Friday– Donovan, Ashley and myself are leaving to New York City. We have been sent by BICAS to present at the Youth Bike Summit taking place in Brooklyn. We will be presenting on how Donovan and Ashley came to be youth bike advocates here in our dear city. We will be posting everyday to tell you about what is going on. More information about the summit can be found here.

Saturday– Fairwheel Morning Ride

B- Team will do the Old Man event. Colin is your coach and leader. Newgan, D-Son, Lizzy you are  all expected at my house at no later than 7:10 ready to rock. Have fun and try and get past the bridge. Also Gu’s and sugar drink are in the closet at my house. Please, please fill at least one bottle with sugar and take two GU’s.

A-Team— You will be going out for the first time on the Big Boy ride. I know all of you can make this ride as long as you use your head first then your legs. Richard and Alex will be out coaching and Logan, Marcos, and Nathan are the expected riders. The ride leaves at 7:30am so again be ready and get sugar drink and GU’s.

Sunday MTB Day

Where: Sweetwater

When: Meet at Clubhouse 8am

Why: Because it’s FUN


There are two options

A–We go on a long hike.

B– We go on a long road ride.

I will do what ever the most postings by riders tell me to do.

Thanks and we will be in touch


Hurray they come home Monday

10 Responses to “MLK Weekend”

  1. kathleendreier

    Wow! Congratulations Ignacio, Donovan and Ashley! Show’em what yer made of? When to ya’ll come back? Very happy for you!!! Way to represent!

  2. Jade

    Hurray they come home on Monday!!!!!
    Hurray my mom comes tomorrow morning!!!!!
    Hurray… possibly AMAZING news!!!! Susan sent me a me a message regarding my internship. I am REALLY excited and need to share with someone other than family…
    “Your already doing an amazing job. Lot’s to report to you on Tuesday but this could lead to a paying job over the summer if you are willing to stay in Tucson.”

  3. kathleendreier

    It’s obvious that we are probably going to do a long ride since i am the only one who is voting for a hike so far. BUT, i do think that a hike would be fun.

  4. moze

    i will not be there because i’m sick 🙁
    congratulations jade! %^&%%) bet ya never seen that smiley before!