Hey Team,

I am off to Florida tomorrow morning. I have only known about this for the last two days, but I have not said anything. I am going to take care of my mother as she goes through an operation for her breast cancer. As far as we know the doctors have caught it very early and they are feeling very confident that this surgery is going to be all that is needed. We are all praying that, that is the case. Of course you don’t know till you get in there. She enters surgery tomorrow and will have to spend one day at the hospital. We will then be able to bring her home and I will be there with her until Saturday morning. So I will be back at practice Sunday morning.

Riders please make life easy on all the coaches. Please be on time, respectful and ready to go. I know you all will be anyways and almost always are but just wanted to say it.

5 Responses to “I’ll be back”

  1. kathleendreier

    Safe journeys, Ignacio. Our prayers and thoughts for your mom……

  2. Tyler

    I won’t be at practice today because of my homework. Good luck to you and your mom.