On the way home Sunday, after a long hard weekend, about half way home, when only my delirium was  keeping me awake, Lizzy said, “I like weekends like this. When we go out of town with all our friends and get to race our bikes.”

We had been on a quiet stretch of road just before her comment and I had forbidden electronic games and had preached about the importance of day dreaming and the allowance of time to let the brain end in strange places. (Right, I would never say anything like that, right?)  So to know that a quiet stretch of time and road can lead Lizzy to a thank you, and her realization, really made me happier than anything else.

That‘s why Daniela and I do this first and foremost. We both grew up playing sports: she played soccer and I swam as you all mostly know. The teams we grew up on were central to our childhood and youth. Our friends were there, our goals, and dreams. I cannot imagine a life without it, and so I am incredibly proud that I have a chance to give this back to a group of youth that I find exceptional.

Comments like Lizzy’s, and well placed thank you’s make me feel like the most fortunate dude around. ( Even if my house is not quite like my brother’s.)

So thank you to all the racers, parents, and loved ones that make this team and take the time to bring it the time, energy, and love that it needs. We need every bit of it.

Oh, so the races this weekend….


6 Podium Finishes

13 JuniorRacers

Both El Grupo Records.

1 State Champ

Sabina– Second Place. 13-14 girls. I think this time she really learned that she really can be a fast bike racer.

Tyler– Third Place. 13-14 Boys. Yes Tyler a bike racer you will be. Your determination will take you far. He pulled the 4th place kid around for 4 laps and then rode away from him at the sprint, an incredibly strong showing.

David— Your best bike race ever. Your attitude and grit were something I have only seen from you on rare occasions. I hope it is not so rare anymore.

Mose– For joining the team to be a mountain biker, you sure are becoming quite a road racer.

Connor– You rode with heart, and survived your first trip with El Grupo – your new bike is on its way!

Sam– Never quit. Your results will follow shortly. I can tell you too many stories. Your hard work will pay off.

Newgan– The same can be said of you – keep coming to practice and riding your heart out. You rode like a true bike racer this weekend.

Danielson– You started to figure out better positioning, and not once were you at the back, thank you!

Jade– Our new State Champ. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Emily– Just second behind her and always with the best smile.

All of these juniors raced for their first time in the crazy rain on road bikes. It was freezing cold, raining, and just down right nasty. None of these kids ever asked to quit or not ride. Heck, they went out and raced super hard.

Donovan–Raced on both days and got closer on each day to getting his crit mojo back. On Sunday during the big boy race he raced off the back most of the day, but staying in contact, however when he fell off the back he never gave up. A huge sign of courage.

Nathan— When you all see him ask to see his sweat scars. He crashed super hard on Sunday. Like almost tore a nipple off. He is totally fine and almost got back on the bike that day. Oh he got 6th on Saturday and will be at the Tuesday morning ride. Guts.

Lizzy— 2nd on Saturday in the Junior race and she is ticked off by it. She got beat because she got out played by tactics. Good now we can go back and work even harder. On Sunday she raced the big girls in the 3-4 race and hung in all day. Eventually pack finishing.

Logan— A huge 3rd place result in the very competitive 15-16 age group. A result that Barney King commented on the next day. He then went out on Sunday and raced the big kids and got a top ten result. After the race I told him the minute he totally mentally believes he can win these things– Results will come.

Well done everyone.

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  1. kathleendreier

    Congrats, El Grupo!
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