A few more details before departure!

Team, we are counting down the hours to departure! Middle schoolers today, high schoolers tomorrow.

All of you please be sure to bring warm clothes! It will be colder than flagstaff, 40’s at night and low 70’s during the day.

High Schoolers if you need warm cycling items for the course pre-ride, then be at the club house early tomorrow. If you did not get a chance to finish cleaning and loading your bike, then be at the clubhouse early tomorrow. If you have not checked to make sure all your camp items are still in the trailer, then be at the clubhouse early tomorrow (broken record I know)

Departure time is 8:30AM sharp. I will be there at 7:30AM for all your early bird needs.

Lets do this!

All Racers this weekend

Middle School Students


We are leaving at 4pm on Friday. Please bring a good snack with you for the 3 hour car ride. I don’t want anyone sitting around super hungry in the car. It wont be fun. So please pack a good snack. Also parents if you wanted to send your kids with extra fruit and healthy snacks that would be just fine.


High School Students


We will be leaving at 8:30am on Saturday. Please make sure that your sleeping bag and mat are in the trailer before Thursday’s practice. Also bring a good snack with you in the cars, and parents feel free to supply extra healthy snacks.



The Little Things, why Tyler is going to worlds

I really am a broken record about this, I know. However it really makes such a huge difference.


Get your homework done.

Pack Early, remember your El Grupo Kit for the Saturday pre-ride, bring a sweatshirt, it will be fun chilly

Get to bed early as much as you can

Stay hydrated all week.

Eat well all week.


They really do add up and that is why Tyler is going to represent the USA at the World Championships. I have never know another young person who was so mindful of the little things. He never left a controllable to chance, and for many a year his teammates snickered as he did. Well we are all cheering and laughing in sheer joy now. Tyler is going to the biggest bike race that a junior can possibly go to. Well done Tyler!!


Doha worlds: Phinney, Guarnier headline U.S. team


This coming weekend we are again at elevation so be super mindful about hydration.


After your race remember to get a good post race drink and drink it while you cool down for 15 min. This will make such a good difference a day or two later.


I hope you are all getting excited.

Important Race Information

For all new and returning race participants. If you are doing multiple races it is really important that you keep your number plate. You can leave it on your bike or take it off and store it safely to put back on when we go to race. You will use the same number for each… Read more »

Race weekend #2 is before us

Prescott here we come.   After our amazing performance at the first race, I hope we are all very excited to do our bests this coming weekend.   Last weekend we had an amazing number of individual podiums, but we also came in 3rd and 4th overall as teams. We are so very close as… Read more »

Race #2 weekend flow chart

Dear parents and riders, Please read the following carefully, we have crafted a flow chart for the upcoming race weekend in Prescott. The flow of events will be a bit different than in years past, this is because of a limit in camp space. The camp site will only accommodate El Grupo youth, coaches and… Read more »

Weekend of September 17th and 18th

September 17th   Old Man Shoot Out– Starts now at 6:15am Big Boy– 6:30am   Starting again this weekend we have a C team ride. This is for all Grupo kids who do not do the Shoot Out and have a road bike. Please let us know if you can come out as we have… Read more »

Headcount Race # 2 in Prescott

Dear riders and parents, I need to know who will NOT be going to the race – both High school and Middle School – in Prescott. The deadline is this Friday. That way we can get registration done on time this week and this will also help us plan out food and transportation ahead of time. Thank you to those of you… Read more »

That was fun Race #1

It feels good to back at the races with all of you. Thank you for the beautiful efforts, trusting yourself to be your very best is fun. Fun is believing in yourself and doing your best. Thank you to all the racers at the event this weekend. You all did great.   There are only… Read more »