Cross Work Out

Warm Up

50 jumping jacks


Squats– 20– ten seconds rest

20 — ten seconds rest

20– ten seconds rest


Flutter kick– 100


20 push ups


tippy toe jumps– 30


Do this round of exercises 3 times.


have fun and get tuff

Week of December the 15th

Thank you for a great weekend. To the many of you who road on Saturday. Thank you for believing in yourselves. Yes it took some courage and commend you for

Finals Week.


Yes I know it is finals week and I want all of you to prioritize school. Its a job more important than riding your bikes. Please have school taken care of so that during the break you can have a great time riding your bike a ton.


The break is going to be structured as a training camp. Many youth cyclists around the country at this time leave their cold weather homes and head to warmer places to train. I have had several requests from Juniors around the country to stay with us to train. Fortunately we live in the most perfect climate to train in the winter and I want us to take great advantage of it. We are going to stay in town and put together two amazing weeks.


After the break we will take a rest week so that we can prepare for a great semester at school.


Training plan


Tuesday– Off STUDY. I will post a strength workout tomorrow for you all to do at home, that will take 30 minutes. Do this if you have big dreams.


WednesdayР3:45 and 4:30pm base rides. Its good to exercise during stress full times and when  you have to study. Exercising helps the brain work, we know this. Science.


Remember — Cramming is not a study habit. It does not work. Study every night for real retention. If you cant ride because you have to cram on Wednesday night, you are doing it wrong.


Thursday– Off


Friday– Base ride. Noon start. All should ride.


Saturday– 7:15 Old Man with madera

7:30 Big Boy with madera

7:30 C- Team


Sunday– 8am base ride

8am MTB all 2 Hour racers. Mandatory


What is not a study method?


Please post



Sunday December 14th

Thank you to everyone who came out.


Those that did know why they did it. You have dreams and to make dreams come true to have to train through it all, not just on the pretty days.


Thank you for showing me what kind of team we are and what you all want.


Sunday Morning

Meet at clubhouse at 8am. Prepare bicycles.

Leave the door at 8:30am.


Mountain bike ride and road ride available.



Racing in the rain

Saturday the 13th

Yes I have seen the forecast.   Yes I still plan on having us ride.   Greatness is not created only when things are perfect.   Greatness is not created only with the perfect weather.   Sometimes you have to suffer a little bit. Its good to be miserable, just a little.   I hope… Read more »

Saturday December the 13th

The weather forecast looks scary.   I will make a call at 6:30am on the morning of the 13th.   Please everyone look here for the call.   For now we are a go, unless I say otherwise on the 13th.   If we go everyone please dress smart!!!!!    

Week of December 8th

Thank you everyone for a wonderful afternoon. I very much enjoyed the gathering and I hope everyone else did as well.   We have recently put together some very good weeks and I want to honor those while making sure we are ready to put together an amazing Winter Break.   Winter Break will be… Read more »

Saturday December 6th

Everyone please have proper cold weather gear on. It will be around 45 degrees at the start.   I expect everyone to have gloves, knee warmers, and at least a vest. Please have these items on, especially the knee warmers.   Big Boy and Old Man riders, if you would like to ride up Helmet,… Read more »

It’s Not Always Sexy

Training during the “dreaming” time of year is not always sexy.   Its just hard sometimes. This is the time of year when often you have to put your head down and do the dirty work. It can be cold, you can be tired, your legs might hurt, we might do the same ride.  … Read more »

Sunday November 30th

Plan change.   2 rides   Road ride 8am leave the clubhouse. Mt Lemmon. Meet en route if you like and need.   Mountain bike ride. 8am leave the clubhouse. Fantasy Island.   Any body can choose either ride. Its a choose your own adventure.