Here we go. The biggest local race of the year. The most important in town bike race we have. I am very excited about our team’s chances this year to show up in a big way at the end of the race. I think we have a chance to put a rider on the podium of every category we are entered in. More than that though I am confident that we are all going to go out and have FUN as a TEAM!

The Orignal El Grupo team

There is a bunch of information that I need to get out, so please read this carefully.

Friday: Time Trial in McCains Loop

This is just on the other side of the Tucson Mountains and parking is at Old Tucson Studios. If you want to watch the start then you need to bring a bike to make things easy and fun.

First rider goes off at 1:30pm. I want to be out there at Noon. So we should meet at the clubhouse at 11am. So at the Clubhouse at 11am on Friday. Yes this means you need to get out of school and get all your work handed in and school things taken care of.  I can take most of the bikes out there with my car and trailer however any parent that can come and transport kids that will be very needed. We should be home by 5pm ish.

El Grupo Next Generation

The TT Ramp

Saturday: Road Race in Green Valley

13-14 start 7:15am

15-16 start 7:10am

17-18 start 9am

Cat4 women 7:05am

Cat 3 men 9:20am

We as a team with the younger riders should be in Green Valley at 6:15am. So we should leave town at 5;30am. If I can have all the bikes at the clubhouse that would make my life easy in the morning to pack up all the bikes on the trailer.

I would like to make arrangements with one parent to get the later group to the start at 8am. This way the older and cat riders do not have to wake up early for no reason.

Younger riders you can stay and cheer on your teammates if you like or you can go home if you are tired and have a ride. I will be staying and supporting the team all morning.

17-18 Boys TBC Race 2010

Sunday Fun Day: Circuit Race  by Pima CC West

Start times:

Jr 17-18 8:46
Jr 15-16 8:49
Jr 13-14 8:50

Cat 4 women 6:47am

Cat 3 men 10:25

This is the “come one come all” to watch race. It is fun and fast. I would like  to leave with the team from the clubhouse at 7:30am. That way we warm up riding to the start line. We will then stay all day to watch the races and to stand on the podium. We would like for parents to help out by being there to cheer, and bring food to share (fruit, healthy snacks, sandwiches, etc) while we all hang out to await awards. Maybe we all chip in for some eegee’s sandwiches?

Cat 4 Circuit Race 2010

Circuit race 2010 13-14 Girls

A lot more info can be found at

I imagine that there are going to be questions so please post and ask. Also I know many of you have been working with Daniela to figure out how we are volunteering and I very much thank you all for the help.

3 Responses to “TBC Info”

  1. daniela

    Click on the first photo of “original” team to see Alex Strickland pre-muscle definition. Daniela was way faster than him at one point 🙂

  2. tylers mom aka rane

    I’ll be at the clubhouse at 11 and have room for 4 kids and can take 3 bikes on my car if needed. I’ll bring a bunch of sandwiches/fruit for all. Rane