Kathleen posted more great photos, this time from the Carmichael Training Systems event on saturday! See the photos on Facebook here or on Esens Photography here.

2 Responses to “CTS Photos”

  1. daniela

    Thanks everyone for a great day. We had our best swap meet ever and most, more than 50%, of the profits, $1,300, came from the baked goods. Very well done. Thank you to all the parents that stayed up with their young riders and baked. It was of course very worth it.

    Also thank you to the kids that came with me to CTS. You all were very impressive as ambassadors for this team. Thanks

    One last thanks to all the parents that are coming out and participating with the team and their kids. We as a team have never had such huge parent participation and I am really enjoying it. THANK YOU!!


  2. Jade

    So, I said this on the facebook page, but I will say it here too….
    Good job everyone, i loved the pics!!! Lookin good