This past week was one of the hardest weeks of training that I have ever asked the riders to go through before. I want to say that I am quite proud of the work put in by all the riders. We had two days of VO2 max efforts, a points race, the shoot out, then a spin class, and to finish it off a mountain bike ride on Sunday. Well done team!! Don’t think it’s going to get much easier though, as the great Greg Lemond once said, “It never gets easier, you just go faster.” I am going to have to get faster to keep up with this team.

Also I want to make a few shout outs to some riders:

Logan and Nathan made it to the sprint hill on the Big Boy ride with Alex and myself for the first time ever. The shoot out is never harder than at this time of the year, so for us to make it was a big deal. Many a rider came to tell me how impressed with the youth they were. Well done!

D-Son for the first time ever, and with no help, made it all the way around on the Old Man ride. Not bad for a first year rider.

Lizzy and Colin for the first time ever went all the way around and on the way back we never went below 23 miles an hour. And that’s for over 15 miles.

Donovan and Richard— Donovan made it to the bridge with the big boys. YEAH MAN. And Richard put together a fantastic day of coaching getting Donovan, all the way around, and pulling us home. He also took Lizzy for a few minutes of fun.

Well done TEAM!

Minus the cheesy intro this is a good video

4 Responses to “Hardest Week Ever in History”

  1. Jade

    Cool video. I thought that the shootout was just an el grupo thing, hahaha.
    GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. erikj

    Hi all,

    I am the old fat guy who hung on the back of the group from Sahuarita all the way into Tucson. I hadn’t ridden the Shootout since September last year and this was the first long ride I had done in several months. I blew up a ways before the bridge on the way out and basically limped my way to Duvall Mine Road where I managed to recover enough to ride a decent tempo on Nogales Hwy for the trip home.

    Two of your team members and some other guy (who later got shelled on a surge) passed me, so I got on the back. We were doing about 23 or so and then the rest of your group caught us. The pace picked up and was 25+ for most of the way back into Tucson with a number of long 28-30 mph stretches.

    I have to say how impressed I am by your team. Whoever was yelling the coaching was really positive (Colin?) and everyone was motivated. The pace was really smooth with no accordion motion. I was especially impressed by the young lady who did a number of good pulls (I think it was her pull on a slight rise that blew that guy off the back), and the 14 year old young man I spoke with briefly. It is clear that you have a great team.

    This was the most fun I have had cycling since I raced in the mid-90s. I hope I have a chance to ride with you all again.



  3. daniela

    Very cool to hear, Erik. That would be Ignacio, the head coach, you heard out there, no doubt. And yes, we do have an impressive group of young adults, both on and off the bicycle. We too hope you get a chance to ride with us again.