We are in countdown mode for the big 24 Hour Event this coming weekend. The one question that you may have can be answered here, so please read below. Also, we NEED you to comment if you still need something (sleeping bag, tent, etc).

Team Pic 24 hour race 2009

We have food under control, for the most part. If you committed to me (Daniela) verbally to making something, I am counting on it. Please make it! If you have questions about quantity, plan on 40 people (give or take) at our camp.

Who goes when? This is what I have as far as riders go for Thursday: Logan, Tyler, Mose, Donovan, Marcos, Nathan, Sam, David, Daniel (who MUST bring his Spanish homework with him!), Sabina, Skywalker, Keenan (?)

And for Friday: Lizzy, Newgan (?) and Jade, Ben (?) Those going on Friday will need to connect with Marcos’ mother, Lucy Esparza, for a ride. This will be in the afterschool/work hours, and I can personally confirm that with you.

If you don’t see yourself or if I got something wrong, then you should comment to let us know. There are several parents, coaches and team captains going up on both days, plus Saturday morning, so if you are not riding but wanting to join us to help out and have some fun, then let us know.

VERY IMPORTANT: Everyone MUST bring $5 each and 2 cans of food. This event benefits local charities, the Food Bank, being one of them, and it is not too much to ask. We will make sure that each car has the appropriate # of cans before leaving so DON’T bury them too deep in your bag!!!

What do we still need? Here is where the Water & Wood begins to make sense! Yes, we need to have a total of 80 gallons of water and 30 bundles of wood at our campsite alone! If every car going takes as much water as possible, and a few bundles of wood, we should be okay. We certainly don’t want to run out of either, so the more the merrier.

What do you need to bring? Homework. There will be PLENTY OF TIME to do homework at our campsite when you are not riding, sleeping or eating (which is mostly what we do!)

Below is the gear list, AGAIN. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY  to check over it carefully, making sure you bring proper gear and clothing, and LET US KNOW if you need anything.  We need everyone’s help in taking care of themselves and some to pull this event off – and then we can enjoy the ride and hang out time at 24 Hour Town for a few days.

PLEASE COMMENT with any corrections, needs or clarifications. And while you are at it, will you be going to Mexico the following weekend with us?! Oh boy!

2011 24 Hour Race Gear List
Camping Stuff Hygiene
Sleeping bag tooth brush
sleeping mat tooth paste
tent sunscreen
headlamp hand towel/washcloth
alarm clock/ digital watch
Riding Clothes Camping Clothes
Team Jersey x 2 Toque/ beanie/ winter hat
Xtra practice jersey
Base layer x 2 warm jacket
arm warmers jeans/ pants
leg warmers/ leggings long undies
vest/ riding jacket 2 long sleeve shirts
long finger gloves 6 socks- wool if you got em
3 riding shorts bandana
sunglasses – optional rain coat
riding hat- optional Sweatshirt
Eating Stuffs Racing Stuff
to be carried in pack
insulated mug at the start of each lap
utensil 2 tubes
patch kit
cell phone
tire levers
You must have everything on this list accounted for before you leave for the race. Coaches and
some of the other parents have extra gear so please ask for it, if you do not have something.
It tends to be very cold at night so please bring appropriate clothes. There is a chance of rain.
Pack intelligently.
All of this stuff must fit into one normal size duffel bag. It should. If it doesn’t, look at your
chosen stuff and I bet you can down size some. Of course I am not including your tent and
sleeping bag/mat in the duffel bag.
Be smart about your gear selection and ASK FOR HELP if needed.

10 Responses to “Wood & Water for 24hrs & more”

  1. kathleendreier

    (Kathleen) Can’t wait!!! Hey, do you need another above ground fire pit….we have one here at Stone Curves and I bet I could bring it if you want…please let me know!

  2. mark

    Kathleen: Im going to the site Thrusday about 11ish to bring some big items (like the artsy cactus at Bikus and some water)
    If the fire pit is big; i can bring it in the trailer then… let me know.

    (to quote Nathan: “Woo; Mountain Biking!”

    Mark Franklin (444=7030)

  3. tylers mom aka rane

    Bobby and I are planning on getting there early Friday morning. We’ll bring corn bread, banana bread and at least 35 gallons of water. We have 7 gallon containers and will fill and bring. We’ll also bring 3 camping tables and some lanterns. Do you need another camp stove?? Jim is going to bring some firewood and the two 10 x 10 pop up tents.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help out.


  4. daniela

    Fire pit is taken care of. I have one.

    No need for an extra camp stove. I have two two burner Coleman ones, a five gallon tank of propane, and over 10 small green canisters of gas.

  5. benjamin

    i can come on Thursday with Keenan. since I’m not actually racing, will i be at all riding (so i can know if i should bring a helmet or clothes)

  6. daniela

    Ben, YES please bring gear as if you will be riding. For one, because you can and will ride with us on Friday for a practice lap. And then, you need to know that you are #1 backup rider, just in case.

  7. Jade

    The only stuff I need are the bedding items. No, im not going to Mexico (Daniela and i talked).

  8. Leila

    Chris and I will be up on Friday w/wood, water, cookies, brownies, and blueberry muffins. If you think of something else, have Keenan or Ben text us!