As we discussed at the team meeting at the beginning of the month, this upcoming weekend is a big outreach weekend for El Grupo. It is our chance to give a little back to the community, represent our team and selves well, and (in the case of the swap meet) do some fund raising, a.k.a. sell baked goods!

Here is how this is going to work…
starting with the C team: You will be leaving the clubhouse for a ride at 6:30am and ending your ride at the Reid Park Zoo at 8:30am. You can bring a change of clothes to the clubhouse and **leave them in a clearly marked spot for Daniela*** and she will bring them to the zoo with Damiano. You will then help out with bike valet at the zoo until roughly 11am. During that time, you will most likely be able to take turns visiting the zoo. After that, you are done for the day.

next comes the A team: you will be riding the Big Boy Shoot Out starting at 6:30am leaving from our house. Bring extra clothes to change into afterword. You will then ride from the house to the zoo and take over for the C team around 10:30ish until 1pm. After that, you are done for the day.

finally there is the B team: you will be riding in the Tour of the Tucson Mountains, start time is 6:30am in Marana (ouch!) So you will be meeting at the clubhouse at 5am to drive up there, get ready and go for your 73-mile group ride. Pack a lunch! You will then drive to the zoo and help with the last of the bike valet until 3:30pm.

One other VERY IMPORTANT thing for the B team: you MUST  go get your registration packet at the Tucson Convention Center on FRIDAY between 10am and 8pm and BRING A PHOTO ID. No one can go for you – this is a new rule as of 2011. Ignacio will be going at 4pm, and you can meet him at our house if you would like to go with him. If you do not get your race packet info, you will not ride on Saturday in the event.


Parents: Your help is much appreciated when and if you can at the zoo first and foremost. It seems like we will have more help earlier in the day than later, and that was on purpose as I imagine more people will come in the morning and leave than later in the day. That said, you are more than welcome to come join us, bring healthy snacks to keep us all going, or simply come to enjoy the zoo yourselves! The other thing you can be doing is preparing baked goods for Sunday’s GABA Bike Swap meet.

So to all regarding Saturday: please bring a change of clothes after you ride, preferably a team t shirt, a sack lunch or healthy snacks to share, sunscreen and a hat.


Now on to Sunday! This the bi-annual GABA Bike Swap meet ( has more on it) that we help out at by providing bike valet parking in the “mini-park” on 4th Ave (btw 7th St & 8th St on the east side) to those that come to the swap meet, ensuring they can leave home with the bike that brought them there (if they so choose!) AND that we greatly BENEFIT from by raising LOTS OF MONEY from feeding people with all of your yummy baked goods.

Here is how you can/will help: Everyone must sign up for a bike valet shift of 1 hour, starting at 6am through to 12pm (note: we will end “early” to all get over to watch Lizzy and Lauren race downtown, see below). We need two people per shift. As in years past, we will have the El Grupo table right in front of the bike valet parking. When you are not doing bike valet, you will be expected to help with the sale of baked goods, t-shirts, and overall positive promotion of El Grupo.

This is a HUGE fundraiser that helps get each of you to Durango, Colorado for camp this summer; helps pay for all the entry fees that we have covered for races; helps make sure that you get to do all the fun stuff you do with El Grupo. Your participation is expected. Your help with baking is also very appreciated. If baking is not your thing, maybe purchase some water bottles or juices or gatorades that we can sell for profit. Maybe toss some cash to the parents who do like to bake to help off-set their costs. I trust that we can all work together to make this happen – we are el grupo, after all.

And as if there were not enough going on this weekend!!! A few of you will be racing in a very exciting first time (that I’ve been in town) downtown crit. Lizzy and Lauren will be racing at 12:30 for 25 minutes. Logan, Nathan, Donovan, Alex and Richard will all race together in the Men Cat 3/4 at 2:15pm for 30 minutes.  Let’s all try to be there to cheer them on.

With so much going on this weekend, you MUST use your time wisely to accomplish the other “life” things that need to get done, such as HOMEWORK, chores around the house, spending time with your family, and so on. You can and should bring homework to the zoo and/or swap meet if you have that much. We can help you find time to get it done. Not participating because you poorly planned your time is not an excuse.


Sooo….comment on your preferred time slot for Sunday, the sooner you do the more likely you are to get it! THANKS!!!!

22 Responses to “Upcoming weekend important info & expectations”

  1. Lizzy

    Ill take a bit later shift, if I’m doing Tour of the Tucson Mountains. So, I’ll be there at 10:30?

  2. kathleendreier

    From Kathleen: Please schedule Logan for a later shift on Sunday so he can sleep in….10am or after….thanks!

  3. Cathy

    Thank you for taking the time to organize and communicate the complex schedule for this weekend : )
    I am thinking 10am or later for Nathan and Daniel. (Assuming I can keep them away from the GABA sale)
    An early shift will work for Emily because I’m sure Mark will want to come early to see what’s for sell. Then I’ll bring the boys for the later shift.
    Thanks, Cathy

  4. daniela

    Lizzy, you are doing the TTM, but that is Saturday. I will sign you up for a 9:30-10:30 shift so you will have plenty of time to get ready for the downtown crit at 12:30.
    Emily can do 8am -9am, or earlier?
    Logan can do 10am-11am.
    Donovan and Nathan will do 10:30am – 11:30am.
    Daniel will start at 11am and help close up by 12 to get over to the race.
    I said first come first pick so get those responses coming in. We will need help btw 6am and 12, with more slots open in the morning than later.

  5. adkisson

    Hopefully i’m not sick by the time this weekend rolls around.
    Thinking maybe a 9:30 shift if im not sick? Later would be fine also.

  6. adkisson

    Saturday: I can work the 2nd shift at the park unless you need me later. Saturday is pretty flexible so let me know.

    Sunday: I bought a case of water for the sale on Sunday. I’m also planning on baking something (brownies maybe) and bagging up some granola. If you find you are short of something let me know and I can run to Costco and grab it. I can also work on Sunday if you need me to. Just put me down for when Connor’s shift is or I can slip into a different time slot if you need me at a different time.

    Mary (Connor’s mom)

  7. mr solo dolo

    i will be able to sign up for an early day like at 6 helping set up – david

  8. daniela

    David, you are a rock star!
    Jade, could you do earlier? It seems like we have those hours mostly covered…and are you supposed to be helping with the downtown crit with Susan?
    Connor/Mary, I have you down for 9am-10am. Thanks for all the supplies! Granola is a great idea. Help on Saturday in the 2nd shift would be great, as well. I need to leave at 12 to teach at BICAS and Ignacio will hopefully get there by 1pm.
    Still need more folks in the 6am-10am time frame on Sunday.

  9. Skywalker

    I would love to do a Later shift because a friend who I haven’t hung out with for a while wants to stay over. Let me know though

  10. daniela

    Luke, how about 11am – close with Daniel and Ignacio? And GO TO BED!

  11. adkisson

    Just found out my older boy has a steel drum gig at Reid park Saturday morning and needs to be there from about 10-1. So I can stay and help until his show is over.
    On Sunday, John will help out around 7am. He wants to be there earlier but other son has a show Sat nite and has to be picked up after 11. If he shows up early it will be a bonus.
    Do you need more baked items?

  12. Tyler

    I can be there from 7:30 untill you don’t need me anymore.

  13. danielson

    I heard that u needed more 6oclock people and I can do that until however long u need me.

  14. moze

    i can be there from 11 to 12 because i will be coming back from marana and i might need some sugar to help me wake up!
    my mom will give you (daniela) the “baked goods” at the zoo and i will see you there!

  15. Jade

    I can be there at 6:00 until whenever. I am helping Susan with the race at the O2 booth in front of the library. I would like to be there around 12:00. I will also have water for the swap meet but I will have to figure out how to bike with it.

  16. ben

    i can do pretty much any time except for late because of my grandfathers birthday.. i think ill come around 7

  17. Skywalker

    I can do any time really but the later times would be most preferable

  18. daniela

    If you suggested a time – be there, please! Sabina, Mose and Skywalker will help clean up from 11-12.
    We will need at least 2 people working the bike valet tomorrow, and if you are there with more, then you are helping to sell baked goods, or other things that Ignacio needs help with.

    THANKS SO MUCH to all who helped out at the Bike 2 the Zoo today! You were awesome, and all after being tired from hard rides (for each team). Thanks!