Whiskey Recap

There are moments that we each have in our lives when we do something special that gives us more insight  into who we might be.  Its these moments that help us create our dreams and show us how to achieve them.


The Whiskey 50 is that kind of event for the youth of El Grupo. It is as hard a bike ride/ race that you can enter, and it makes all finishers at some point question themselves. And it is that moment of question that is so critical in the life path of all youth. For if you are able to persevere and over come the doubt, you finish as a different person.


That is why we race the 50 and not the 35. We go big to learn big.


It could be questioned that some kids should have done a shorter distance, that it was too hard for some, that I was asking too much. And of course I listen to those concerns and worry about them incessantly. As all I want is for the youth to be able to conquer the question and rise up.


Well through rain, sleet, and hail, we all finished. We came across that finish line. Some like Collin Kisiel came in 5th in the Junior field, followed closely by Juanny in 6th, Dillon in 7th and Rogan in 8th. Jack, Quinn and Unai all finished as well and know more about themselves now.


The ladies in the race showed amazing class and strength as well. Chloe brought home the victory in the 50 mile event over coming huge obstacles to get to this race. She crashed out of the 24 Hour race hard this year on her first lap and was off the bike for a month. Most would not have questioned her if she did not ever want to mountain bike again. However she got back on and then rode the hardest race she could find. That is true bravery.


Ripley 8 hours into the event and in the driving rain found the finish line as well. Ripley who was forced off the bike for almost 2 years because of crash came back and finished. Her smile and enthusiasm when she crossed the line was sheer beauty. I was most worried about her being out there in the cold, and rain alone at 8 hours. I so wanted for her to battle the question and come out on top, but of course I too worried if I had asked too much. So when the clock kept ticking I kept worrying ever more. Shawn waited in the rain at the finish line as I waited under a tent. Ripley some how got lost en route to the finish and actually missed the finish line but she found Shawn.


Once she found Shawn and gave hugs, they went over to the timing table, told them what happened, and asked if she could cross the line and get a time. They of course said yes, yet when she went to cross the line she rode down the street more than a block, so that she could get a full sprint across the line. Not only did she answer the question, she smashed it. I am so very proud that we as a team were able to give her the spirit to persevere in this way.


This is the spirit I hope we as team are able to instill in every youth that comes through our program.




Gila Note

Cat 4 Racers: Tuesday practice. Go out for an hour of endurance with some openers. Make sure you and your bike are ready. A coach will be there for 4:30 pm.


Also I have the 12-28 cassettes available, so please ask if you want one.

Gila rides, this week and more

  Gila Riders: Inserting a gear list to the blog is a pain in the butt. However: Bring a sleeping bag and pillow and all  necessary homework. Four days of clothes, toiletries and a good hat. Everything needs to fit in one bag and a back pack. Please don’t be the person who bring 3… Read more »

The big ones before us

A lot going on so please read close so you have all the information you need.   Whiskey Riders: I hope that you are able to plan and get all your school work in order so that you can leave Thursday after school. Morgan and Lynn will be driving up with team vans. There will… Read more »

Sunday Lemmon

8am leave time from the clubhouse. Please be on time.   If you were supposed to go on the MTB ride today and where unable to, or did not, please be on the ride tomorrow.   That is all. Coaches will have the days work out.   Enjoy  

News and notes for the weekend

Duncan Riders: Please remember a sweatshirt or jacket. It will be colder at night than you think. Also bring at least 3 kits and have a good hat. You will need applicable camping supplies as well. So don’t forget a pillow.   Why is everyone not going to Duncan?   I struggled over this one…. Read more »

Week of April 19th

What a crazy time of year, after all that happened this weekend we have three more weekend of travel fun before us.   This weekend we heading out to Duncan Arizona for some racing. We are going to leave Friday after school at approx. 3:30 if we can. I will have much more detailed information… Read more »

Hopkins Sunday Information

Here we go:   Whiskey riders: Dillon, Collin, Rogan, Izaac, Jack, Unai, Ripley, Quinn, Izzie   Please be ready to leave the clubhouse tomorrow at 6am super sharp. Shawn is driving you all down and wants to impress the idea of punctuality on you all. So please be ready to leave the clubhouse at 6am… Read more »