For those of you who want one (and this really should be all of you), we have been granted a 20% discount on getting a RoadID bracelet for your personal use. This is a personalized identification bracelet with 7 lines of pertinent info: who you are, emergency contact info, any allergies, etc. Donovan, Lizzy, Tyler and Richard all have these already. It is a SMART thing to have.

Kira, Mose’s mother, has arranged for this discount and has the code you can enter to get the discount. Please email her at: kiradoula “at”

And if this it not convincing enough, or you still have questions, ask your teammates or go to the RoadID website.

8 Responses to “RoadID’s available at discount!”

  1. Jade

    i would like to talk to Kira, but my e-mail is not working. what should i do?

  2. Jade

    also, did you and ignacio get the check for the van from my grandma (cindi scott)? she is wondering. thanks!

  3. Lizzy

    For those of you who do not have RoadID’s, it’s a really great thing to get. Having all that info on your arm is a lot more convenient than having to dig through your saddle bag looking for a piece of paper(which you should all have by the way) to make sure you’re not allergic to anything. It’s a great thing, all of you guys should get one!

  4. ben

    should i get a wrist one or does it matter if i get neck tags or ankle bracelet…which one do you think is better.

  5. daniela

    The bracelet one seems to be the most affordable one, but get one that you will use – that is the point. Jade, I can give you the code if you call me or Ignacio. And yes, we got the check from your grandma, and the thank you is in the mail!

  6. kira

    We will be out of town the next few days 3/7 – 3/9. I can respond to emails Wednesday night.

  7. Jade

    I got my code but I have some questions. Do I just order it online and do delivery? Who do I include as emergency contact info other than kathie, or is she good enough? I looked and saw what they reccommend people say, is there anything you would reccommend? Also, I am going on my school trip tues-thurs, so wont be at practice. Thanks!