Thanks team for a great weekend. If my wife, best friend, and son are not going to be in town then this is a great way to spend it. On my bike with my friends.


Saturday Morning Shoot Out

D-Son and Lizzy made it to the bridge for the first  time ever. They made it with ease as well during the hardest time of the year. A huge accomplishment that should be noted. Both of them realized too that they can make the rest of the ride. Amazing. Also after Lizzy made the bridge she let a scream of joy that I have been replaying in my head the last two days. It was sheer joy being let loose wildly. SO FUN! Newgan made the bridge as well for only the second time.Thanks Colin for being there for them and getting everyone home safe. You make the B team FLY. We are very lucky  to have you.

Donovan, Logan, Nathan, Marcos, Myself and Richard were also on the ride and for the first time ever rode most of the way up Madera Canyon on a Saturday morning. It turned into a 4 hour 80 mile extravaganza.

We then all met at the house and ate most everything I had. Two dozen eggs, two dozen tortillas 3 cans of refried beens, but alas no hot sauce. Sorry Logan. Richard even made extra pancakes for us.

Sunday recap:

24 Hour Course

For the first time this year we as a team previewed the course. Everyone who came was able to ride a complete lap, and we almost had perfect attendance. I want to especially thank Mike and Miguel for coming out and working with some of the newest riders on the team. We are going to have a great time this year and I hope we worked out the butterflies this  weekend and can spend the next two months just getting pumped for a super fun adventure.

Night laps are fun