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Congratulations, El Grupo! So very proud of each one of you!

4 Responses to “El Tour pics!”

  1. daniela

    These are amazing photos, as usual, Kathleen. You truly capture the emotion of El Grupo in your photos. We are so fortunate to have you involved. THANKS!

  2. Jade

    Yes, a second thanks for all the pics. Im sure my parents in CO thank you also!!!!

  3. kathleendreier

    I hope the images capture not only the heart and memories of our riders, but the hearts of the community at large…so they “see” what El Grupo is and in turn, support and embrace our organization. Every rider has a story…I’m lucky to witness pieces of many individual rider’s life by being your photographer.

  4. kathleendreier

    Everyone…please be sure to also check out the potluck images and the ones from Rahsaan Bahati’s talk. Scroll down on the blog to see the links.