This week:

Wednesday: The B and C teams will be staying in town and doing the point race. By doing this we get an hour and half of hard, lactate threshold, training in. While still getting home at a normal time.

The A team, Logan, Donovan and Nathan will be the only ones going to the crit race because they will be able to ride 2 races. Thus accumulating 50 minutes of racing. The junior race is only 20 minutes long and I do not think that making a four hour affair for 20 minutes of racing is worth it for the whole team.

Crit racing

Tumacacori Racers:

Start times Sunday :

Cat 4- 7:ooam

Juniors– 7:15am

Let’s plan on meeting and leaving my house at 5am. Please lets prepare our bikes on Thursday after practice for the race. Sleep and eat very well this is a very hard race.

Racers: David, Sam, Lizzy, Donovan, Nathan, Logan, Daniel, Tyler and Newgan

Alex and Max racing at Tumacacori Cat 4 2010

Also this weekend is a health fair at the El Rio Community center that is just west of Grande on Speedway. I am going to be putting on a bike safety obstacle course for the kids there. If you are not racing on Sunday and can come out and help me with I would really like that. It is from 10-noon. Please come if you can .

Health fair 2009 (Julia)

4 Responses to “Coach’s Desicion”

  1. Jade

    this crit decision makes more sense. as far as i know, i can come help on sunday. also, at some point i would like to talk to you about something i have been thinking about doing with O2. thanks!!!!!!

  2. Jade

    Thanks Daniela! Saturday 10-12 @ El Rio Community Center, I will be there.

  3. Cathy

    hey this is Emily
    I plan to be there on Saturday helping with the bike safety fair. What do I need to bring? my bike (and helmet)?