen how much water has fallen on Tucson.


To be good trail stewards we cannot ride on them tomorrow.


So I have to cancel tomorrow’s MTB ride.


However there is still a road ride and everyone is welcome.


8am start from the clubhouse heading to Mt Lemmon

Recovery Rides

There was some grumbling last night by some riders that they felt as though they should have been in different groups for the recovery ride.   A recovery ride should be so easy that it does not matter who you are riding with.   What I heard from coaches was that the ride yesterday was… Read more »

This Saturday

This Saturday we have been invited to participate in the Beyond Event. We have done so many years in the past and I really hope to have everyone on hand for this. Especially if you have not been to an outreach event in some time.   The Beyond event is a community event to remember… Read more »

Finally we rest

Congratulations to everyone who for the last 7 weeks has put in the work, gone on the big rides, and stacked them up. Your beautiful efforts will be rewarded. I am incredibly proud of this team and the time and effort you all put in. I hope you all are feeling proud as well.  … Read more »

This weekend

This is the last weekend of our base season.   Either you have put the time and miles in with the appropriate effort or you have not. There is no make up time or extra credit. So lets make this last weekend great and go out strong.   Saturday   Shoot Outs– Old Man 7:15…. Read more »

24 Hour Race Meeting

You will be receiving an email from Elena in regards to this……….   WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The 24 Hour race is the most intense race we do all year. We need massive amounts of help and if we do not get it WE CANNOT DO THE RACE.   We really need all hands… Read more »

Valley of the Sun Riders

I would like to meet with all of you and your parents this coming Tuesday. We are not going to have practice so we can meet at 5pm.   I want to go over training plans, upcoming races, and logistics for the event.   Please have at least one parent join you as there is… Read more »