Jade, State Champ women 17-18, Emily 2nd place

Logan sizes up the competition in a straight stretch of the course

David rounds the bend in the rain.

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To see the images on Esens Photography: HERE
It was super challenging to photograph in the rain. I was somehow managing an umbrella while trying to shoot and I wasn’t able to change my lens due to the conditions. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the images and that in some of them you can really tell the elements our team had to work with….with the rain coming down and being splatter with wet dirt and grit from the competitors.
I am starting to work on the images from Sunday of the Cat races….will post a link in a day or two. Congratulations to everyone for your efforts and accomplishments!!!

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  1. keenan

    Hey sorry I couldn’t make it today, I got sick with what Ben had. However, Ben and I will be ready to ride on Saturday!
    -Keenan and Ben