Congratulations and Thank you’s are first.

Thank you to all the parents who support and encourage their kids and supply them with the love they need to compete as hard as they do. Thank you to all the parents who came out and volunteered at the event, then stuck around and fed and cheered on the team. Thank you for all your support and belief in this team.

Thank you to all the coaches and super volunteers. Christian, Nippy, Brian, Colin this team would absolutely not tick without you. You are all essential pieces to the puzzle that allows this team to work. THANK YOU!

Congratulations to all the riders. Never have we had so many enter this event and never have we been so successful.

I could run down the list and give a roll call of all our first, seconds, and thirds. But you all know that has never been the greatest motivation of this team. Now don’t get me wrong,  I am immensely proud of some of the results that we posted this weekend, however my pride is no different for the first place as it is for the first timer.

The stories that make me happiest are stories that are years in the making. The stories about the kids that for years got last place in every race they did, BUT continued to work hard day in and day out and then get their moment to succeed and accomplish a goal that they dreamed about years ago. I saw that happen twice over this weekend and I hope it is a story I get to tell many times over about many great kids.

Donovan and Nathan for years have been the punching bags at races. Consistently, last year, they got last or next to last in just about every race they did. When I met the two of them I never thought either of them would turn into good bike racers. Boy o’ boy was I ever wrong! And now they have the great story to tell me how wrong I was. Donovan in two years and Nathan in one year have gone from the “also rans” (last placers) to One — Two. They have done it by hardly ever missing practice, working their butts off at all times, and believing in the system we have. The boys, as teammates and best friends, rode away from the competition on the last day.

We also took some last places as a team this weekend, and now I know that is where I should start looking for my future A team. Dream big and never stop working toward your goals.

Congratulations to all riders.

Logan you battled some of the best in the southwest and Northern Mexico. 3rd in the road race and 4th over all. A great result in by far the hardest junior race in the field. I imagine this will make you even hungrier and I know it will, but I will not tell the competition. I will let them find out soon enough.

Lizzy you keep looking for the challenge and always rise to it. 1st in your age group and would have been top 10 in the 4’s.

Tyler 4th over all in your first bike race. Lessons were learned and hunger to continue gained.

Sam and David don’t ever forget the story I just told. I will see you on my A team in no time, no doubt. You rode with heart.

Ben you are no different. After a month of training to have the courage to race and push is exactly the attitude that has made this team. You are a member through and through.

Newgan you really stepped up. By practicing the way you want to race you were able to step up and ride harder and faster than you ever have. On the third day, to watch you ride away off the front of the second group and never look back was truly great.

D-son you learned much. There is more to learn . You have strength; you shall gain more courage.  (A wheel in the back is a wheel I will hit.) Proud we are of you.  I expect you to be on the A team next year.

Emily and Jade thanks for making sure we all understand what it means to be a team. You girls stuck together all weekend and made sure you not only finished but rode the most miles you ever have in a three day period. Thanks ladies!

Lauren, Alex and Richard. Thanks for being great role models for the team. You raced as dedicated teammates. Thanks for bringing so much respect to the team colors.

THANK YOU DANIELA AND DAMIANO. I am the most fortunate man in town and your love gives me the energy to do it all.


5 Responses to “TBC Recap”

  1. adkisson

    Great job, this weekend, everyone! Thank you to the coaching staff, photographer and congratulations to all who rode. It was a long, hard weekend and all of you rode so well! It was amazing to see so many young people give 110% You should be very proud.

    Mary & John (Connor’s mom&dad)

  2. kathleendreier

    Beautiful summation, Coach…really awesome.
    Congrats to all of El Grupo!

  3. Cathy

    Thanks for a great weekend!
    Ditto to all of the above. Thanks to you all!
    In addition, thanks to Coach Ignacio and Daniela for everything you do to make this team great – your energy and enthusiasm, not to mention time, is what makes this team so special!!!!
    Also, thanks to Kathleen for all the super, terrific, amazing photos!
    The Franklins
    PS and thanks to Damiano for being just so darn cute 🙂

  4. tylers mom aka rane

    Well said!! What an inspiring group of athletes!Love,love, love watching all of you race and give it your all. An extra thanks to Alex, Richard and Ignacio for all the pre-race mechanical help. Rane

  5. TBC Steve

    Just a short note to thank the El Grupo gang, esp. the girls who made Olivia Bohn feel so at home, taking her into the fold from day one. Also kudos to Ignacio for making her feel welcome and giving her some good advice.

    I am very impressed with the way EG hangs out and competes as a team..the vibes are so great. Olivia is looking forward to joining the team very soon.

    Great photos too!

    Congrats on the EG results and tough racing in a record size junior field!

    Steve Bohn
    TBC Crazy Promoter and Founder