We are riding up Mt Lemmon tomorrow morning (Sunday) leaving the clubhouse at 6:30am to try to beat the heat. We will ride to the base together, and then everyone will get to go at their own pace for an hour, and then all return together.

Instead of going to Bobo’s, which takes a lot of time because of the long wait, and because it is Mother’s Day so many of you might/should be getting home to spend the day with her, we will be having an after ride brunch at our house.


Please invite your mother to join us if you like, or simply get picked up from our house instead of the clubhouse. Bring a buck or two to help with breakfast costs. See you all in the morning! And be nice to your mom, as always 🙂

3 Responses to “Sunday Momday Ride”

  1. Skywalker

    Hey my mom planned for us to hike early so I can’t make it

  2. adkisson

    Daniela, hope you aren’t cooking! You deserve some pampering too;) Thanks for the invite but have to get house straightened up before getting together with my mom.