First of all, THANKS EVERYONE for such a successful day out on the Lemmon and back out our house for brunch. It was so much fun to stand at the top of the mountain (well, I suppose it was only 9.1 miles up!) and cheer each of you on. You all gave it everything you had today and then all chipped in to make brunch happen – that is what this team is all about!

Ignacio and Ian Ure on El Grupo's first Luna Lake tour

Our next big event will be Luna Lake tour with GABA. This is an annual “treat” for El Grupo as we get to go have fun riding our bikes in beautiful country at slightly lower temperatures (let’s hope!). It is a great way to celebrate the end of the school year, spring race season, and the start of summer by riding bikes, camping out, and just hanging with our friends.

The GOOD NEWS is that you have all earned your entry into the bike tour through the outreach hours you put in at the GABA Bike Swap meets, Bike 2 the Zoo, and last year’s fall Blue Loop tour. The only thing that we are asking for help with is paying for meals that we will purchase through GABA for dinners and breakfast out on the road. The total cost for that is $35. As always, if this is not possible, please come talk with us and we can work something out.

Parents and Coaches are encouraged to join us on the ride (if you are so inclined). You will need to go to the link above and register. While you are at it, it is very affordable to become a GABA member and you get a discount on your registrations if you are. There is also an early bird registration 30% discount until May 24th midnight. I just registered Ignacio and I and for the 3 day bike tour WITH MEALS, and SAG stops, and showers available at each camping destination, we each paid less than $100. WHAT A DEAL!!!

The "Originals"

All other information for the ride is on the GABA website link above, including ride profiles, and such.  What we need to know from you ASAP is if you are planning on going. Please comment to let us know. Also, let us know if you will be in need of a tent and/or sleeping bag as we can reserve these through REI for free. A more complete gear list will be made available later in the week. No need to worry – we will not be riding with all our stuff as the “originals” did!

You will also need to fill out a waiver form and bring that to practice by next Sunday.

We will be leaving for the event on Friday, March 27th after school (if you still have it!) and returning on Memorial Day by early evening at best. This is a trip you don’t want to miss so PLEASE COMMENT what your intentions are.

12 Responses to “Luna Lake tour up next”

  1. Jade

    I would like to go. I will need both a tent and sleeping bag. Also, that week is a weird schedule for my school with Gateways. So, I am in school on friday from 1:00-4:00. I am looking forward to this, it sounds like a lot of fun!!!! Thanks!

  2. Lizzy

    Donovan and I will be going. Can’t freaking wait, if it’s half as fun as last year, my head may explode! 🙂 WOO!!

  3. ben

    I am going and i have a tent for both me and Keenan and i also have a sleeping bag!
    you guys are awesome. thanks for the awesome training and rides the past couple weeks. i felt good with what i did today because of that.

  4. mosespapa

    Count Mose and myself in for Luna Lake.

    Hey it was fun watching you guys take on the mountain in true grupo fashion today! The effort you gals and guys put out every day shows sooo much.
    And hearing the roadside support yelling, “el Grupo! Grupoooo!” You’ve definitely built up a fan club!

  5. Cathy

    The Franklin family will be joining you guys after Nathan’s graduation ceremony(7pm that Friday)! We will drive up on our own when it’s over and meet you Saturday morning.

  6. adkisson

    Connor can’t wait! We have sleeping bags and tents. We for sure have a 6 man tent that can be used and we think we have a 3-4 man tent as well. John will check this week and let you know for sure on the smaller tent.

  7. C-Coach-sweep guy

    My great grandparents did all that camping stuff so I would not have to – with that I need a tent and sleeping bag and but I have a big blow up mattress! Will be there as I am not square – will sign up on line at GABA> I can drive if needed! Cheers! Guess WHO???

  8. daniela

    lauren. yes we would love for you to go and all other parents that are interested. However we need you to sign up via the GABA web page, very promptly. They are asking us to finalize numbers. So yes please come and sign up today.