2011 is around the corner and another exciting year for EL Grupo is on tap.  I am very excited to get rolling with it, but before we do I want to try and thank everyone that made this last year so exciting and great.

First the Riders: All of you are the life force that make this team work and move. Without you there is no team, no group of exceptional young people that work together, encourage each other, cry, sleep, eat, train with each other. I am amazed often at how fortunate this team is to have such a fantastic collection of young riders. Thank you all. — you know who you are.


Hunter: You found this team as a group of young people who road bikes fast and made us into cyclists. Your skills training made us ligit racers and riders and we can’t thank you enough. Your words and acknowledgement of the greatness of this team have had helped me dream even bigger.

Colin: With one L. You have returned to this team with more energy than the first time and have often done a lot of the “dirty” work. You make this blog work, the web site function, the B team fly, and ride a rigid fork and make it look good. We are lucky to have you. Thank You.

Richard: Well as you can all see of late, you have been super stepping up. You as well have come and gone and the come back means a lot to me. It tells me that you believe in the progress of the team and want to see it grow and move forward. Thank you and soon enough I hope to have to present your USA cycling mechanics card to confirm that we as a team have one on board.

Alex S.: You are an original. You know this team from it’s orgins and roots. You know me and Daniela from the beginning and have always believed in us. I can’t be prouder of you as a young man and we have really enjoyed watching you grow up. I am exited to continue to be your friend and look forward to the years to come.

Christian: You are always there. Have always been there. You are always ready to do behind the scenes dirty work, but some how always make it look good. I really value our friendship and the time we have spent together with this team and also look forward to years to come with you.

Kate: I hope to have more of you because you are great.

It was scary

El Grupo Parents:

Kathleen: You are one of the hardest working persons I have ever met in my life. Your dedication to the team and your son is infectious and your support is like a brick wall behind my back. I could not fall over if I tried. I hope Logan never graduates High school and is around for many years. We are amazingly fortunate to have your support.

Mark and Cathy: First you help build a trailor for the team, then lend us your car at every turn, then you join us on every camping trip and make everything work, you then go and take in a rider who needs a home. I want to thank you for all your support and encouragement of this team. I also want to thank you for all the times you have helped talk me through situations and ordeals with a cool head and strong logic.

Jim, Rane, Miguel, Micheal, : I have enjoyed having you all on bike rides and I have seen the El Grupo bug infecting you all. I hope you all catch it bad.

Gene, Mary Beth, Jennifer, Sams Dad (Ha), Kira: All of your kids hardly ever miss practice which tells me you are all commited. Thank you.

El Grupo Super Supporters:

Mike McKisson: We made you cry which makes us all believe. Thanks and hope to be seeing you quite a bit more.

Ralph Philips, Bruce, Steve, Dave Tang, Milenkovitch,

All our Sponsors of 2010:

Carmicheal Training Systems, GABA, Erik Ryberg, Technicians for Sustainability, Cafe Zope, Fairwheel Bike Shop, Zuckerman Community Foundation. Of course without you non of this would have happen. Thank you!!!!

The Most Important People:

My Wife and Best Friend: Daniela- I am the most fortunate man in the world. You not only let me spend all my free time working on this team you jump right in and help.  You are the Director of this team because you do the most dirty work and let me play. If there is any one reason that this team is what it is, it is because you never called me crazy, pushed me, and made sure that my dream came true. I am truly living out my dream right now and I have you to thank —Number one. I love you.

Damiano: My number 1.1 all you do is bring me smiles.

If I missed anybody I am sorry. There are so many people that make this team tick. And really that’s what I hope it to be. I want this to be a living breathing community organization that Tucson is proud of and knows of. Every time we ride as a team and I hear a random person yell El Grupo it re-ignites me. I want everyone in town to know how great these kids are and to cheer us at every turn.

I can’t be prouder of everyone and am so excited for next year.


Yes this is all real, and so are your dreams

3 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. kathleendreier

    Well, ok then, THAT made me cry.
    Love, love, LOVE El Grupo!!!!
    Let’s rock and roll it in 2011!
    Happy New Year every one!

  2. Cathy

    Couldn’t have said it better than Kathleen, thanks Ignacio and Daniela, we love you guys!

    The Franklins

    (our camping/mtb trip started in the sun and ended in the snow and muck!) Extra thanks to Richard who brought us lights and joined us on a night ride at 24hr town (b-4 the snow started falling).

  3. SamHodges

    Thanks coach! But what about Nippy. He’s been a giant help to me. If it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t last on the team at all.