I want to personally THANK all of you that came out yesterday to cheer for Tyler and myself. That was the coolest thing ever! I teared up when I was running and watched a swarm of El Grupo ride along Tyler on his last lap. Thanks for making the event so fun (even when it really hurts!).

On to this week and what needs to happen:

1. Pass all finals and get through the last week of school!!!

2. Tell me if you are going on Luna Lake if you haven’t – that would be Marcos, Sabina, David, Newgan, Sam and Skywalker. I have a yes from all other riders, which is AWESOME. Parents, if you are going, please register online with GABA and please tell me so we can start to figure out logistics for leaving Friday.

3. Bring your signed parent waiver for GABA to practice on Tuesday if you haven’t already.

4. Make sure your bicycle is in good working order, you have extra tubes, and everything on the gear list that Ignacio will hand out on Tuesday. ASK IF YOU NEED HELP WITH ANYTHING!

5. Come to Damiano’s birthday pool party on Thursday at Stone Curves – you will be riding there from the clubhouse at regular practice time, but come prepared to swim and hang out a little longer if possible. Please let parents know and invite them too.

6. Be ready to have three fun filled days of bike riding, eating, hanging out, and camping with El Grupo and GABA starting on Friday. We will want to leave town as early as possible on Friday. More details to come soon.


P.S. Final results for the triathlon are up here. Tyler had wanted to go under 1 hour 30 minutes and went a 1:21:12!! Totally impressive. I wanted to finish and feel good about it, which I did. I ended up 4th in my age group, 16th overall, with a 1st rank on the bike portion in my category. 1:13:48. Tyler did beat me by 1 whole minute on my swim – way to go, kid!

P.S.S. A HUGE THANKS AND CONGRATS TO JIM & RANE for putting on an awesome event yesterday, once again!

16 Responses to “Thanks! and the week ahead :)”

  1. Tyler

    Thank you all for cheering me on!!! It was an amazing feeling having the whole team around me as I ran to the finish. THANK YOU!!

  2. kathleendreier

    Congratulations, Tyler and Daniela! Way to go! So very proud of you both and all of El Grupo! Sorry I could not make it to cheer you on and photograph…I had another photo gig at the time.

    On Thursday,before everyone sits down to eat at Damiano’s party….it would be great to have some riders help me and Logan move about 5 or 6 pieces of furniture over to our new place. We are already moving the rest of the stuff on our own but could use help with our futon couches and a couple other item. Thanks!

  3. Marcos

    I want to go to Luna Lake. Just thought I’d clear that up.

  4. adkisson

    Kathleen, Connor said he can help move furniture.
    Daniela and Ignacio, I checked and we have the really big tent that sleeps 6 with gear and we have a small one that says 4 person tent but probably fits 3 people with gear. You can use any you need just let us know and we will send them Friday.
    Oh, Connor can’t go to practice tomorrow because we all have eye appointments at 3:20. Sorry but it was the only available appointment.

  5. mosespapa

    Who’s driving?
    I was thinking that Mose and I would travel w/ y’all, but if need be, I can of course offer:
    the Little Gold Wgn = seats 4 + 2 bikes, or
    the White Toyota Van = seats 7; van also has a 2″ hitch, but no hitch rack.

  6. SwimJim

    Very, very cool what you all did for Tyler and Daniela at the triathlon. Tyler & I will be going to Luna Lake this weekend and I can drive the Suburban if necessary but no A/C. I plan to drive the Honda. With a bike rack I could carry a couple of passengers besides Tyler & me.

  7. Jade

    On Friday, I dont get out of school until 4:00 with the weird schedule that we have this week. I am just wondering about timing with leaving for Luna

  8. daniela

    Adkisson’s-yes, we will need BOTH of those tents. If others have tents, PLEASE plan on bringing them. We can only get a limited number from REI this time since it is a holiday weekend.
    Mike-any chance we can get another rack on the back of your wagon?

  9. ben

    Ignacio, Daniela,

    i got sick (cold)…again on Saturday and i am feeling a little better but there might be that chance that i dont feel up to doing Luna Lake. is there any options where i could come and if i dont feel well part of the ride, i could rest and the n continue? (I’m sorry for the trouble). also i have a 3 man tent, a 2 man tent and a 5 man tent if you need it. i dont think i will be able to come tomorrow because my sister is graduating from high school. once again im sorry for the inconvenience.


  10. daniela

    Ben! Yes, there are GABA volunteers out there to help drive people if needed, but we all want to believe that you will be feeling good enough to ride. This is not a race, but rather quite the opposite. We have plenty of time to complete the rides with stops for food along the way. We don’t want you to miss out on this one! Please plan on bringing all of those tents so we can do a final count on Friday to see what is needed. And go to bed!

  11. ben

    thanks so much!!! i really look forward to going!!! ill bring the tenets and i have a few extra sleeping pads for those in need.