For all those not riding the Shootout: We will all go the Spin Class @ O2 Modern Fitness downtown at 4pm. This is mandatory practice, but you also must bring $5 for the class. You are expected to be here, so if you have questions, please comment or better yet call Daniela 304-9682

Shootout folks: you know who you are. “Old Man” starts at 6:45am, “Big Boy” starts at 7am. Bring enough food! These will be long rides with high intensity, so plan accordingly, but breakfast back at our house awaits you later.


Sunday: Leaving clubhouse at 7am for ride for those who did the Shootout. We will be riding Picture Rocks over to McCain’s loop for TT practice. Richard, Ignacio and Daniela (on tandem) will lead out this group.

For those who went to Spin class, leaving clubhouse at 7:30am. We will be riding the same as last Sunday, up and over Gates Pass out to McCain’s loop for TT practice. Hoping that Nippy, Colin, and/or Christian will be able to lead out this group. Please let us know.


We should all meet up out there at some point. Should be a good time and some great practice for TBC!

8 Responses to “This Weekend”

  1. Jade

    I am going to Colorado to go skiing with kathie and gautam and visit my parents. I will be gone saturday-thursday morning. I can make it to practice on thursday though!!! 🙂

  2. ben


    my constant dilemma with practices on Saturday is that i always have a basketball game. basketball is almost over and the reason I’m writing this is because my last game (before the playoffs) is tomorrow and i dont think i can make it to the spin class because of out game (4:15/4:30 game). once basketball is over (which should be in like 3-4 weeks) i will be able to do Grupo all of the time including practices on Saturday and Thursday. i am truly sorry because in all honesty i would really like to see what a spin class is like, but unfortunately i cant. once again im very sorry.

    -Ben & Keenan

  3. daniela

    Jade, enjoy your spring break and visit with family.
    Ben & Keenan, no problem. Basketball is important too, and a great workout, so no worries whatsoever. If you make the finals, we should all be invited, though!

  4. Sabina

    wont be able to make the race i have a chior trip to california, also i have a concert wednesday that i have to go to but i will be there for tuesday and thursday.(: El grupo is going to do so well in the race(: good luck!!!

  5. daniela

    Man, I am so bumped that you wont be able to make the race. Like really. Is there any way we can convince you that the race is cooler than California? We really enjoy having you on the team and understand if you can’t make it, but I also would really love to have you around.


  6. Sabina

    Ya it really does suck I was looking fwd to doing the race and I totaly forgot I had a trip coming up, i wish i could skip but i already payed the money to the school! ):

  7. Jade

    I just need to say this… I MISS MY BIKE! Skiing is ok, but not at all the same. I cant wait until thursday!!!! Sabina: We will miss you but I hope you still have fun!!