The Hermosillo trip is quickly approaching and I would like for all of you to have the option to come. This trip happens over Rodeo break. This year it is the 24th-27th of February. We go down to Hermosillo and stay at the Olympic training center. We stay at the center, sleep their in the dorms and eat at the cafeteria. To go though you must have a passport or a passport card. I have all the necessary paper work so please ask if you need it. As well the team can help with purchasing it if you and your family need.  I need this to be completed by no later than Monday the 17th. We need to move on this.

Also to go mountain  biking this weekend I will need to see your Fall semester report cards. Everyone. Report cards please. Riding bikes is number 3 in your lives at the most. Family and school are 1-2.




Hermosillo Track

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  1. tylers mom aka rane

    Tyler is still sick as a dog, but grades are good 🙂 We are out of town over Rodeo, dragging Tyler kicking and screaming because he’d rather hang out with El Grupo. We love you guys!