As if we hadn’t done enough already in February…We will be leaving this coming Thursday, Feb 24th for our annual trip to the Olympic Training Center in Hermosillo, Mexico. Below you will find when we meet, what to bring, and some answers for those questions that parents most likely have. Let’s start with that.

You will meet at 7:30am at OUR HOUSE on Thursday morning with duffel bag, road bicycle (we can get it from the clubhouse), and your passport. We are asking that each rider brings $50 – $100 to off-set costs for the weekend. PLEASE let us know if you need help with this – it should NOT be a deterrent.

I will have paperwork FOR PARENTS to sign that gives us formal permission to travel with you in Mexico as a group. I will also have this available at practice on Wednesday afternoon to be reviewed and signed.

Here is our plan and why we have confidence that this trip is a good thing:

  1. We will all travel/caravan in 2 vehicles: a rented 15 passenger van with proper insurance and Mark Franklin’s personal vehicle.
  2. We drive to Hermosillo via the “toll road” bypass around Nogales, meaning we NEVER actually stop in Nogales, but rather make the 5 hour drive to Hermosillo.
  3. Hermosillo is the capital of the state of Sonora and has not been greatly affected by the violence that has plagued other cities in Mexico.
  4. We stay in the “gated community” of the Olympic Training Center there with other youth athletes from around the region.
  5. We eat in the cafeteria with them, sleep in the dormitory rooms where all athletes sleep, and train on the grounds – all of which is carefully monitored by armed guards. In fact, we have had to submit the names of those making this trip ahead of time that they will then check with identification when we arrive.
  6. We will ride bikes in and around the velodrome on “campus”, get to swim in the olympic-size pool, and get to engage with other Mexican youth cyclists and athletes throughout our time there.
  7. On Saturday, we will leave campus to drive 1 hour to the sleepy beach town of Bahia Kino. We will sit on the beach, eat fish tacos and drive back to campus BEFORE DARK.
  8. Sunday morning, those who wish to will participate in a friendly local bike race out on a closed mining road – all riders will be driven to/from the start.
  9. We then pack up and drive back to make it back across the border into Arizona BEFORE DARK.
  10. This will be the 4th time that El Grupo (Ignacio and I) takes youth riders down to experience this. We have always had a fantastic time and taken great care to ensure that everyone returns safely.
  11. We cannot make any promises that nothing will go wrong (that would be foolish), but we can promise our due diligence in providing a very fun and safe weekend.

Now, on to what you need to bring:

Gear List
Riding Gear Camp gear
Quantity Item Quantity item
3 Riding shorts 0 tent
2 or 3 Team jersey 0 sleeping bag
0 Long finger gloves 0 sleeping mat
1 short finger gloves 0 eating bowl
0 Camel Pak 0 eating utensil
2 Spare tube 0 thermal mug
1 helmet 0 head lamp
0 mtb zero Nothing electronic
1 road bike Cards OK
0 pump
1 Riding shoes Hygiene
1 arm warmers you always need
0 thermal base layer these things
1 riding vest small towel Tooth brush
1 multi tool sunscreen tooth paste
1 patch kit shampoo soap
2 water bottles
0 extra jersey Race/ Event Info
Start time of event
Camp Clothes leave Thursday Feb. 24th early am
web site of event
Quantity Item
0 toque projected leaving the clubhouse time and date
1 sunies- sunglasses 2/24/2011 7:30am meet my house
2 pants projected getting home from event time and date
2 shorts 2/27/1011 early evening
1 warm jacket/ sweatshirt Other drivers going and their phone #’s
0 wind breaker/ rain coat Mark Franklin 520-444-7030
1 walking shoe
5 socks Weather Forcast
0 wool sock hi low
1 or 2 Team t-shirt thurs 78 48
2 to 3 short sleeve shirt fri 86 49
1 or 2 long sleeve shirt sat 83 49
1 swim suit sun 73 44
Remember everything MUST fit into a normal size duffel bag!
Also your clothes must be in good shape. No ripped clothes Respectful dress is a must.

PLEASE let us know of any questions you have. I will be available after practice Wednesday to answer them or feel free to call me.

Compared to last weekend, this trip is a breeze and should be a great cultural experience, as well as a unique training opportunity. Get ready for some beans and tortillas!

9 Responses to “Mexico trip – Thursday!”

  1. kathleendreier

    You are going to have such a fantastic time, El Grupo! It is an opportunity of a lifetime!

    I urge every parent of a rider who is going down to get the travel form Daniela gives you notorized TODAY…that is critical as will give your child permission to travel Daniela/Ignacio or the Franklins.

  2. Cathy

    From the Franklin’s, Nathan, Daniel and Emily will be going (and Mark with the Honda Pilot and bike trailer- with the yellow Schwinn!)

    I have 8 seats (so 4 open if we need to fill em all)


  3. nathan

    Where’s the awesome picture where we’re all on the top edge of the velodrome?

  4. travis

    Yeah guys! Hope you all have a blast.

    What’s the story for practice for those of us not heading to Mexico?

  5. Colin

    Travis there will be practice on sunday. I will post about it tomorrow or friday.