Yes it’s already here. This should be a very exciting weekend. However I do need to apologize for not writing something up about this past weekend at the Colossal Cave race. Really I just had a great time. Hearing you all cheer every time up the hill was wonderful, humbling, and made me feel really proud. You are all the best team ever.

So for this weekend.

Leaving Friday afternoon- 4:00pm ish

Come after school with your duffel bag packed and bike ready. We will go strait to my brothers house.

Saturday Racing starts at 8:00am. So it will be an early night.

We should be back at my brothers house by noon on Saturday. Our job then is to hang out and enjoy the pool, and the rest of the house like the sweet Super Nintendo.

However some of you will be coming back to Tucson with Daniela and possibly other parents. We are not totally firm on these plans yet so stayed tuned. If you would like to come back though please let us know. There will be a ride on Sunday for those who come back and want to ride.

Sunday– Racing again starts early at 8:00am. The last race is late in the day around 1pm. So we will be returning a bit late to town. Like around 5pm when all is said and done.

I will bring a gear list to practice today.

More info on the event can be found here:

5 Responses to “State Crit”

  1. kira

    For the parents not going to Phoenix, what can we send along to support the team, food or other? Do you want me to do a Costco run tomorrow morning?

  2. daniela

    El Grupo will be taking care of dinner. Fruit and car snacks would be great. Also potentially bagels and cream cheese for breakfast would be super.


  3. adkisson

    Ignacio, no time to get anything to send tomorrow so I’ll send Connor with some cash to give to you so you can get any incidentals you may need. I’m also sending him with his insurance card. Our daughter, Lauren, lives in Phx and is planning on being at the race Sat. morning to cheer you guys on. Sorry we can’t be there. Be safe , have fun and ride well everyone!