GABA is one of El Grupo’s sponsors and biggest fans. And we love them just as much! GABA put on the Bike 2 the zoo and the Bike Swap Meet that we all just volunteered at AND they put on wonderful supported bike rides and tours – like the Luna Lake one coming up on May 28th-31st (NOT to be missed!)

So GABA wants to say thanks to all its volunteers, and many board members have made efforts of reaching out to El Grupo to make sure that we are there. Here is more details on the event. It will be at Udall Park from 9amish to 1pmish with lots of games, stories, prizes, and food involved!

While Ignacio and I, as well at the A team and Richard, will all be at Tour of the Gila, it would be so very appreciated if El Grupo had a presence at the picnic. There are two rides starting at Udall Park that El Grupo could join in on. With most of the coaches out of town (Ignacio, Richard, Alex, Lauren, Nippy, Christian & Daniela) we are going to need your help and initiative to make this happen. I think the best option would be for riders to start from Udall Park (or ride out there, Newgan, Tyler, & Daniel?) and then join their rides.

Here is what they offer: The day begins with two bike rides from Udall. Expected ‘Return Time’ between 9-9:30 A.M.

Ride 1) 7 AM – C/C+ – 30-40 miles                 Ride 2) 8 AM – C-/D – 10-15 miles

I think ALL OUR RIDERS should do the 7am ride, and those that want a more rigorous or lengthy ride can ride from the clubhouse. The one tricky thing will be for those that have their bicycles at the clubhouse and need to get them that morning. Ideally, you can have your bicycle at home that morning OR Mark Franklin (or maybe Colin?) has offered to help open up.

Please post what works for you. It is a great chance to get a ride in with people who know who you are simply because they support and love El Grupo – and for us to show our love and appreciation right back to GABA. They will need to know a rough head count for food purposes, so please let it be known if you will be joining in on this or not.

Also, there is not a ride on the schedule for Sunday, but if folks feel like they have the energy and leadership to organize one, they should go for it. Mt. Lemmon time trial is in 3 weeks!

5 Responses to “GABA Volunteer Appreciation Picnic – Saturday!”

  1. keenan

    I can’t make it Saturday, I have Math, Spanish, and English Placement tests from 8 until 10-11. Me and Ben would love to go up Mount Lemmon on Sunday though! Sorry we can’t make it on Thursday and Friday, have a TON of fun! And Good luck Gila Riders!

  2. Jade

    I am going with The Franklin’s on Saturday for the udall thing. a sunday ride sounds great!! i havent done any of mt. lemmon yet.

  3. Sabina

    UMM so saturday i could meet mark like early like 6:30 or somthing at the clubhouse and then go to udall park for the first ride???

  4. Cathy

    I will be at the clubhouse at 620. We will put the bikes on my car; and drive to Udahl to be there for the 7am ride.
    Emily Daniel and Jade will ride directly to Udahl and meet us there.

    Mark 444-7o3o