Nippy needs help putting on this event.  He will need help on the following days, Friday, July 1st, Saturday, July 2nd, Sunday July 3rd and EVERYBODY in Town on July 4th.

For all dates and time e-mail Nippy at which date and time you can help out. or post on the blog which ever is easier.

For Friday July 1st, meet at the club house or contract Nippy for a ride. 7:00 AM to mark the course, Should take 2 and 1/2 hours . Need 3 teens to help out.

For Saturday, July 2nd. from 12 NOON to 4:00 PM. Registration. Location of Registration is Sabino Cycles – Address is 7045 East Tanque Verde, Tucson Az. (520) 885-3666. Meet there at 11:45 AM. Need 3 teen and one Adult (if possible).

For Sunday, July 3rd. from 12 NOON to 4:00 PM. Registration. Location of Registration is Sabino Cycles – Address is 7045 East Tanque Verde, Tucson Az. (520) 885-3666. Meet there at 11:45 AM. Need 3 teen and one Adult (if possible).

For Sunday, July 3rd, Afternoon set up course signs, Check with Nippy on the time and place to meet. Need 2 teens. Need gloves and strong arms and you will be setting barricades.

SHOPPING: Anybody have a COSTCO card or Sam Club?  We need to buy goods for the aid stations. Call or E-mail Nippy for the list.  This can be done anytime however we will need fruit – Watermelon and Oranges so we don’t want to buy to early. It is possible that Sunflower, Safeway, Fry’s could give us a good deal if an Adult knows someone at one of the stores. You will be reimbursed for what you buy.

MONDAY< JULY 4th, 2011. WE need all the help we can get.  We have to set up Registration, Start and finish line, Aid station (2), set up course signs, EVERYBODY should be at the TCC Parking Lot on Church Street at 5:00 AM to help set up.  Tacks will be give out then as there are lots of tacks to do.  We will need one vehicle that can carry bikes as a sweep vehicle.

El Grupo will not be rideing this event we will be working it.

Thanks – so far we have 20 cyclist signed up for this ride.


13 Responses to “4th of July Ride.”

  1. C-Coach-sweep guy

    Thanks Colin that is a very cool Fireworks!

    I also need an American Flag if anybody has one please bring it. If we get more than on on ride day that is super great!


  2. kathleendreier

    Nippy I will be there 5a.m Monday. If you need me there earlier I can be. Most likely will not be available Sat or Sun (except late Sunday due to helping out some friends in Bisbee this weekend). If you can think of anything that needs to be done on Thursday night or Friday, let me know and I will do my best to help. Don’t currently have my Sam’s Club card active…sorry. (Kathleen)

  3. tylers mom aka rane

    Nippy -JIm is going to Costco to get stuff for our triathlon either tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday. If that’s not too early, call him and tell him what you would like him to buy 401-7986 I know they have nice watermelons for 3.99 Also, because of our tri on Sunday, we aren’t really available to help Sat or Sun but Tyler and I will be there on Monday at 5am and can do whatever you need us to do.

  4. adkisson

    Nippy, Connor can help out Friday morning. We can drop him at the Club House at 7. He leaves for his trip on Saturday so won’t be available any time after that. I have a Costco card and can shop too If you need. I’ll call around and see if we can get some donations for the event and will keep you posted. I won’t be here on Sat. but will be back Sunday so can help with anything thru the week. Just let me know when and where and I’ll be there (my older boy Collin could also help if needed). If you need to get a hold of me you can call my cell 975-1825, home 434-0390 or email–Mary

  5. kathleendreier

    Nippy, If you don’t get the help you need for the weekend, let me know and I will come back from Bisbee Sunday morning to help you the rest of the day.

  6. mosespapa

    Mose -and either Kira or Mike- can hang at Sabino Cycles on Saturday…

  7. Lizzy

    I will be there at 5A.M. Monday morning. If I can, I’ll be there Saturday and/or Sunday, but I am uncertain of my weekend’s schedule.

  8. keenan

    Ben and I will be their on Monday and Saturday at the appropriate times.

  9. Jade

    I can help friday, saturday, and monday. I can get to the clubhouse, but help with transportation to Sabino Cycles and or anywhere else would be appreciated. Are the mentioned times when we need to be at the clubhouse or when we need to be at the final destination? Thanks, Jade

  10. Cathy

    Nathan, Lizzy, Emily, Daniel and Mark can do the Sabino Cycle registration on Saturday or Sunday (or both if needed) We live less than 10 minutes from there so it is easy for us to cover.
    The Franklins

  11. Cathy

    Oh, and of course we will be there Monday.
    The Franklins

  12. TBC Steve

    Olivia will help @ Sabino Cycles on Sunday after we are recovered from the Firecracker Tri plus Monday am as well. Steve and Shawna (parents) plan on doing the Freedom Ride too…