Bicycle Swap Meet Saturday November, 13th

This is a very fun event that is often one of the biggest fundraisers for the team. Annually we have a few bikes to sell, some t-shirts, jerseys, and BAKED GOODS.

The event starts at 8am officially, however I will be out at 5am to set up. I will get our area set up, with tables, chairs, and bikes. I will need little help at this crazy hour. Really the meat of where we need help is between 8am and 12 noon. If I could have 3 people per hour helping that would be great. 2 for valet and 1 to help me with the merchandise. I will need to leave there no later than 12 to get to CTS (see below) with a few of you, so we need the most help from 11:30 – 2pm to raise some money and gather our stuff at the end.

If you can not make it or would rather bake, I need as many baked goods as possible. Well of course not as crazy possible, but I have had some good luck in the past selling them and it seems to go over well, so let’s try it again. Single serving items like cookies and brownies are easy to sell, but really anything you are comfortable contributing is just great.  We have been able to raise over $1000 at a swap meet before, which goes a long way with El Grupo, so this is indeed very important!

Carmichael Training Systems

One of our sponsors is having a grand opening on Saturday afternoon. What I need is 3 volunteers for demonstrations. I need two for LT/VO2max tests and one for Bike fit.  I will need parental signatures if they are minors.  These 3 could also volunteer to race on the computrainers at the end of the day if they wish. The race will be a 3 mile race led by 2009 US National Criterium Champion John Murphy.

Volunteers will need to be veteran riders and will need to help from the hours of 12 to 4pm. You will need your cycling clothes, a good head on your shoulders, and a lot of smiles. You will be doing some computer testing stuff, bike fit demos, and the like. I also will be at this event the whole time. Long day. If you would like to do this then your participation at the Swap meet will be less and not that early, I would imagine. Also at CTS you will need full riding gear and road racing bike.

Please everyone let’s have a big responding session to figure out our hours and thanks again for all your fantastic support and work today. I do apologize if this feels at all last minute. This is a crazy time of year and I am just trying to keep up with it, so thanks all for the help!


10 Responses to “Swap Meet and CTS”

  1. kathleendreier

    this is logan. ill be at the bike swap between 6 and 7. Im sorta in the middle of figuring out whether or not ill be able to make it to the cts thing but ill let YOU know when I know.

  2. kathleendreier

    Ah….we have a message in to Liz Sparks. I (kathleen) will call her today.

  3. kathleendreier

    LOL….just got an email from Liz. No problemo.

    Logan will CTS with you…sounds like a blast!

  4. Jade

    I can help from 10-2. I am also bringing baked goods, do I need to drop those off earlier? Please let me know, thanks!

  5. tylers mom aka rane

    Tyler and I will be there by 8am with baked goods but we can be there earlier if you need help setting up. He’ll stay as long as you need him. What area of 4th?

  6. Lizzy

    Okay, so I will be at the Swap meet at 7, or 7:30. I should bring my cycling gear and road bike for the CTS?

  7. daniela

    Yes Lizzy bring and have your road bike and cycling gear for CTS

    Jade come at 10am with a restock of your goodies. that is fine.