If you are going on the Old Man Shoot Out, it starts at 5:45am now!!! You will need to be at our house BEFORE that to make the start.

No one is going on the “Big Boy” Shoot Out this weekend.

ALL OTHERS (whether you are A, B, or C team) will be going on a ride meeting at the clubhouse and getting ready to leave by 7am.

EVERYONE: REMEMBER a change of clothes, a swimsuit and towel for Nathan’s Birthday Party. Daniela will be transporting that stuff for you to Stone Curves where you will ALL be ending your rides.


5 Responses to “Saturday’s Bike Rides”

  1. Sam

    ill try to come. my eyes are worse than thursday. if they still are in the morning i probably wont come.

  2. ben

    Ignacio, i got your message, but my phone is messed up and since i dont have your number (restricted) so i cant call you back. sorry. i will be there tomorrow for the ride and party.

    *just letting you know ahead of time, my sisters graduating on Wednesday, the 25th of may so i dont think i will be able to make it.

  3. Cathy

    Thanks to all of you who were able to join us for Nathan’s birthday party! We really enjoyed ourselves and hope you did too. A special thanks to Kathleen and Logan for sharing their community area and pool with us! And Ignacio and Daniela for helping with the logistics!
    Thank you,
    The Franklin Family