First thing: Shoot Out Saturday morning the 5th. 6:15am start, be here on time or no show. Breakfast after of course, you know if you should go.

Silver Bell Info: Everyone  meet at River and Craycroft at 6:45am. Please be on time. There is only one shopping center at this intersection.

Questions: Does anybody need to get in the clubhouse before the event to get there bikes? If you need to is there a possibility that this could happen on Sunday morning and some one could drive Jade and her bike to the start?

We are going to have 3 teams out riding. The same teams and groups that will be riding in El Tour. You know where you go. The teams will ride different distances on Sunday. 30, 67, and 83 respectively.  This is a trial run for El Tour. We always roll as a group and team. We are as fast as our weakest link. A team we are, as unit we roll.

After the ride all riders, family members, and loved ones are invited to the Franklins house to partake in eating and hanging. They live just down the street and will let everyone know how to get to the house.

I presume that the 30 mile group will take around 3 hours to do the ride. This is total time, stops and all.

67 around 4 and a half hours. Total time.

83 around 5 and a half hours. Total time.

These are guestamations. I don’t know how long your stops will be, if you get flats, if, but, what. This is a trial run yes, but also please take the time to enjoy the day and what GABA has to offer.

Also remember GABA is a great sponsor of ours so be extra polite, kind, and courteous.

3 Responses to “Silver Bell Century Info”

  1. Cathy

    Mark will bring directions to our house with him Sunday morning 🙂

  2. Cathy

    so who if anyone is spending the night at our house tonight (Saturday)?