Luis Carrion will be coming to the clubhouse today before practice to do part 2 of his interview about El Grupo. Please parents and riders if you can show up early that would be great.

Also please while Daniela, Damiano, and myself are gone please be the best you’s that you’s can be. I know you will so enjoy the week.

4 Responses to “Arizona Public Media”

  1. Tyler

    I can’t be ther ebecause of homework. Have fum, though!

  2. Jade

    I cant go to practice today because i need to film a movie for a chemistry project. Today is Wednesday.

  3. adkisson

    I had to miss practice yesterday because of a graduation I had to go to. Can someone let me know if we’re riding for sure tomorrow at 6:30 with Nippy? and is there a ride on Sunday morning?