Riders that have confirmed they are going: Lizzy, Donovan, Tyler, Ben, Keenan, Nathan, Emily, Daniel, Jade, Connor, Logan B., Marcos, David, Sam, Mose, Skywalker

Riders we STILL don’t know about: Sabina, Newgan – If we don’t hear from you PROMPTLY! you will not go!

Adults that have confirmed: Daniela, Ignacio (& Damiano in tow), Mike Geddes, Mark Franklin, Nippy, Lauren & Jim Stites

Total people going: 26!

Vehicles we need to go (and # of people they hold): The van (12), Franklins (8), Geddes (4), Stites (4), Nippy (2)

Number of bicycles we need to get there: 25

Van (12), Franklins (4), Geddes (2-3?), Stites (2), Nippy (4)


Anticipated Time of Departure: The van would like to leave by 1:30 on Friday at the latest. Hopefully Jim Stites and Nippy will want to caravan at that time. The Franklins will be leaving late Friday evening after Nathan’s graduation and taking the following people: Mark, Nathan, Emily, Daniel, Donovan & Lizzy. It is our understanding that Mose, Sam and Jade do not get out of school until 4pm (ish) and I would like to suggest that those 3 riders go with Mike leaving as early as possible after that.

***This means that all those not listed above should plan on being at the clubhouse to help pack up by no later than 12pm on Friday***

Where are we going? We must drive up to Springerville, AZ which is east of Show Low up in the White Mountains. The drive takes around 5 hours with stops. We will be camping at a primitive, remote RV park alongside the highway (ha ha) in Springerville. This will not be the highlight of the weekend. On Saturday morning, all cars will be parked in a designated lot down the street as we all set off on our 3 day bike tour. A GABA moving truck will carry all of our stuff, along with everyone else’s.

What we need from you:

  • A rider waiver form that can be found here. (I will have a few printed ones at practice on Wed)
  • $35 from each youth rider to cover costs of food for entire weekend
  • Your attention to detail in the gear list when packing your 1 duffel bag for the weekend
  • Tents, sleeping bags and mats if you have them, bring them!
  • Healthy snacks to share for the car ride

What’s for dinner (and breakfast)?! We will take care of supplies for dinner and breakfast for those camping in Springerville on Friday night and Saturday morning before GABA takes over and feeds/fuels us very well for the rest of the weekend.

Here is more great info from GABA. Please let me know if you have further questions.

12 Responses to “Luna Lake Details”

  1. kathleendreier

    Awesome coordination, Daniela and Ignacio!!!!

  2. adkisson

    Do you need us to bring extra sleeping bags or pads? We have 3 extra pads after Connor gets one and about 4 or 5 more bags. Anything else you need camping wise? We’ll send Connor with his money, power of attorney and copy of his insurance card today.

  3. adkisson

    oh, I forgot that we do have one older 4 man tent (light material) but the kind with separate poles (not the long thin poles that bend.) It’s not as easy to put up for the kids but some of the “experienced boyscout types” should be able to figure it out:)

  4. Jade

    I will print a waiver and bring the money today. I dont have a tent, sleeping bag, or mat, can I please get help with that? Also, yesterday I raised my hand as one of the people being able to make it to practice today. Its unclear if that is still accurate. It depends on if I get my gateway finished. I might be there, might not be there. Im so excited for this!!!!! Thanks Everyone 🙂

  5. mosespapa

    Ignacio: should we take Jade, Mose, and Sam’s bikes home with us after Thursday practice, to avoid having to have someone open up the clubhouse for me on Friday afternoon? [Mike]

  6. daniela

    Mike, Yes! And as long as you all take your stuff with you and bikes, we should be good. We may call if we need you to swing by to pick up anything else, but hopefully that is not the case. We will have Jade’s tent, sleeping bag and mat.

  7. mosespapa

    oops. just realized that Mose will not be at practice today (Thurs; he’s got promotion ceremonies).
    Maybe Kira can pick up all 3 bikes tomorrow at 1:00-ish…

    Jade & Sam: Are you definitely coming with me?
    If so, it would help if I had your cell #’s + those of your parents/guardians.

  8. Jade

    Mike: I am definitely going with you, unless Daniela or Ignacio say otherwise. Im assuming Yes.
    Daniela: Thank you for the sleeping stuff!
    I will bring me and my bag on friday ready to go. Im confused about the bike because dont i need it for the ride to stone curves today?
    I will clear this up at practice! Thank you everyone 🙂

  9. jenndalho

    Hi from Jenn
    i don’t know if sammy spoke with you about it and mentioned at promotion, but he is planning to ride with you, Mike.
    Sammy will have his bike at PFFS but we can meet you wherever you want after school.
    My number is 481-3771
    Sammy is 310-0731

    home is 327-0556

    thanks !!

    man this trip sounds so fun
    i wish i were going
    maybe next year i could do it?

  10. mosespapa

    Sam and Jade:
    Mose will be at the Tucson Racquet Club till 2:30/3ish, which is at the north end of Tucson Bl (north of Prince), so he and I will pick you two up at the clubhouse as close to 3pm as possible. It’s at least a 5 hour drive, and it would sure be nice if we could set up camp before we are completely exhausted…even leaving near 3 gets us there no earlier than 8pm, 9pm more likely…

  11. Sam

    i probably wont be showing up tomorrow and maybe not thursday. It has nothing to do with luna lake but its the most recent post