Academic Advisory Sessions

Dear riders and parents,

It is time for us to move forward and hold the first of our quarterly Academic Advisory sessions ! Here are how we are dividing the groups and the dates they will be meeting. These are mandatory. The session will be from 430-6PM at the clubhouse

  • 10th and 9th graders will meet on Friday the 26th
  • 6th, 7th and 8th graders will meet Monday the 29th
  • 11th and 12th graders will meet Friday Sept 2nd

What are Academic Advisory sessions? The Academic Advisory sessions are groups of students and coaches who meet quarterly. These sessions serve as the umbrella structure for the academic support we offer, which more broadly includes volunteer tutoring, prep with college applications, PSAT’s, SAT’s etc. They meet to asses where youth are, first and foremost with what classes are they taking? Where have they/are they struggling? How can we help by plugging them into our or other resources? In a nutshell, the Advisory groups oversee progress and make recommendations throughout the school year.

These are meant to be supportive! So riders, please make the effort to be there.



Week #3 the most important

This is what we talked about after the Fantasy Island ride.


If you have put in two great weeks, as many of you have, then now, week 3 is the money maker. If you have stuck to the plan, now we are going to really get the bump in fitness that we have been working so hard for.


Yes, you will be fatigued a bit coming into this week, however you should also be starting to feel strong. Please hang in there this week and trust the plan.


After this week we will have a rest week, where we will focus on skills. Then we will have one week until the first race and we will use it to prime ourselves. Stay focused and excited.


Tuesday– MTB’s at Himmel Park


Wednesday– Endurance Road ride


Thursday– MTB’s at Short track


Saturday– Shoot outs


Sunday– MTB’s



Weekend Fun

Saturday– Old Man 5:45 am sharp

Big Boy 6 am sharp


Also at 4:30 pm I will be leading a skills at the park event for Ride On Cycling. The same kids always come and help on these events, if you are one of them please don’t come. I would really like to see new faces at these outreach events. Please post if you, the new face, might be able to come.


Sunday– Leaving the clubhouse at 7 am sharp. Heading to Fantasy Island. Please come a bit early to help pack up your bike.


Please remember on both rides this weekend you need gloves, sunglasses and a snack.


Lastly I want to see everyone at least 3 times a week. I am very happy to be flexible on those days and will help in any way that I can.

What is necessary

On each and every ride:   You must have:   A spare tube Gloves Glasses A good functioning bike   We have been a bit lax on this of late, however this is changing now.   Please everyone come prepared. Ask for what you might need, and always be ready to leave on time.   Hope… Read more »

Week 2 and the fitness is good

I am very excited with the form that many of you are showing. We are fast right now, our fitness is good, we can pedal.   However we need to be able to carry that speed in the turns and in the dirt. I really want us all to focus on that in the coming… Read more »

MTB Race registration (important clarification)

This is an important clarification about the race registration! when they get to the payment page stop!  If you select pay by check the order goes into your shopping cart and then we don’t have access to it. Sorry that this process is so cumbersome! Thank you for getting it going, and thank you for your patience.

Sunday evening – Team Mtg & Party!

Just in case you have not seen this yet in the insider newsletters… We will be gathering as a team to celebrate those transitioning into alumni, the change of seasons, and the calendar of events ahead. PLEASE PLAN ON ATTENDING: Sunday, August 14th 5pm – 7pm @ Catalina Terrace Pool 2440 E Hedrick Dr (Tucson Blvd & Ft… Read more »

Wonderful parents and the high school league

Parents we are one month away from the first race in Flagstaff.   All information about the series can be found here:   If you plan on attending the races, and we would love it if you can, please look into camping as necessary for you and your family. We have reserved spots for… Read more »