Friday– Off

Saturday– Old Man Shoot Out 5:45am start try if you like.

Sunday– New Rider and C ride 6:30am start.

Monday–Friday Summer Bike Camps. 8-1pm .  For those that did the safety course the other day you are all welcome to come and work the camp and get paid. On Tuesday after camp though you must be at practice to finish the course. Please let us know if you would like to help with the camps.

Wednesday 8th of June– Aquathon. This is a swim-run event that Rane, Tylers mom puts on and we will be attending. It is at the Quincy Douglas Community center.

8 Responses to “Coming weekend and Next Week”

  1. C-Coach-sweep guy

    Sorry I will not be able to help out at the camp this session! got to wrok on a bike event on July 4th, 2011.

  2. adkisson

    I will not be able to ride on sunday because i will be doing the thunder road time trial. Whoo!
    I will work at the camp this week.

  3. Nick Harris

    Yes, I would love to do the camp sessions it sounds fun!
    see you sunday

  4. Lizzy

    I won’t be able to help out with the camp this time as I will be out of town.

  5. jesse

    I really wish I could help out! But I have to work weekdays… 🙁