On it’s way.

Most important though is the huge thanks to everyone that made it such a special day. Kathleen thanks for the great sag stop. Cathy thanks for getting the bikes out there in the morning. Thanks to all the parents that rode with their kids, making a memorable experience for all. To all the coaches that make  such a thing possible.

Thank you everyone for believing in this team and helping it become some thing special.

Full ride recap after my family hike.

2 Responses to “El Tour Recap”

  1. Christian

    Marcos is on the front and back cover of the El Tour section of the Daily Star today (Sunday). Looking good dude!

    Special shoutout to Julia too. Not only did she start out coaching the 40-milers, she adopted 9-year-old Dillon along the way who was riding the 67-mile route by himself! Way to go Julia! You’re one rad chick!

  2. kathleendreier

    Yes, Julia, you are indeed our El Grupo hero of the day!
    Congrats to all of the riders and families.
    What an accomplishment on many, many levels!