Ok so it sounds like there is some energy to get out there. Here is what would need to happen though to make this work:

Leave the clubhouse at 4:15pm. It takes about on hour in traffic to get out there. Plus we have to pack the bikes up on the tailor and cars then unload.

Get to the course at 5:15pm. This gives us time to sign up and warm up.

Race all juniors at 6pm for 20 minutes.

Then wait until 7pm for the next race.

Race for half hour.

Pack up cars bikes and the like we leave at after 8pm.

Get back to clubhouse at 8:45pm.

Riders return home after 9pm.

Does this sound about right?

Is this totally worth it to you riders—please respond?

Or do we get just as good a work out with our 1 and half hour ride/ race?– this question again proposed to the riders?

You guys tell me.

The race course

Race results from last week can be found here:


7 Responses to “Wednesday night crit”

  1. Tyler

    It doesn’t seem worth it to me. All of that packing up and driving and stuff for a short ace like that? I think we just should do the points race.

  2. jenndalho

    Well if C team is doing it it sounds like fun. I had a lot of fun at the U of A Crit. Crits seem really fun, so I’m up for it.

  3. Cathy

    Nathan and Daniel want to do the CRIT. Emily is undecided…