November 11th Thursday we all have a chance to finish our El Tour work trade. Years ago we set up a program so that El Grupo riders could work their way into the event. This is still true today, but we all need to do 10 hours before the event to get in.
So this Thursday I will meet you all at the Clubhouse at 9am. From there we will ride, in normal clothes, the offices at Broadway and Tucson.
We will work from 10am til 5pm, and then ride home.
I will buy lunch and bring music for the day.
I know this is a long day but hopefully our last day.
Most of you have already put in 3 hours from the running event earlier in the year, so this will make 10.
Also please bring a pair of needle nose pliers.


5 Responses to “El Tour Work Trade”

  1. Lizzy

    Sounds good. Thanks for setting this up, this is a great opportunity and I’m glad we have it.

  2. Marcos

    I’m not going to be out of town like I said. I’ll be there on thursday.

  3. kathleendreier

    I’m bringing Logan and Daniel to the PBAA at 9am to set up and get ready for the rest.