What a great start to the weekend.

I was lucky enough to ride the big boy shoot out today with Donovan, Nathan, Logan, Richard, and Alex. It was huge 200 deep. People from all over the country. All brushing off the rust from the winter and getting into racing shape. It was crazy pro’s, cat 1’s and 2’s all over and amazing women. We all rode spectacular Nathan and Logan even riding the whole way with the main group. Alex and I found the 2nd group and Donovan not far back at all with Richard. Of course this was not enough for us though. We have Gila on our mind and so we did an extra loop with some dirt road riding in Green Valley. The total  86 miles. Average speed 20.7 miles an hour. Crazy good fast ride. Thanks Boys.

Note: Logan has figured it out, and this is the warning to the world. SUGAR!!!!!

Also a huge shout out to Daniel-Son and Lizzy. They rode the ride mostly by themselves working together the whole time. Daniel- Son made it to the bridge and Lizzy just about. She mentioned this was one of the first times that she on her own was really able to give it a real go without a coach around. A big step.

Then to finish it off Daniela was able to attend the O2 spin class with a big crew. Tyler, Mark, Jim, Emily, Allen, and Sam. She came back spent and said the kids worked hard.

A great start.

When I was faster than Logan

TBC Circuit Race