As many of you know (or now do), Daniela is the Event Coordinator for Cyclovia Tucson again this year, which will be March 27th – this coming Sunday – from 10am to 3pm. It is a huge community event that El Grupo should and will have a presence at out doing outreach. There are a few options for helping out, but the idea is that EVERYONE helps out a little bit. The event will also be pretty darn cool with over 5 miles of car-free streets to cruise and check out activities for all ages, so don’t miss it.

First, I will have postcards, posters, and (if you want them) lawn signs at practice tomorrow for you all to take to your schools, hand out to friends, family members, etc to encourage to come out to enjoy Cyclovia.

Second, if anyone has some extra time on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday, I will need help delivering some materials to residences and placing them on cars along the route (reminding folks not to park on the route). Please let me know if you can help with this.

Third, El Grupo will be leading a Kids Bicycle Obstacle Course and Free Helmet Giveaway at Santa Rosa Park during Cyclovia from 10am – 12. Ignacio will have all Pima County materials and bikes out there, but would like for 5 volunteers for setup at 9:30am. Those folks can remain until 11am, at which time another 5 should help for the second hour and breakdown.

Fourth, I need 5 volunteers to help with earlier morning tasks from 7:30am – 10am. You will be personally assisting me and the other Cyclovia “staff” to do things such as hang up banners, move barricades, set up tables/chairs, distribute materials, taste test food vendors (maybe?!), and lots of riding along the route to get this all done. I need those of you who will come raring to ride your bike fast and stop a lot to get things done and then ride fast again, as a lot needs to happen in that time to make sure Cyclovia is all set up. You will earn a Cyclovia volunteer t-shirt, too!

Finally, I want ALL OF YOU to come out to enjoy Cyclovia AND bring someone who does not ride a bicycle as often as you do to join you. For example, maybe a parent, sibling, neighbor, friend, classmate, etc could really benefit from getting to ride a bike down a street with lots of other people enjoying bikes (and walking, rolling, skating) simply because they don’t have to worry about cars for the day.

Oh, and wear your El Grupo tshirts (or ASK for one if you don’t have one yet!)

Let me know if you have questions – and if you are so inclined to go beyond the suggestions I have above for helping, you could also sign up to volunteer at an intersection for the event, as well (but more suggested for adults than youth.)


And last but not least: there will be a TEAM MEETING next Wednesday, March 30th AFTER PRACTICE (6pm) for riders and parents. We need to check in on several things, such as upcoming outreach events, bike races, bike tours, etc. There will be food, too. This is MANDATORY!

15 Responses to “Cyclovia Help – Sunday!”

  1. ben


    i might not be able to attend tomorrows practice because of my homework, etc. if i come with Keenan to the clubhouse tomorrow i will be in attendance. sorry about that.


  2. daniela

    No worries Ben. At best El Grupo is #3 in your life. School and family must come first and second. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. kathleendreier

    Hey..this is Kathleen…I can help set up on Sunday morning as you need me and Logan can help on Friday as he’s off school.

  4. Cathy

    The Franklin girls need to do an earlier shift Sunday morning, like from 8:30am to 11:30am. Emily would like to do the early shift on the Bicycle Obstacle Course if it is available, otherwise she is up for anything. Cherish would like to do something where she and I can ride bikes together.
    Thank you,
    Cathy, Emily & Cherish

  5. Lizzy

    I can be there whenever, but if I’m doing Mt. Lemmon I’ll be there after we get back into town.

  6. ben

    i can come anytime but preferably in the early morning because i MIGHT have something to do later that day.

  7. tylers mom aka rane

    Daniela, I can help on Sunday, willing to do anything, just let me know where you have holes in your volunteer schedule and whether I should bring my bike. Rane PS: Tyler will be with Jim that morning but I assume that he will get in touch with you to let you know he can help as well.

  8. Jade

    I can be there around 10:00 to do whatever is needed/wanted. I can also stay for a while and do multiple shifts. I looked at the map and saw the bike obstacle course is close to Santa Rosa Park. Is that where El Grupo is also? I am just wondering which area I go to.

  9. jenndalho

    I would like to take the 11 o clock shift because I was gonna sleepover at my friends house tonight. Also my parents were wondering if they could rent one of the bikes that we may sell or we don’t use for the day so my brother will ride because his bike doesn’t fit him anymore.

  10. jenndalho

    it’s jenn now
    i want to do what you need me to
    i am free
    dal is tied up spinning tunes and being a radio personality on kxci
    just say what shifts or jobs you need of me
    i will do my best to help!
    i love the Cyclovia!

  11. Skywalker

    Hey guys, i am planning on arriving around 7:30. It was the free t-shirt deal that won me over. I will probably stay for a while because i have no plans for the day as of now, although this is subject to change.

  12. Jade

    I forgot to mention earlier that the meeting on wed, my uncle can come but my aunt cant. she teaches then. this also means that my 3 cousins also need to come. is that ok?