For all who are staying in town and focusing on getting ready for the 24 Hour race. I apologize that I was unable to get things together for night riding this weekend. Something about not being in town makes it all way harder.

However I hope that Newgan and D-son have a great time on the Old Man Shoot Out with Colin on Saturday morning. I hope that you guys make it all the way around and enjoy the day. You two are the two that have reached the bridge in the fastest time of any other riders I have coached.

Then D-son bug Mark to take you Mountain biking if you can and then invite Newgan.

Sabina call Mose and get out on a ride with him and Mike and then see if you can get Skywalker to go. He needs to put cables and housing on his MTB and get a new rear wheel. Skywalker go to BICAS on saturday and ask Colin to help you go to the clubhouse and then get that done please.

Sam call David and try and get on a MTB ride. Maybe try and meet up with Mike and the gang. You will have to get with  Colin on Saturday to get your bikes.

Ben and Keenan go out on a ride and do as you did on wednesday. If you guys can keep up that intensity and have some good attendance you are guys are going to fly.

Jade get to a spin class if you can.

Tyler you have plans.

What’s the point of all this? I wish I was here in town for the last weekend before the big MTB race and I just want to make sure you guys get one last good ride in. I will be posting updates. So stay tuned and have a great weekend.

4 Responses to “February 12th and 13th”

  1. mosespapa

    Hey folks–I’m planning on a dusk-into-night ride with Sabina on Saturday, most likely out at Sweetwater Preserve. We’ll clip in near 5:30pm, the sun goes down a wee bit after 6, darkness falls completely around 6:45, we finish around 7:30.
    (In case you’re wondering, Mose has an unavoidable social function to attend; bonus is that Beena will be able to use his bike light).
    If you can rustle up a light, you should join us! There’s nothing quite like night-riding on a mtn bike, and it’s a good idea to do it now, BEFORE you try to do it at the race course!
    I’ve got room for 2 more riders and bikes in the van, so come on!
    My phone #388-0016

  2. Tyler

    I will not be at practice tomorrow because my dad and I are going up to Phoenix to watch the A’s go FAST!

  3. tylers mom aka rane

    Tyler, Jim, Bobby and I are going to night ride out at FI tonight if anyone wants to join us. Most likely 6:30-7:00ish. Call if you want to meet us and we’ll figure out a more definite time. Rane – 971-2729