Thanks to all those who helped out with Summer Bike Camp today. The first day was a success and much of that is thanks to your help and enthusiasm. And sorry for the confusion on bike skills and ultimate Frisbee practice – that will be TUESDAY.

Here is a reminder about afternoon practice/cross training:

Tuesday: 4:30pm bike safety skills wrap up and ultimate Frisbee

Wednesday: 5:45pm leave clubhouse for Aquathon. Starts at 7pm at Quincy Douglas Park/Pool. All those participating will need to bring a signed waiver which can be found here. You will just need to do this once and they will keep it on file for the rest of the summer. Expect to get home well after 8pm.

Thursday: 5:00pm presentation and gathering with Mark Mandel on his record of riding the perimeter of Arizona. We may go walk up Tumamoc Hill after that, time and energy permitting.

Saturday/Sunday: we will have rides for B, C & new riders so plan on it. Check the training calendar for more details to come soon.

3 Responses to “Aquathon & more”

  1. Jade

    I come back to Tucson tomorrow (wed. 8th), I will be getting home around 10:30. I would still like to help with the camp, please let me know if this is possible. Thank you, Jade

  2. daniela


    Come hang out and cheer on your teammates at the Aquathon, if you are up to it. You also need to rest after a long trip. We will need you for the next 2 camps, for sure.

  3. Jade

    Ok, I will be there. Is it ok if I meet at the clubhouse at 5:45? The camp in mid July I will be out of town for, I have a family reunion. I definitely would like to do the one in August! Thank you