I call this the hardest one day race in Arizona. It is a 6 mile loop that has you climbing a climb similar to the back side of Gates Pass. The cat 4’s Alex, Nathan, Logan and Donovan each had to do this 7 times. Lizzy 5 times, D-Son and Newgan 3, Sam and David 2. It is also one of my favorite races and one of the few that I raced several times and did ok at.

At the end of the day we had some pretty good results, and a lot of fun. I enjoy the race because as they come up the hill it is not at great speeds so there is a lot of good yelling that can happen. I can run along side the racers, give multiple feeds, and even rip open GU packs with my teeth and deliver them in full running stride. Nothing I practice, it just comes natural.

I had quite the crew this year helping which made for great fun. Thanks to all for the help.

Alex got 3rd out of 40. Nathan 7th, Logan 14th and Donovan 24th. Alex should have his upgrade points the juniors knowledge that Gila is on the horizon and that they will be ready.

Lizzy challenged the big girls all day and hung in there. She got first for her age group today.

D-son and Newgan finished one– two because they were the only two but rode hard all day. D-son even rode two more laps in support of Lizzy.

David and Sam raced their first bike race ever and finished 2- 3 in their age group.

We raced great today, looked good, and then went to BOBO’s after wards. Rewards are so sweet.

The TBC is coming so let’s be ready. Two weeks to go.

I am sure Kathleen will have some pics up soon.


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