2008 Podium

This Sunday we are going up to the 24 hour course for the first time this season. Some of you are of course very familiar with the course while others of you have never been out there. I have confidence that everyone on this team can go out there on Sunday and ride a lap . I really hope that everyone comes as I think doing this will give us all a lot of confidence for the event. (Sabina you are so welcome to come and I highly encourage you. I think that you will have a great time, and your team would be very excited to see you. )

Meeting at clubhouse: 7:30am. I recommend bringing a bag with a change of clothes, so you are warm in the morning on the ride up, and then you can change into something comfortable and dry for the ride home. A backpack with a change of warm clothes, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Leaving approx. 8:00am

Trail head approx. 9am.

Home approx. 2pm.

It will be fun for sure!!!

4 Responses to “Sunday Play Time”

  1. kira

    We are planning to bring the whole family: 4 people, 4 bikes.
    We can meet you at Willow Springs. IF transportation is needed for Groupo riders, we can take two vehicles and meet you at the club house.
    The caviat of all of this is that Ellis has a little cold today. I’m sure he’ll be better by tomorrow but..one never knows…

  2. coolcow7

    i don’t think i’m gonna make it, i hurt my hip at the short track today. the good news is my new pedals work great