Thursday: No Mr. Bahati, but we will meet at the clubhouse and go get El Tour packets as originally planned.

We are waiting to hear back if Mr. Bahati will be available to meet with us on Friday, before dinner. His plans changed and he will not be in town yet on Thursday. If all goes well, we will meet with him on Friday at 4pm  at the clubhouse and then need some help with parents to shuttle us all to the dinner at Stone Curves at 5pm. We will let you know more when we know more. Sorry.

Friday Dinner: El Grupo will take care of grilled chicken and pesto pasta as the main dish for all. We do need folks to contribute with other food, though. Please comment with what you will be bringing. We are anticipating that there will be somewhere around 60 people at our dinner! Please consider bringing some food to share and/or contributing $5-10 to help cover costs.

Specifically, we could use 4-5 salads or veggie dishes; 3-4 healthy appetizers; lots of garlic bread, and some desserts. Cathy Franklin will be bringing lemonade. Please let me know what you will be bringing so we can count on you. Thanks!

Each team will meet after dinner to discuss specific plans for the morning and we will call  it an early night because Saturday is a big day for us all!

12 Responses to “Important Updates – this week”

  1. kathleendreier

    Additionally, it would be really great if a few of you have the time to bring along some healthy snacks for the El Tour. I will be a support vehicle for Group A. I could gather them Friday night and have them for the 3 different stops Group A will do on Saturday. Apples, bananas, homemade/healthy energy bars…thanks!

    If anyone has any questions about how to get to the Common House where we live on Friday, please call me at 245-6711. Logan and I live at Stone Curves Co-Housing located at the Southwest corner of Stone and Limberlost. There is a parking lot on the south side of Limberlost and the west side of Stone. You may park in any of the uncovered parking spaces.

    We will have cups for lemonade but be sure to bring your water bottle to drink out of….the dishwasher is not working in the kitchen so we are using disposable dishes. Using your own water bottle will help save the number of cups we need.

    Our friends Eric and Amy are creating another YouTube video of El Grupo. They will be joining us for dinner and doing a little bit of filming of our big pre-race gathering.

    Thanks a bunch. We are so excited to see you on Friday!!!

  2. Julia


    I have taken care of my El Tour fees. The caveat is that I must be present at the El Tour expo on Friday from 5 to some undetermined time to help Barbara with data entry. I’m sorry and if I really, really need to be there I can try and arrange something with her.


  3. TucsonVelo

    Irene and I will bring, pumpkin bread pudding, a few loaves of garlic bread and some fruit for the support vehicle.

  4. tylers mom aka rane

    We will bring a veggie tray appetizer, fruit and a dessert.

    🙂 Rane

  5. Jade

    I will be getting back into town around 4:30 or 4:45. Susan or Kurt will drop me off. For the food, cornbread.

  6. Jade

    Ignacio, My “parents” want me to tell you that they will be late (5:30) because they have to pick up my cousins from school.

  7. Lizzy

    Ignacio, will you bring the trays from the Bike Swap to Stone Curves, please? Thank you.