It is coming. The 4th Ave Street Fair will be bringing in thousands and thousands of people for holiday shopping…and we only hope that a few of them decide to ride their bikes instead of looking for parking. That is because El Grupo will be providing FREE bike valet parking for all three days out at the fair. The event runs from 10am-6pm Friday Dec. 10th thru Sunday, Dec. 12th.

I will need EACH OF YOU RIDERS to sign up for at least 2 hours during the three days so that we can cover all the time. These can be together or separate. Keep in mind that you could help out after school on Friday if you live nearby, OR you could PLAN AHEAD and stay after practice on Saturday or Sunday. This is a “fairly” easy gig, as we take in, watch over, and return bicycles to their owners so they can enjoy the fair. You will get a chance to enjoy it as well. We are set up next to the Main Stage with live music all weekend on the east side of 4th Ave on 7th St, just blocks from the clubhouse.

PLEASE COMMENT with the times you want. First come, first served 🙂

14 Responses to “4th Ave Street Fair – Bike Valet”

  1. donovan

    Emily and I will be there at nine on Saturday morning until eleven.

  2. daniela

    Great. I take it Tyler meant Saturday? We are looking good for Sat. and Friday. Now I need folks to plan on helping out Sunday after practice. Thanks!

  3. jenndalho

    This is Jenn, Sam asked me to let you know that he will come over after school id dismissed tomorrow.
    And on Saturday he is free until he has to leave for a birthday party at 1pm; so he could do whatever kind of morning shift you are in need of.
    Sunday Sammy is free all day, so I am certain he would be happy to do the time when he is most needed.

  4. Julia

    I have the last round of finals on Friday evening and Monday so I will not be available to help. Sorry!

  5. kira

    btw: If anyone is there Saturday at 2:00, Go check out Mose’s dad,Mike, playing Cuban music at the Winsett stage.

  6. coolcow7

    and i will be there all day friday playing steel drum music


    PS. i will also be there for a large part of the day saturday for ben’s bells so i can pull a shift at some point that i’m not to busy then

  7. Lizzy

    I can be there on Sunday after practice. I can just shower at the Clubhouse and head over there shortly after practice is over. I can stay as long as I need to.

  8. Jade

    Daniela, 2 things:
    1. Saturday spinning works for me if it still works for you.
    2. I think you said 11:00 for bike valet on Sunday, but i just want to make sure. Is that right??????? Thank you!

  9. daniela

    Yes, Jade. I will check on the class tomorrow am to see if I can get you in and let you know. 11am on Sunday would be great. Thanks!