High School League registration

All high school racers, you have been sent an email from the league that is titled:




Registration is due by this Sunday night at Midnight. It is imperative that we sign up.


It is fairly easy, just follow the links and information. Parents please have your health insurance information as you will need it.


When it comes time to pay, click pay with check on event day. This way we can just deliver one check at the race.


I will be in phone contact today, after Friday, please contact Ben Elias, 520-260-8007,  if you have any questions.

Week of August 31st

The races are coming. We all have two weeks to go until we get to pin numbers on and have a go.


I encourage everyone to start to mentally prepare. Take a moment this week, and visualize what you want to do at the races. Watch yourself doing your best and feeling so proud. Know what it looks like before you head out.


The little things really matter as well now. Yes I keep coming back to this, but it is the set of controllables that make a huge difference.


Necessary news:


Tubes. All riders must have an appropriately sized tube with them on all bike rides. To help with this, I have bought tubes that can be purchased. They are $2 a piece. Cash must be paid before receipt of item. No IOS’s. Any coach can help you with this. YOU MAY NOT GRAB ONE WITHOUT ASKING! Patching will still be free. If you go on a ride and do not have a tube, please be prepared to walk back or call a parent. Tubes at bike shops are now between $5-7 so this is a great deal.


High School Jerseys. If you have one from last year, I need to know ASAP. I am counting jerseys and need to know what I have. Please let me know!!!


Power meters, Watches, Garmins. By next week I need everyone to have something. If you do not have any time telling device on your bike, please get yourself a digital watch. They can be purchased at Target for $15-20. They are better than most bicycles computers and are way more useful in life. By next week I expect everyone to have at least a watch. If you have a power meter or Garmin, I do expect that you have it with you on rides. We are going to start interval work and everyone must have something.



Training Plan



High Schoolers

MTB hill climbing skill work. This will not be a hard ride, just skill work.

Middle Schoolers

Time Trial Practice, road bikes



High School — MTB endurance ride again not too hard.

Middle school– Time Trial Practice



MTB hole shot and short race. Not a long race at all. I am looking for us to recover a bit this week, but to be active.




Weekend rides. If you have been making the Saturday ride, and then having trouble making the Sunday ride, please prioritize the Sunday ride this week. I want all High School kids on the MTB’s this coming weekend.


Middle School Youth.

We are going to be in Wilcox for an event.



5:45am old man

6am Big boy

6am C Team



6:30am MTB



Enjoy Labor day and chill.



High School Team Members

High schoolers we are now just 19 days away from the first race in Flagstaff.


Be proud of all the work you have put in, this season, and from seasons prior.


We are in week three of a foundational building block. We should not be too tired, but we have put some work in to build our base. We should be feeling strong, but maybe lacking some punch. We are going to spend one more week working on the endurance engine. Then next week we will throw in some very short hard efforts to awaken our kick.


We have two more weeks to work hard to prepare to enjoy the races the way we are hoping to. I want everyone to be able to have fun.


We have the opportunity to fight for the state title one more time this season, we will need everyone’s help. I look forward to the challenge before all of us.


I challenge all of you in the next 19 days to really focus and prepare. Come to as many practices as possible and take care of the little things.


Training Plan


Tuesday: Road Ride


Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30 mtb ride


Thursday: Hole Shot practice. I very much want great attendance on this day.


Saturday: Old Man 5:45

Big Boy 6 am

C team 6 am


Sunday: MTB rides. 6:30 am start.

Academic hours and Mechanics hours are a go

I am going to be out of town for about a week, but we will still be having regularly scheduled Academic hours on 8/24 from 4-7pm, and Mechanics hours on 8/28 from 4-6pm.  Please come ready to respect the folks that will be leading these two sessions for you. Here’s an old timey dude and… Read more »

Sunday August 23rd MTB rides

All Girls in High School– Madison’s birthday is tomorrow and she has asked to go on a special ride out at Fantasy Island with you. So all High School girls meet at the clubhouse at 6am and you will drive out to the Island.   All Boys lets meet at 6:30am. I will have the… Read more »

What is most important

I just got this message via Facebook and I am certain she is talking about Ana! How wonderful! Hi! My name is Samantha! I am a fairly competitive junior cyclist, and have raced at nationals a few times and have done other races in the states. At road nationals this year in California, I met… Read more »

Week of August the 17th

Thank you everyone for coming and enjoying the party.   It is always a joy to have everyone together.   We are now less than 30 days away from our first high school race. The time to truly engage with your training is now. Do not wait for the first race to pass you by… Read more »