We are now 3 stages down with just one left to go. The team is still riding with some very high spirits and we all have confirmed to ourselves that we should be here. We are legitimate  competitors at the hardest bike race in the Southwest and it feels great.

Day 2 Time Trial

I can’t tell too much a story about it. We went out for 8.1 miles over some hills and then turned back around and came back. What I can say though is that it was one of the scariest bike rides of my life and for the rest of the team as well. We were told that there were wind gusts of up to 60 miles an hour. There were times when I thought I was going to get blown over and Lizzy said she had to stop multiple times to not. Really there were times that I thought that they should call the race off for unsafe riding conditions.  But we did it and are able to tell the tale. Nathan was able to ride well enough to stay in the top 5 and Logan had his best TT ever finishing sec0nd on the team.

Day 3 Crit

What a great race course. 4 Left turns with an awesome hill on the back side of the course. A stair step climb just fun enough to make the race interesting, then with a down hill that was 35 mph plus fast. A great course. I had a great race and stayed at the front the whole time. Nathan took a flyer off the front with 8 laps of 15 done. He was not able to stay away as I was too late getting to the front to block. Donovan is back a crit racer. He won the second group sprint easily today and was with the main group up until 3 laps left. Marcos fell of the pace with 5 laps but led Nathan out beautifully on his flyer. It was really quite awesome watching Marcos kill the climb with Nathan on his wheel then to watch Nathan launch. We were a real team. The finish?

Well Logan and I were at the front on the second to last lap so by the last time over the finish line it was my job to move Logan up. I was able to before the first turn but then I got boxed out on the outside, but Logan was able to find the inside. So with his line he was able to get to the front on the hill and then held on for a very impressive 5TH PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan and myself packed finished.

Lizzy raced well and super hard. She fell off the back on lap 5 of 12 but rode strong enough alone to never get lapped. A very strong solo effort. I sure hope she does not have to put one in tomorrow and can give the girls in her group heck.

So tomorrow becomes one of the biggest days in the history of El Grupo. We have Nathan a minute out of getting on the podium in the biggest race in our history. Wish us weel. We are going for it as a team.

5 Responses to “Gila Day 2 and 3 Update”

  1. Jade

    You guys are indeed awesome!!! Congrats on the past few days and GOOD LUCK FOR TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

  2. Cathy

    You are all awesome! We can’t even begin to tell you how proud we are of all of you! Together and separately you have faced major challenges (wind, solo riding, flat tires,etc) and come across as amazing competitors and teammates.
    Good Luck tomorrow! Have fun and be safe : )
    The Franklin’s

  3. adkisson

    I was trying to introduce myself as America’s woman champion, but I said the french word “Champignon,” so I introduced myself as a mushroom.
    -Nancy Neiman Baranet (one of first women road cycling champions)

    Ride like the champions you are! We are rooting for you!

    Mary (Connor’s mom)

  4. kathleendreier

    Congratulations to each and every one of you! As I was driving back from CA yesterday and talking to Cathy on the phone, we were both saying just how proud we are of each of you for your courage, effort, and determination to be your best every day. You did it! You did the Gila! A few months ago you some of you doubted you could and you did! WOO!