Great weekend again everyone. I want to say one more time how proud I am of this team. You all make my efforts with you come back 100%.

This coming week: Another building week in our training. Our next big team goal is the Tucson Bicycle Classic stage race held on the 18th of March to the 20th. It is a three stage race with a time trial on day 1 Friday, a Road race on day 2 Saturday , and a circuit race on day 3 Sunday. This is the 25 annual event and more info can be found at . I really want us as a team to show up big at this race and really show any out of towners that we here in town have a fast group of Juniors. I have a long term goal of one year winning every Junior division possible.

So to get ready for this:

Tuesday: Recovery Ride. We are all tired from this weekend and need to get our legs moving again for a hard week.

Wednesday: Points Race. No joke beat up on your friends fun time racing.

Thursday: 36th Repeats. 1 minute long efforts.

Saturday: Shoot Out– just to the Mission. A good group ride opener for the racing team of this weekend.

Sunday: Team group ride McCains loop twice.

Some of you ie Logan, Lizzy, Donovan, Nathan, Tyler, D-Son, Newgan, and David will be racing on Sunday at the Tumacacori road race. The hardest one day race in Arizona. More info to come on this. However all and any race info can be found at

See you soon!

Day 1 Time Trial start

One of my favorite pics of all time. Max and Logan winning the Circuit race of the TBC off the front


But first we race the hills of Tumacacori

8 Responses to “The Race season is On”

  1. kathleendreier

    Good morning….so El Grupo is not doing the crit this Wednesday?

  2. daniela

    Logistics. Without the van it just makes everything harder. To do the crit we are going to need 2 extra vehicles. Let’s try and make it happen, but that was my hesitation.

  3. kathleendreier

    Ok…..I can help….3 bikes and riders if we move forward on this.

  4. mark

    What time would we need to leave the clubhouse? ( I think Juniors are at 6pm wed and Cat 3/4 at 7pm)

    We may be able to use the Pilot (seats driver+7).

    444 – 7o3o

  5. tylers mom aka rane

    I can drive and Jim could also drive if need be. I can take 3 bikes and 4 riders, Jim can take more in his Suburban, just let us know. 🙂 Rane

  6. jenndalho

    I’ve decided to do want to do Tumacacori if its not to late to sign me up. I hope its not.