Next Thursday, January 27th, at 6:15pm we will have a MANDATORY rider & parent/guardian meeting at the clubhouse following practice.

We have an awesome list of events coming up this spring that we need to review, plan for and get excited about. We will also have LOTS of paperwork that will need filled out (bring a pen!) so that we can get our 2011 season rolling. This is why it will be very important for all riders AND parents to be present, if possible, to get this all accomplished at once.

El Grupo continues to grow each day, and get more exciting. We are re-instating these regular, monthly team meetings so we can communicate clearly and move forward together. We EXPECT and look forward to your attendance.

Please call Daniela with questions 777-8629. Thanks!

4 Responses to “Mandatory Rider & Parent Mtg!!”

  1. Jade

    Some questions…
    Can 3 kids come (my cousins)? How long will it last?
    My aunt will be out of town so my uncle would be the one to come. They are just wondering if they need to get a babysitter.

  2. daniela

    Of course, Jade, and any others for that matter. This is a FAMILY meeting, so expect to play with Damiano too!