We will be teaming up with GABA for their annual “Toys for Tots” ride to the Reid Park Zoo this Saturday, December 4th. El Grupo will be providing bike valet parking for all those who ride to the zoo with a toy to donate so that they too can enjoy the zoo.

Please meet at the clubhouse at 8am to ride to the zoo. We will be managing the bike parking, but also give everyone a chance to go inside the zoo to play, too. After 11am, folks can leave when they need to, but we will need help until all the bikes are gone and then the rest of us can ride back to the clubhouse together.

Since we will all be meeting at the clubhouse and riding to the zoo to set up the bike valet, I figure why not bring along a new toy, unwrapped, if you can.

This is one of the great opportunities we have to give back to the community that supports us so much so I hope and expect that you can participate and have some fun doing it too. We will have some snacks to keep us occupied, and feel free to bring more. Also, please be sure to dress warmly – it is a short ride to the zoo so no need for cycling clothes. Please wear warm street clothes.

7 Responses to “Toys for Tots – Saturday”

  1. daniela

    Oh, and you will get a ride in later that day. You will notice on the calendar that we have practice at O2 on Saturday at 4pm-5pm. El Grupo youth and coaches are invited to the spin class for free (as part of their sponsorship of El Grupo) and other friends and parents are welcome to join the class and support O2 by paying the $8 class fee. What a deal!

  2. kathleendreier

    I shall bring Logan and D-son on Saturday morning to the club house. Logan and I have to leave right around 11am or so to help Liz at the Ropes Course. Her event goes til 4-430pm…Logan is the belay dude and I’m the photographer…I think we will miss the spin class unfortunately due to the time conflict. I am sorry.
    Kathleen and Logan

  3. Lizzy

    Donovan and I can go straight to the zoo because we live so conveniently close.

  4. Marcos

    I can’t make it to the Zoo in the morning because I’m taking the SAT that day. I should be out in time to make it to the spin class though.

  5. kathleendreier

    Hey Ignacio,
    I will call you later.
    Liz just emailed me last night…her event is from 9-1 instead of in the afternoon.
    We can both make it to the spinning… horray!
    Need to talk to you about Logan and what he will do in the morning….

  6. moze

    yeah ok right sure ok right sure sure yeah right sure.
    ill need my mountain bike so i can put it on my dads car and we can meet you.