This weekend the A team will be heading north to Phoenix to participate in the biggest stage race that El Grupo  has ever raced in. Please encourage them as you see them this week and let them all know that we believe in them, and we have great confidence that they are going to have a great time. Lizzy, Donovan, Marcos, Nathan, Logan, Alex and Richard will all be racing and Daniela, myself, Kathleen and Damiano will be there for support.

I have heard that potentially Tyler and Dad, Jim, might head up to Phoenix on Sunday to watch the Crit race.  If some of you are interested in going maybe some one should ask them if you can go.

For those of you staying in town. You all have your first every 24 hour MTB race to be getting excited about. I really hope that our next two weeks of practice are great and that attendance is exceptional. Right now we need time on our bikes to get very comfortable on them. And we need camaraderie so we are a team and well oiled machine when we get to race  day. This is my favorite event of the year and I want you all to enjoy it as much as I do!

Yes there will be MTB practice this weekend and I hope you are all there.

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