Practice Schedule for week of May the 25th

Thank you everyone for a fantastic Luna Lake Trip.


I could write a ton about positive self discoveries that I believe many a youth made, or about the tenacity that so many of you showed. However I won’t, because they are your stories now. They are for you to tell. These are hopefully the memories that carry with you for a life time. Thank you to all who joined for allowing me to join in the adventure.


Practice this week:


Juniors under 14 attending Nationals:

Wednesday: 4:30pm recovery ride led by Nelson. All other practices for the week will be discussed then.


All Riders not attending Nationals:

Wednesday: Mountain Bike Ride 4:30- 6:30pm.


Riders attending Nationals race age 15 and over.

Wednesday: 7am start. Meet at clubhouse. I have training options for all but want to hear about where you are, physically after the weekend.




Thursday practice will be determined by how we all feel after tomorrow as I want this weekend to be great. So I want to assess where we are after tomorrow.






The first summer mechanics course will be Monday June 1st

Fix your Bike

Our first course will be Monday June 1st from 4-7pm.  Ian and I will be giving an overview of the tools involved in working on most bicycles, and how to use them.  We will likely have time to cover some other topics like brake and shifting adjustment as well.  Please if you plan on attending the other mechanics sessions this summer, I would really like for you to be at this session.  While most folks think they know how to use tools, you’d be surprised by the subtle and sometimes counter intuitive nature of proper tool use.  What I’m trying to say is don’t be cocky, come learn something :)

Now the Mechanics Mayhem begins!!!

Bicycle diagram

Now that school is out it’s time to have some fun! Who’s interested in doing mechanics classes on Mondays from 4-7pm?  If Mondays don’t work let me know what days and times do work.  Also let me know what classes you would like to take.  Comment away!

Youth, tents and cars

I would like for all youth that can to join us in the vans that will leave the clubhouse at noon.   All youth will be sharing and using tents that El Grupo has. We always share tents.   EL Grupo has many, many sleeping mats so that should not be a problem.    

Luna Lake – Details on Leaving, Gear, Please Read!

El Grupo vans will be leaving as close to 12pm on Friday as possible. Please arrive earlier if you can to pack up the vans/trailers. Please COMMENT if you will be riding in the vans.   Also, we will need to coordinate with other drivers going. Please COMMENT if you are driving separately, what time… Read more »

School Concerns

I want to take a second to address the very real concerns that Cara brought up in regards to school and me counting this week towards over all attendance.   First off this should not be news to anyone. Since we had perfect attendance at the team meeting you all knew this was the case… Read more »

Let the fun Resume

I know this is finals week, and I want everyone to finish school strong.   I am keeping that in mind with this practice schedule and timing.   And yes I am beginning to take attendance this week for High School MTB season.   Yes I would love to have great attendance this week, so… Read more »

Sunday mtb ride

All those not going to Nationals there is a mountain bike ride on sunday. Starting at 6:30 from the clubhouse and heading to Sweetwater. I hope Shawn, Veronique and Chuck have a lot of company.

Elation     This is worth a watch.   When you go all in, in your training, in your preparation, in your goals, and you achieve them: Elation is the emotion.   And this young man is the benefactor of commitment.   Beautiful

Nationals Build Up begins

Since its a build up, we are going to ease into it.   I want us emotionally ready for Nationals more than anything. If we are head strong and excited our legs will follow.   We have been off the bike for 9-10 days now and we all should hopefully be excited to return.  … Read more »