We want to bring you all up to speed as best we can with what is going on this coming weekend. On Saturday, there will be the Old Man Shoot Out leaving at 5:45am. IF YOU WANT TO GO, great, see you then. If you don’t, no problem. There will be no C ride (unless anyone else says differently.) There will also be an introductory “trainer” session for new riders at 10am at the clubhouse if anyone wants to come help with that and meet them.

Sunday is the Mount Lemmon Time Trial that this year will be 0-9.1 miles up the mountain. In the past several years the race has been to mile post 12 at Bear Canyon, but it has been changed back to 9 this year due to some nesting owls. Just the same, it will serve as a fun challenge for all of us to either make it to milepost 9 for the first time ever or make it there as fast as you ever have.

Registration is done the day before the event (as is customary for this race) and the order in which you sign up has been the order in which you start (with 30 second intervals in between each rider). Here is how we would like to do this. Ignacio/Other volunteers would like to go to Velo Specialties early (opens at 9am) to register all the El Grupo riders in the order that we have determined, that we think will help keep it fun for everyone…someone to keep away and someone to chase. He has all of your licenses. but will need everyone to sign a race waiver form TODAY at practice or get it to us by Saturday. Here is a link to the form.

We cannot tell you exactly what time we are meeting on Sunday until we know our TT start times, which will be determined at registration on Saturday. We will be driving out there to save time, energy and speed. More details can only be posted on Saturday when we know more. However, if you know you can have your bike with you and can go directly from home, there will be no need to go to the clubhouse first, for some. Others will leave from the clubhouse.

FINALLY, Everyone is invited back to our house for brunch! We will all help out and enjoy one another’s company making and eating pancakes and egg burros. If you want to contribute some fruit, that would be fantastic!

8 Responses to “This weekend’s Mt Lemmon TT”

  1. adkisson

    Thanks so much for the update on this weekend’s activities! Sounds like fun. Connor will bring strawberries for Sunday’s brunch!

  2. ben

    i am will definitely go on a Saturday ride if there is one. thanks,

  3. Jade

    Ok, sounds good. Thanks Daniela. If there is a ride on Saturday, I wont be able to make it. Also, i will need to be one of the clubhouse people before the race. 🙂

  4. adkisson

    I will drop off my form after school today. I’ll leave it at your house in an envelope. I will be there tomorrow to help with the new riders. Do I need to bring anything?

  5. tylers mom aka rane

    Tyler is returning late tonight so most likely won’t ride tomorrow morning, but Jim will fill out and sign waiver and put it in your mailbox at your house early before Saturday morning swim workout at 6:30am. Let me know if there is a problem 🙂 Also if you need help with anything on Sunday, let me know. Rane

  6. Jade

    I will also to try to bring some kind of fruit. It depends on timing.