Some will and can ride up there if they like. Richard and Carrie will be leading the ride to the start leaving the clubhouse at 6am.

I will be at the clubhouse at 6am ready to take any one that needs a ride. C team riders should get a ride with me, B team riders can, and A’s please don’t you can ride.

I may need help bringing people up there so if anyone wants to meet me with a car at 6am with possibility of driving others that would be fine.

The ride is going to end at Nathan’s house. I propose everyone bring a bag and change of clothes to hang out at the house so we can all play some WOW.

I want to leave the clubhouse at 6:15am. No later. The ride starts at 7am and I want to be there at 6:45am no later. I know this is super early, but that is part of what we do. This is the dress rehearsal so please be on time and ready.

Thanks , Ignacio

2 Responses to “Silverbell Century Final Post”

  1. ashbatch

    I will be there at 6, with a vehicle to take riders, but cannot take bikes.